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5 Steps to going down the 100% Natural Path for Endometriosis

So, you have made the decision to “go 100% natural” for Endometriosis! That is fantastic! Thing is, where do you start? What should you expect? I thought I would share 5 Steps to start you off in the right direction, so your body is given the best chance of healing….so you get some results!


1. Create your “going natural” strategy

You need a plan and a time-line of what you are going to do. It is easy to get excited when you first start with natural healing! You make the decision to change and that is a fantastic first step! Unfortunately, the inevitable thing is that we loose sight of what we are wanting to achieve because we don’t get instant results with natural healing. Natural healing is not instant – so please don’t expect that. Pick 5 things that you want to attain within your natural strategy and start with one of them, implement it and then move onto the next. Don’t do everything in one go and certainly don’t be hard on yourself if you stumble. Your 5 things could be: cut out dairy, go for a walk each day, meditate, take Maca Root and learn to breathe better. Just pick 5 ….there are heaps on this site so pick which ones seem achievable and easy to you.


2. Expect a detox time

You have unfortunately been mistreating your body a little bit or perhaps a large bit! Thing is, when you decide to wean yourself off these medications and pain-killers you can expect your body to detox. This could mean more headaches, diarrhea, nausea and just feeling crappy. This is just your body trying to flush all those toxins out. You can help the body by doing a liver detox or get some Dandelion Root supplements, which aid the liver too.


3. Trust in your instincts

It is easy to feel scared when we first decide to go natural. We feel like we are going against the mainstream, like we should listen to our doctors and specialists – even if our instincts are telling us it is not right! – luckily that is rapidly changing! You need to learn to trust in your instincts again – your body does know best. Trust in your own inner voice. If something you have read doesn’t feel right, trust that. If you feel a supplement (even if it is natural) isn’t right, trust in that. – Don’t feel bad if it is one I have recommended cos we are all different!

Our bodies do really know what they need to heal…. allow that inner voice to guide you and allow yourself to trust in it again and you will be led to the right choices – it is incredibly powerful!


4. Don’t be scared to try things

The body is amazingly resilient and can heal itself from unbelievable things! Don’t be scared to try new things. Allow your initial instinct to guide you but also keep trying and searching for new things to try. This gives you hope and hope is amazingly positive on the body! Your instincts also become stronger when you try and learn from them 🙂


5. Make the emotional connection

Endometriosis is linked to a strong emotion you hold in your body. You can heal this emotional pain within yourself. If you can release it, you will free the body of it’s continual emotional stress. There are so many different means of releasing this pain….my favourite is Emotional Freedom Technique and meditation.



I am so happy you have decided to go natural with your Endometriosis! In my opinion it is the only way!

Please read through more of my articles to get more ideas on what to do going forward!


Here is an article which might guide you in the right direction:

I hope you find strength and healing through my blog 🙂 If there is anything you need help with, please let me know!




Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    Hi Lar and welcome! It is a difficult one because the medical system out there just seems to offer limited choices. They either involve hormone treatments or drugs or surgery. There is seldom a mention of what to eat, whether your stressful work environment might be affecting you and all those kinds of things, which they just don’t give much recognise to.
    Take care of yourself and keep reading – there is so much on here now 🙂

  2. Melissa

    Figured 🙂 Wrote it with you in mind!

  3. Alex

    Thanks Mel, totally what I needed to read tonight xx A

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