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What to Do about Acne with Endometriosis

Endometriosis is bad enough and now… you get adult acne to top it off! What is going on and what can you do? Let’s explore…

The key thing we need to understand about acne and in particular adult acne is that it is a form of toxin release by the body. Though I know this doesn’t look nice, it is in fact a good thing: your body is getting toxins out of your body. See, the skin is the largest organ of the body. It uses its sebaceous glands to provide protection but also as a way for the body to expel toxins, and even though it is good for you, it still looks bad, which is why we recommend to use products from clearawayacne.com when someone has an acne condition.

Those toxins are typically found in two areas of the body, hence why we want to focus on releasing and rebalancing those areas of the body.

1. The gut

Making sure you are always well hydrated is a big factor. Drink plenty of water! Also taking krill oil can help with this too. If you get constipated or your bowel movements are not regular, this means that nasty old matter is sitting in the body. That stuff is going to inevitably land up on your face! The best way I know how to rectify the gut is by eating fermented foods and taking probiotics. My favorite and the easiest one of these is Coconut Kefir. I did a whole video on this for you and it is honestly super easy!

Your gut lining might also be damaged. Years of taking antibiotics, painkillers and eating the wrong foods can do that! My favorite ways to heal that lining and reduce inflammation is by drinking aloe vera juice (no bits) and drinking a glass of water with L-Glutamine in it each morning and night before you go to bed.

Obviously look at your diet and focus on eating more fruits and vegetables which can clear out toxins for you by providing good roughage.


2. The liver

The liver can become stagnated when it simply has too much work to do! This is a definite factor with Endometriosis and irregular hormones are a sure sign that your liver is also stagnant. If your liver is stagnant, it will struggle to work through all the toxins in the body. These could be simple toxins just from the air you breathe.

A couple of easy steps to reduce that toxin load:

1. Reduce the toxins you put into, onto or near your body. This means, cutting out all toxin laden foods (preservatives and hydrolyzed oils) and being weary of creams, make-up, hair-dyes etc that you put on your body. It all gets absorbed and your poor liver is dealing with it.

Though there are skin products that claim to get rid of acne, they are often laden with these ingredients. That is not solving the problem but merely dealing with the symptom of a stagnant liver.

2. Help the liver out! This means doing regular cleanses and supporting the liver with healing herbs.


Let’s go topical too!

There are also some topical approaches you can try for your skin. There is a bacterial infection that can be a trigger for acne. It is called staphylococcus. The best cure I have seen for this is manuka honey.  Use it as a mask and leave it on for as long as you can. I know this stuff can be expensive overseas but if you consider how much you might spend on skin products, it is still cheaper! You can get a good quality one here. 

Other suggestions:

  • Only use natural things on your face. I personally use manuka honey once a week on my face as a mask. I leave it on for a while. I then use a soft sponge on my face as an exfoliant and almond oil as a moisturiser.
  • A way to bring in some other anti-bacterials would be to make a facewash with aloe vera and a few drops of colloidal silver. Create a moisturising oil with almond oil as a base oil and a few drops of myrrh or geranium in it. Most essential oils have natural anti-bacterial properties.
  • Wear less make-up and keep your face clean. Avoid touching your face.

The key thing with acne is to not pick and to not harp on your face. I know this is hard to do but it just makes you feel worse.

For much more information on acne please visit my dear friend Tracey. 


Do you suffer from acne with Endo? Have you found other solutions that have worked for you? Do you want to share some ideas for other women who might be struggling with it?


Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 3 Comments

  1. Melissa

    I am not sure how long all of those supplements would stay in the body and if a week would be enough to stop taking them. I love Aloe Vera! SO good for endo!
    I would focus on getting your digestion right sweets. Those solutions are fabulous – make sure you are not eating any gluten, sugar or dairy – even by mistake 🙂

  2. Rachael

    Hi Mel

    This is a great article, still something I am desperately struggling with, especially on my neck as well as thin hair that has not returned to its previous lusture!

    I wanted to ask some advice if I may? – I have managed to get a full blood test booked in for next week to check my vitamin / iron / B12 absorption / liver / kidneys / thyroid function / hormone levels etc… after seeing the doctor today (result!) But, I was wondering if if would be an idea to stop taking my supplements for the next week to be as “au natural” as possible – Would this give a better idea of any imbalances, or would you just carry on as is?

    Currently taking: B complex, schizanrda, zinc, kelp, fish oil, D3, vitex (day 2 of this) in the morning…. Aloe vera juice in water in the afternoon and alternating between NAC and Glutamine each evening before bed.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated 🙂 I need to nail this imbalance once and for all xx

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