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Ovarian Cysts: 5 Natural Ways to Deal with Cysts

These little buggers can be quite a worry for many of us and I know for myself the idea of one bursting was always something to think about, when doing anything strenuous or physically demanding. Over the years I have written a number of articles on the topic, so I thought I would create a list for you in one place of all the methods you can try.


This is my favorite remedy for anything Endometriosis! It can clear cysts, adhesions and all that stuff so common with Endometriosis. It is a completely natural product and contains enzymes used by silkworms to break down their cocoons when they come out into the world. I have found a great place to buy serrapeptase and it is very affordable.


Oestrogen Dominance

This is where there is too much oestrogen in comparison to progesterone. These are groups of hormones that should play nicely on the seesaw! If they are out of balance, then look a little deeper on why that might be. However, excess oestrogen can most certainly be a trigger for endometrial cyst formation. You can read more and watch the YouTube video on that here. 


Castor Oil Packs

These are a way to increase circulation and healing to your abdominal area. A little messy but totally worth doing! I have heard of women completely diminishing massive cysts just from this method alone! You can watch an older video I did on how to make your own Castor Oil Pack here.


Vaginal Suppositories

We share this within our Shrink my Cyst program and it has incredible results. Complete disappearance of cysts, going down from 8 cm to 3 cm in 2 weeks! All sorts of cool experiences and this one is super easy to do!


Mayan Massage

A technique where we massage our abdominal area twice a day and give it some tender loving care. Many of us simply don’t have enough circulation in our lower abdominal area. By connecting with your body in this way, you get circulation and connect again with your uterus and body. Here is a great video that shows you how to do Mayan Massage. 


Of course the diet!

What we eat impacts how our bodies feel. Dairy and sugar are the culprits with cysts. Think growths… think dairy, think sugar. There is obviously a huge amount to this than just cutting out those two food groups but know that cysts are hormone-dependent and these ones will trigger hormonal imbalances really, really easily. Even if you just pick one recipe per day to follow, it will help nourish your body and get you on the right track towards healing.


The good news with cysts is that they offer you a form of measurement. Many of them can be seen on an ultrasound! This means, you can check in on them and test these methods with a distinctive way of knowing if they worked or not!

My recommendation: try these options before opting for surgery or join my Shrink my Cysts Program to get more insights & detailed steps! I think you will be surprised at how effective they are and boy, they are a huge amount less traumatic than those nasty surgeries!

Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 11 Comments

  1. Melissa

    Start with the Shrink my Cysts Program to help with the Endometriomas. Many of the treatments will support healing the rest of your body.

  2. Marisol Barraza

    Hi, when I click the link to buy the product I see many option wish one you recommended I just have an MRI I have cystic,endometriomas us focal edenemyosis

  3. Melissa

    MSM has some great qualities to support the liver, which would indirectly reduce cysts for sure.

  4. m

    What about MSM? I read it dissolves them.

  5. cristina purdea

    Hi Mel!Cristina here:) I have been discovered with Endo in january 2016,had a surgery for it ,took one of my ovary out (apparently too infected ). Been prescribed to take contraceptive pills ,but kept avoiding it(I have varicose veins) since my last app with the doctor who prescribed me Cerazette because i already have a cyst on my right ovary. I stopped taking it because i can see it affected my veins ,making them bulgy and more visible . I went to another doctor who told me that i have to stay on contraceptive from now on to protect my only ovary .He prescribed NUVARING. My question is can I take serrapeptase and Nattokinase with NUVARING ? I wouldnt want any contraceptive pills or method because i know what damage it can cause on my body long term,especially my varicose veins. I am even scared to have a surgery for my veins,thinking that it might be related to my endo . Thank you 🙂

  6. Michelle

    What type of herbs can heal cyst?

  7. Lauren

    I get 3-4 cysts a year. One even caused my appendix to rupture. They cripple me. Knowing that there are other options for treating them and that my diet could be affecting them really helps. Recipe book will be bought most definitely.

  8. Melissa

    Thanks Maria and thanks for the shout out! You have transformed yourself sweetheart and I know this message will help transform someone else out there too! Big hugs!

  9. Maria

    Amazing post! Thank you! I so wish I found you and your blog when I was first diagnosed with the ovarian cyst in 2004. It wasn’t until Feb. 2008 when I was newly married and had surgery to remove bi-lateral cysts (on both ovaries) that I was diagnosed with endometriosis stage four at age forty one (Yes, you read that right. I wasn’t even diagnosed with it until I was forty one. Crazy, right? All those years of suffering and thinking that awful pain and periods were normal!). And then because that doctor didn’t do the surgery right (He just drained the cysts – did not remove them!) according to my Napro doctor – the bi-lateral cysts grew back a year later on both ovaries and I needed surgery again! Ladies, please listen to Melissa, read everything here, buy her e-books and programs – she knows what she is talking about! If I can save one lady from years of pain and suffering, the stress, frustration, surgeries, drugs like Lupron, and hysterectomies by posting this – then I will be so happy! Please listen to Melissa – she’s so wonderful! Love that girl! XOXO

    Maria In Mass

  10. Melissa

    Yes, cysts of any kind are a type of growth in the body and these methods will work for sure. Pleasure 🙂

  11. Amanda collier

    Melissa – when you say cysts do you include endometrioma cysts? I know many methods work for other cysts but I’ve struggled to clear mine naturally (although they haven’t grown for many years which I attribute to clean diet and using the above methods sometimes – I just haven’t done anything consistently for long enough I think. Thank you great advice !

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