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7 Steps to Start Your Own Endometriosis Healing Journey

I have so many new ladies on the blog and on the Support Group that I thought I would create an article to help out the newbies. I know some of these articles are probably really overwhelming!

So, you want to feel better, even though your Endo has given you nothing but pain and problems? Well, that sounds all well and good but where do you start, right? Should your main focus be on diet? What about supplements? Which ones? Then you start reading something and it is either totally overwhelming or contradictory! Oh boy! All too hard, right?

Not really. The answers you seek are all below.

They are in the order that you should focus on. Do one per day or focus on one per week but do each one REALLY, really well and you will notice a change.


1. Get a good night’s sleep.

I know this is kinda obvious but most of us simply don’t do it. We stay up late watching television or worrying about the next day or perhaps we just can’t sleep.

I know when my Endo was really bad, I struggled to sleep. The pain was unbearable and the only way I knew I would get a good night’s sleep was to literally knock myself out with painkillers or alcohol!


One of the reasons we get sent this “pain signal” is because we have heaps of free radicals. Essentially, they tell the body to send guys down to your abdomen as there is a problem! They essentially cause inflammation to be more advanced. What we want to do is increase the anti-oxidants in the body to reduce this effect (this is really the simplified version). To get anti-oxidants we need to eat heaps of fruits that contain them—you know about the blueberries! The other major one is to earth yourself. It is a very simple thing but most of us just don’t do it—stick your feet on the ground for at least an hour a day. I know it sounds silly but this technique is scientifically proven to reduce the negative charge and to increase the inflammatory response in our bodies.

Check out this article I wrote on it.


2. Drink lots of water.

Many diseases and conditions are immediately improved when we drink enough and the right kind of water. Water from the tap or out of plastic bottles is unfortunately not fabulous. The water from the tap has often been recycled, filled with chlorine, and plastic bottles are unfortunately simply leaking toxins into the water. See, the plastic is a toxin and is especially bad for us Endo women. It contains xenoestrogens. These xenoestrogens mimic our own estrogen. This is not a good thing! Estrogen of any kind will create more growth in the body. That means endo cells grow more! So, we want to avoid anything that contains xenoestrogenic properties. The best water in my experience is natural spring water. You would be amazed at how easy these are to find. Alternatively, get a filter on your tap and stop your body from doing all the cleansing for you!

Most of us simply don’t drink enough water. It is one of the best ways of cleansing out these toxins from the body, through the kidneys and the bladder. Drink heaps of pure water and it will do wonders to how you feel.


3. Change your mindset.

Do you wake up each morning with a thought like, “How much pain am I going to be in today?”, “Nothing works!” or “I can’t take it anymore!” I know, I did too… don’t feel bad. Thing is, this way of thinking doesn’t actually help your healing. It makes you feel defeated before you even try anything!

Change your thoughts to, “I am getting better, each day at a time!”, “I can heal my body!” and “There are so many ways of healing I can use and try!”

I found it really helped me to research stuff. Everyday I spent my time finding solutions, rather than focusing on what I didn’t have.


4. Change your diet.

This is number 4 for a reason! If you don’t feel like you can really do things, then “trying” to diet is not going to work either. You need to believe in it and make a commitment. The changes recommended in the Endometriosis Diet are not easy but they do work! Many women can vouch for its effectiveness.

The foods you want to exclude are gluten, sugar, meat, refined oils, preservatives and dairy. This seems like an impossible task at first but take one food group at a time and go slow. Find delicious replacements that are healthy for your body. I love goji berries and smoothies. There are heaps of nourishing foods out there that will make you feel amazing! Find those and incorporate those.


5. Get the stress out of your life.

For some of us this is a fairly easy thing to achieve and for others, this can mean a massive change of life! I know when I first got Endometriosis, I was working in the advertising industry and the stress of that was absolutely the worst thing for my Endo. I changed careers because of it and it made a huge difference to my pain levels. Stress might be coming from your job, your family and even sometimes friends. Recognize the stresses, write them down and cross them off one at a time as they walk out the door!

Emotional stress is one of the worst things for Endometriosis. You want to eliminate any negativity from your life. I used to have heaps of “friends” that made me feel bad about myself and who I was. I soon learned that the negative energy they brought into my life was not worth their friendship. You are worth more!


6. Incorporate certain supplements.

I am not a fan of recommending any particular supplement to you, as I really don’t know you and well, we are all different. However, there are some supplements that I believe provide an all-round solution to our often nutrient-poor bodies.

1. Moringa Leaf Powder. You can get these in capsules too. This plant provides amazing healing benefits and contains heaps of the vitamin B group of vitamins.

2. Serrapeptase. This is an enteric coated enzyme that essentially “eats away” dead cells in the body. I cannot recommend this highly enough for Endometriosis sufferers.


7. Get things moving.

Your digestion should be your number 1 focus when it comes to Endometriosis. I know you are totally focusing on your hormones right now but it is more important to focus on digestion. If toxins and excess hormones can’t leave your body, they build up! This is not a good thing for Endometriosis.

To get your digestion working properly, you need fibre and probiotics. You can get fibre through your diet. You can get probiotics online or better yet, create your own probiotics by fermenting your own foods.


