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5 Symptoms We Can Definitely Blame on Hormones

Since I had my miscarriage a few months ago, I have noticed that my hormones are not at the same balanced level they were before. I had expected there to be some hormonal “restructuring” and it has been interesting to have those old symptoms re-appear. I thought I would share these symptoms, as it might help you to recognize which of the symptoms you are experiencing are hormone related.


1. The need to pee

This is one of the strangest ones but when I get up in the morning, this urgency is huge! I cannot wait and if I do, I get pain. I also find that I have incontinence again—a slip, when I sneeze, and those “urgent” wee messages, when there is very little there. I managed to get rid of this symptom before the miscarriage and reckon it is hormone related.


2. Feeling of being overwhelmed and that endless mind 

I looked this one up and discovered that it is definitely a hormone related symptom—yipeee! It is far easier to blame hormones! I have a great descriptor for this one—”tickety, tickety”—it describes an endless thinking mind and one that tends to go around in circles. The same thoughts about the same things and never letting go or just putting it on a list and seeing it as DONE. Rethinking, overanalyzing and never quite feeling in control. I found this went away on a major level while I was pregnant.


3. Sore breasts

The little guys feel all swollen and sore again and it is still a few days before my period is due. Sensitive to the touch and really don’t like running!


4. Inability to fall asleep or stay asleep

I wouldn’t have picked this one as hormone related but it kinda makes sense, since it is hormones that encourage sleep. I have had the severe kind of tossing and turning I remember from when I was a teenager. Staring up at the ceiling, trying to talk myself to sleep and all sorts but that endless “tickety, tickety” and somehow never feeling quite comfortable.


5. Just feeling more tired and energy drained

This could of course be a reflection of the inability to sleep but I have found, even when I have slept for over 8hrs, I still feel tired and the thought of walking or doing any kind of exercise seems to exhaust me—and that is just the thought! I have managed to still include my walk each day but it takes heaps of motivation compared to before.

So I hope you recognize some of these symptoms within yourself and can feel okay about them just being hormones. To rectify the hormone imbalance, I am getting back on the maca, which is what worked wonders for me in the past. I am going to take it for 6 months, in a smoothie or as tablets, and alter the days and times that I take it, which is when it is most effective.

If you have these symptoms and want to get your hormones on a more even scale, you could try maca or progesterone cream on a short term basis, just to alleviate these symptoms and work on the digestive system and liver at the same time. The liver and digestive system will ensure your hormone balance will remain on a more balanced scale on a long-term basis. I am going to be doing heaps of digestive cleansing over the next few months and will share those with you as I go.

The good news is that these symptoms can go away with natural hormone supplements/creams and that you don’t have to just live with them. Have you noticed any symptoms that you had before that you no longer have, which you believe are hormone related? What methods have you found beneficial in alleviating hormone related symptoms? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    Come to think of it, I get the “tic” for songs too – I guess that doesn’t really bother me as much 🙂 THey actually have a german word for it: translated it means, ear worm. Very cute!
    Meditation is brilliant. Did a 20minute session this morning and it was much better!

  2. Kara

    Good way to describe the mind “tick”. I had the exact same thing. That has persisted into 2 years and I imagine will persist until I wean my toddler. Interesting to note though, that even in pregnancy, it was not nearly as bad as when I took Depo-provera, which is a high dose of progesterone.
    It seems to have something to do with cortisol and/or progesterone levels. one of those things you don’t really hear women talking about, but should really be discussed. You have to battle that “tic” that causes your mind to loop into certain things (BTW, this did not have to be negative thought/worry for me, but could be as simple as a song playing over and over in my head). Meditation and yoga definitely help it. I thought acupuncture helped regulated my hormones too, after going off depo.

  3. Melissa

    Thanks hun. It has turned out to be quite a mild period – 🙂 Which is fabulous!

  4. Melissa

    Thank you Lisa. I would recommend the Nutricentre.co.uk for all your supplements. They are based in London but their online store has far more products.

  5. Anne

    Hi, I’m so glad I found your blog. I get all of those symptoms. UTI like symptoms but without the UTI no burning. I’m prone to getting UTI’s I’ve had the laparoscopy last month and found no endo and did have a bowel abstruction that was kinked looped, and twisted. I’m not convinced that I don’t have endo because it’s in my family, it was my first laparoscopy, I’m still having symptoms of endo. Is it possible to have endo in scar tissue from previous surgery? The symptoms I get are frightening especially when I pass out from the pain and my heart races so much I can even hear my heart beating in my ears. I vomit during my period, painful period cramps with huge clots, brown almost black lumpy discharge before period, constant period pain throughout the month, tired but when I go to bed I can’t sleep, get headaches, burning knife like stabbing pain in stomach, vagina, and bowel, feeling my bowels moving and bleeding and pain from having bowel movements no matter if my stools are soft or hard, alternating diarherra/constipation, and catch colds easily. I’ve almost recovered from a virus my glands were up and tonsils inflamed. I have to use 2 methods of sanitary protection if I don’t I’m in trouble eg, tampons and pads together, flooding, changing pads and tampons every hour or so. It feels as if my inside are being ripped out and feels like a weight in my vagina and my insides are going to fall out like pressure, and pain on right side when pressed, constant pain on right side. Does this sound like endo or something else? I’m still waiting for a endoscopy to find out if endo is inside my bowel and causing painful bowel movements and bleeding every time I go to the toilet. Every doctor I’ve seen always asks if I’m constipated and I’ve already been, there are time where I can go to the toilet 6 times a days then other times it takes 3/4 days before I can go again and stomach so bloated and hard that I look pregnant. I’ve cut out diary, wheat and gluten and hopefully the symptoms will improve. I haven’t heard anything from the hospital yet. I have my follow up appointment in March.

  6. Lisa

    Hi Melissa

    Your blogs are amazing and so insightful thank you.
    Right now I can answer to all of the above symptoms again and would like to try Maca and wondered if you might know or recommend somewhere to buy this based here in Uk rather than US?

    Thanks for any guidance possible

    Keep well

    Li xx

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