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Hello... I am melissa!

I am a fully qualified Naturopath, Herbalist & Nutritional Practitioner with a focus on Functional Medicine principles.

 I want to guide you and support you within your own endometriosis healing journey. Our goal together would be to help you become the adventurous and free spirit you were always wanting to be – without limitation or pain to get in the way of your dreams. 


welcome to Endo Empowered

I hear you and I understand you. I have been in that space of limitation but we both know you don't want to stay there!

I created Endo Empowered back in 2010 to record my own experience with endometriosis and to track my journey in finally overcoming the disease. 

After discovering the incredible insights for myself, I have now created online resources and options to work with me, so you too can improve your personal outcome with endometriosis.

My principles are based on a combination of Naturopathy and Functional Medicine. I seek to find the root cause of disease and imbalance. I am forever asking WHY? 

Naturopathy is based on the same principles as Functional Medicine: it addresses the whole person, not just the affected area. The key focus is to provide for the body. I developed the REACH Technique© to describe the components needed. 

This is not about one singular herb or diet but rather about providing an environment for healing to occur. 

I strongly believe that women with endometriosis are largely mistreated and that there is more we can do to support the body.

Your Mission

GET ENDO empowered


Discover and learn the true triggers of this disease so we can finally address endometriosis at the root cause, rather than just symptom cover-up approaches. 

Change lives

The more women who join our Endo Empowered and implement the strategies to help themselves, the more women can feel the freedom of pain-free periods and symptom free lives


The more women who can reveal the power of using a natural approach, the more we can change the current treatment protocols that are being recommended and the more women can do good in the world.


You deserve A better LIFE

You CAN improve your current situation with endometriosis. You don't have to stay stuck & limited and there is plenty nature has to offer to help you better manage endometriosis.

  • Your body doesn’t like being cut or bruised.
  • Your body put the endo there, so your body can “unput” it there. 
  • When we treat the triggers, we treat the disease. No more cutting it out or suppressing symptoms. Let’s be honest… it just grows back anyway! 
  • Don’t let fear be your decider on how to move forward. It is seldom a good decision when you feel pressured into it. Can you give yourself more time? 
  • Trust in your body and what it is able to do. Lean into possibility, rather than worry and anxiety. 

Rebel against fear, symptom targeted treatments and explore the "first do no harm" approach with me.

LIFE AFTER overcoming endometriosis naturally

My life isn’t dominated by endometriosis anymore. I have different priorities and feel light, happy and free with my choices.


Let me help you transform your life.

I want to show you how you can become an endo empowered woman. A woman who takes back some power & control and does what she can to improve her own situation. 

I formally invite you to beginning your endo empowered adventure.

JOIN US in our group of kick ass Endo Empwered women who have said YES to putting an end to endo and a HELL YES to living life in a way that is full, wonderful, and everything amazing.

My Endo

My Story with Endo

I was first diagnosed with Stage 4 endometriosis when I was 19 years old.

I was petrified as I had never even heard of endometriosis and felt like it would take over my whole abdomen if I didn’t listen to the best doctor’s advice. 

The biggest mistake I made was not listening to my own inner voice sooner and trusting in doctors too much. I gave away my power and endured 15 years of struggling because of it. 

It was only when I got older that I became more rebellious and stronger in myself to stand up and say: “no more!”. 

The surgeries became notches on my belt of endurance. I endured 7 surgeries, over 20 different hormone treatments (ranging from things being stuck up my nose, in my arm and being on the contraceptive pill for 9 years) while still living in daily pain. 

I wasn’t really living to my full potential and I knew there had to be a better way.

Eventually, I discovered the significant difference my diet could make on my pain levels and my excitement and passion for functional medicine grew.

I dove in deeper and explored all aspects of healing, from proper nutrition, exercise and movement, emotional healing, herbalism, energy healing to clearing out toxins, gut imbalances and freeing adhesions. I outline this within my REACH Technique©. 

I decided I needed to go back and study Naturopathy and began my 5 year degree in 2014. I am now a Qualified Naturopath and put some fabulous letters behind my name! It includes the study of nutrition, herbal medicine, pathophysiology and the anatomy of the body and principles of functional medicine. This is about looking deeper and exploring the root cause of a condition, rather than just the symptoms. We can go beyond pain, hormone imbalance and skin break-outs! What is driving it? Lets explore that…

I know it is possible for you to feel better with endometriosis and feel it is my duty to share what I know with women around the world about how to to better manage endometriosis. 

I don’t want other women to struggle as I did for so many years. It is such a waste of your life to struggle and suffer like that. I believe I endured that struggle so I could learn and grow and ultimately lead other women down this path of true endo empowerment. 

About me

A little bit more about me

My name is Melissa Turner and I live in Auckland New Zealand with my hubby James and our little dog Wilson. I was born in South-Africa to German parents and I immigrated to Australia in 2003 and finally settled in New Zealand.

I guess you could say this has made me a combination of easy going with a rebellious streak. Through all my travel experiences I definitely feel I appreciate a range of different cultures and people.

I enjoy having fun, being active and doing creative things. We frequently go kayaking, swimming and walking through the forests of New Zealand . However, I can just as easily curl up with a good book on the balcony, listen to the birds or paint a landscape.

Though people like to classify us into intro or extraverted, I definitely seem to steer between both of them based on my own internal compass. I also hate labels and hate to be categorised. 

Hubby and I have been known to do some pretty extraordinary things like living in a rainforest for 2 years while running a lodge and travelling around Europe for 6 months. 

I prefer to spontaneously make things happen and have never been a big planner. 

Our current projects include renovating our house, building a catering business and of course taking care of the beautiful women like you, through Endo Empowered.

I do struggle to sit still which can be a blessing or a curse depending on how much I take on.



These are the more raw and honest posts from me...