I hope this provides you with a starting point. Somewhere to focus on and then you can start to delve into other ideas, supplements, detoxes and ways of healing the body.

It is actually really simple. Feed the body good, nutrient-dense foods, relax, enjoy life and exercise!


Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 13 Comments

  1. Yana Galante

    Dear Melissa

    Thank you for the useful information. I’ve been on my way of natural healing an ovarian cyst and endometriosis. I’ve done lots of research myself and find your website very informative and helpful.
    What do you think about reflexology for both the cyst case and endometriosis? You posted some info and a video on reflexology but I couldn’t play the video. Thank you for your reply. Have a joyful day! 🙂

  2. Melissa

    Hi Sweetheart,
    You need to get off the grains and any white foods. No sugars or breads or any form of grain. I would then focus on cleansing your liver 🙂 Use supplements and release anger from the body. Hugs,

  3. DHS

    I have blood test with very high FSH 115 , and very low Oestrogen and progesterone level.
    And I have diagnosed endometrosis (Chocolate cyst) and uterine fibroids (multi), I am now 39 years old, I am struggling to get pregnant, now I decided to stop to go to the doctors (many).
    I start to eat whole grain since 1 year ago.
    Maybe someone have same experience like me? I have got endometriosis but my oestrogen is very low? I didn’t want to surgery, or I must do it? or any suggestion what must I do?
    I am not overweight.
    Thank you ….

  4. Melissa

    Pleasure Scinia. Yes, diet is massive and will make a huge difference.
    The usual is to get an Ultrasound first – often still not detected, a MRI can be really good but most of the time they do a Laparoscopy. The way to healing is the same, no matter what we call the disease 🙂

  5. Scinia

    Dear Melissa,

    Your blog is such an eye-opener for a period pain sufferer like me. I have cut off pain killers, now i take Homeopathy medicine. Still, the pain persists. Probably, diet change will help!! Though i feel i’ve endometriosis, it is not confirmed. Which test/scan do i need to undergo?

    Thanks for such an informative and a wonderful book. God Bless.

  6. Melissa

    Hi Marie,
    Welcome! You have come to the right place and it is good to share and not feel so alone – especially with the difficult journey you have gone through so far. I am hoping you find much relief through this site and are able to heal naturally.

  7. Marie


    I am new to this site as I have just found out I have endometriosis. It has taken 12 weeks to get to the point of finding out as I was told I had water infection then they told me it was IBS, then they said it was pelvic infection. It was after going to a specialist in this field that I was told about endo. They are going to do a laporoscopy and treat it at the same time. I am worried that it may have spread elsewhere as I am now 35 and have had symptons previously eg very bad period pains that would last for days and heavy periods that would last around 10 days. I assumed this was all because I had a IUD (copper not Mirena)I demanded that the nurse remove the IUD, they were very reluctant to do so as they thought I had an infection but they did as I persisted. For the past twelve weeks the symptons got worse- pain, diarhoea nausea, vomiting, fever and lack of mobility. I have not been able to do much at all. If I start to do anything physical this seems to flare up the pain and symptons. The symptons seem to get worse before, during and after my period but since I had antibiotics the diarhoea has stopped although I am noticing my bowel movements are more frequent than they used to be. Before this all started I was very active, running, swimming and going to the gym. I now just feel like I am on countdown for the laporoscopy so I can start to get back to normal again and be active. This has been very debilitating. My specialist was very understanding and explained everything in detail. Since the diagnosis, I have felt quite low where I thought I would be relieved to find out what it actually is. Part of me can’t help thinking what if they have it wrong again? I am very interested to try and do everything I can to help my body recover from this and your website has proved to be very useful. It is quite obvious that there needs to be an alternative to medicine as the problem can be recurring for some people. Every story I have read there has been a recurrence of the problem after treatment. Sorry for the long post but needed an outlet really as I feel quite isolated.

  8. Melissa

    Thanks Amber 🙂 I hope so!

  9. Amber

    Great article!! Thanks for all that you do for us Endo girls; your knowledge is life changing.

  10. Melissa

    Good point and thanks for the add. I personally couldn’t stand the taste of it, so I use Chai seeds instead.

  11. Melissa

    Hi Salin,
    Welcome to the site and sorry you have painful experiences with your bladder.
    The pain is not caused by the bladder being full. The pain is caused by inflammation which puts pressure on the bladder and that might cause more pain when it is full. Flushing out the bladder, kidney and bowels is very important to flush out the toxins, which cause the inflammatory effect.
    It helps to add diuretics to water or drink diuretic based teas, which aid in getting more of the flushing happening in the kidneys and bladder. Hope it helps 🙂

  12. Salin

    Water is most definitely important but you have to be careful if you have any Endo which affects your bowels and bladder. It can cause an overactive bladder which can cause alot of pain when consuming liquid. Some of belly bloating/pain can be caused by this reason so it’s always positive to check your own body and with your doctor as this can be one of the most “missed” yet painful parts of having Endometriosis. 🙁

  13. Heleen

    I agree with you on every step! Although for me personally my mindset was also very much improved because of the diet, because I became a lot more balanced by eating healthier.

    I just would like to add that I think fishoil (omega 3) is also a widely recommend supplement, and save to use by everyone in any situation. Very good against inflammation!

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