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5 Secrets to Stay Motivated in Your Healing Journey

I know you probably think that I am super good at following a healthy diet and doing all the things that I recommend in my blog. Truth is, I don’t always follow everything I recommend—well.. I am human after all. I find it harder to stick with caring for my health, when I don’t feel that bad. I used to have daily pain and yes, when I remind myself of that, it does motivate me… but these days, I barely have pain.

So, I often get asked about what motivated me to stick with my healing journey and what made it easier or harder to do so. Here are my 5 secret tips.

1. I believe that there is a way forward

I think we are often in a place of pain and we keep telling ourselves that it will never go away—subconsciously. We almost encourage pain to come and fall into a very victim mentality. This mindset is unfortunately completely counter-productive. When we think like this, we are unlikely to truly take action and commit to a healing journey. We attempt things or try things but never really DECIDE and do whatever it takes to feel better.

We need to believe we will get better and we will find a way, no matter what! That is when the really juicy stuff happens and somehow we are more open to healing. There is an interesting thing that happens when we take supplements or healing foods or take anything into the body. If we focus on the healing aspects of that food/supplement with 100% concentration, we will gain far more healing from that food than if we are gulping it down and mentally almost rejecting it (this could be because it tastes bad or we have already decided that it won’t work). I like to call this the FOCUS HEALING METHOD. Focus on the healing aspects of the supplements and foods you are taking in and you will be surprised at how much more effective they become.

2. There is ALWAYS something you haven’t tried

I know a lot about endometriosis and I know a heap about healing right now but I also know that there is a heap of stuff I haven’t yet explored. I find it exciting that within the natural healing arena, there are heaps and heaps of choices and options for us to explore. There is so much out there! If you have a thought about something and you want to know how it might help endo, just google it and you will discover so much information.

The best thing about this is that there are heaps of ways to heal. There are heaps of ways to detoxify. There are sooo many choices compared to the medical arena. You are not limited to just choosing one or two things here, ladies. Explore herbs, treatments, detox methods—trust me, my stuff is only the tip of the iceberg!

3. Keep a Diary

I get days when I get disappointed with my body. They are certainly not as frequent as they used to be but they exist and I have those nasty thoughts and meltdown moments of crying profusely, thinking negative thoughts and having to be reminded of just how far I have come. I think endo women are eternal strivers and perfectionists—well, it seems to be a common trait for many of us! We want to be further, work harder and be better all the time! We seldom reward ourselves for what we have achieved and are unfortunately very hard on ourselves.

I found keeping a diary was really important for my healing journey. I can now go back and compare all the symptoms and pains I simply don’t have anymore.

I think it is so important for those of us who are new to this healing journey to keep a symptom diary with endo. Figure out what your current symptoms are for your WHOLE body and list every single one of them. Then work on getting rid of each one as you focus on it. You will be amazed at how many just randomly disappear when we start to make some defined changes.

4. Keep a picture in your mind of your worst pain day

I have a picture of mine from way back, where I was lying on the bathroom floor rug. I was clinched up in the fetal position and gently swaying myself, talking myself through the pain. It took an incredibly amount of mental power to work through the pain I was experiencing and no amount of drugs seemed to make it ease. Walking hurt, going to the toilet hurt (hence being on the bathroom floor!) and even just doing basic tasks like doing dishes hurt. It was one of the worst days of my life.

I keep that picture in my mind, not because I want negative visuals or anything, but because it reminds of how painful and nasty endo can be. It keeps me motivated to find a way forward and not end up there EVER again.

5. Be careful what you read and believe

I make a point of finding inspirational videos and books to read to keep me believing that I can fully heal from endometriosis. I read about people who have cured themselves of cancers or MS or really challenging diseases as it shows me that it can be done. I watch YouTube videos of people who have achieved amazing health challenges and I make a MASSIVE point of avoiding anything that makes me feel sad or that indicates the opposite. I make a point of avoiding websites about endometriosis, as they generally use the term “There is no cure for endometriosis” somewhere and that just makes me feel angry and defeated. It sounds so hopeless and negative to me!

I also recommend not believing everything you hear or read. Make a point of fighting for your mental health—block that negative stuff your doc has told you about “you can’t have a baby” or “your cysts are never going to stop growing” or any of that stuff! It is SOOOO bad for your healing journey to buy into this stuff.

Create your own mindset and belief of what you think you can achieve for your body. Perhaps you think being “cured” is too high a goal and you are happy to just aim for “no pain from endo” or just to be in control of endo. Whatever your personal belief is on what you can do for your body—but start to back up your desire with evidence from books and movies. Let them inspire you to make it all come true!

I know this natural journey is not as easy as just taking a pill. I get that. I always know that the rewards are far GREATER than all the years I just covered up my symptoms with hormonal treatments and surgery. You will have far more energy and feel much better, not just with endo but within your whole life. Suddenly, doors will open up that you never saw before. Suddenly, your life will be transformed and you will see that it all makes perfect sense.

Hugs and healing to you all! I know you can do this! Just don’t give up!

Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Melissa

    Thank you Jigna and glad to have you both join me 🙂

  2. Jigna

    Hi Melissa,

    I enjoy reading your blogs and have recently sent this link to my friend who just recently found out that she got Endo too.
    We both very grateful and enjoy reading and healing ourselves. 🙂

    Thank you!

    Jigs x

  3. Melissa

    Pleasure hun! So happy I could be there for you 🙂

  4. Kendra

    Thanks Melissa. I can always turn to you to lift my spirits on the harder days. I’m so grateful I have you in my life.

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