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Three Ways to Detox the Body, Which Don’t Involve Running to the Toilet All Day!

Pain with Endometriosis

When I first thought of the idea of trying to detox my body from the excess toxins which are inevitably contributing to Endometriosis, I thought my only options were fasting or going on a “digestive detox”. Well, when I say “digestive detox”, I mean changing what I eat for several days/weeks and essentially flushing out the toxins through my digestive system. Though I can see the benefits of this form of detoxing, I also didn’t like the sound of it, nor could I ever seem to find an appropriate time to do that. The whole idea of diarrhea and potential cramping just sounded exhausting. So, I decided to explore some other alternatives to detoxing. Please feel free to correct me, if you didn’t have this experience with a “digestive detox” with Endo.


1. The Foot Ioniser

There is one major organ which we seldom consider as a means of flushing stuff out of our bodies. It is our skin. It covers our whole body and is a major organ of detoxification. The skin on our feet contains some of the largest pores from which we sweat and expel toxins. There is a technique which one of my readers mentioned called a foot ioniser. Essentially, it draws out the toxins from your body through the pores in the feet. The whole foot bath fills with these toxins, so it is super easy to actually see the results! The great thing with this one is that it doesn’t hurt—at all! It just looks yucky. You can buy foot ionisers on EBay for much less than going for an appointment to get this done. Read more here: http://www.ehow.com/way_5339594_detox-ionizer-foot-bath.html

For your convenience, you can buy your Foot Ionizer through my Amazon Store. (just click the link)


2. Going for a Sauna

Essentially, we sweat out the toxins but we help the body by doing some exercise prior to getting in. The idea is to really sweat the bad stuff! You should aim to do this daily for a period of 2 weeks. Drink heaps of water and eat lots of fruits and vegetables during this time and you will help the body flush out toxins even faster.


3. Oil Pulling

This is an ancient form of healing used in Indian Healing. Essentially, you use Sesame Seed Oil or Sunflower Oil and slug 1 tablespoon in your mouth first thing in the morning, before brushing your teeth or drinking anything. Do not swallow! Simply gargle with it for 15–20 minutes until the oil feels liquid rather than oily. When it has turned more liquid than oily, spit it out. It is likely to be a white colour. These are the toxins being drawn from the body.

Now, to be honest I have not tried this one but it sounds really good. I think I might have to work up to a whole 15 minutes as I am not sure how the oil will taste first thing in the morning! Read more on Oil Pulling here.


How do we know we have toxins in our bodies?

  • The tongue

If you wake up with a white lining on your tongue in the morning, this illustrates excess toxins in the body, which are not being processed correctly by the liver. The liver does its detoxing in the early hours of the morning. Whatever it doesn’t get to, it leaves for us to sort out in the morning.


  • Sore muscles

These are simply toxins stuck in the lymphatic system.


  • The skin

Our skin is another indicator. If you suffer from poor skin or break-outs, this is your body’s way of getting rid of them—sadly… on your face! Lumps in your legs called lipomas are another indicator of fats or toxins being stored under the skin’s surface, if you notice any of this going on make sure to visit the hormone clinic sydney.


The idea is to follow these toxin releasers for a period of a month or until you notice an improvement. It is inevitable that toxins will begin to accumulate again in our bodies, so we should aim to detox every 6 months to avoid build up! Some people suggest using the Foot Ioniser daily!

Why is it so important to get these toxins out of our bodies?

In a nutshell, toxins place strain on our liver. Our liver controls our hormone levels and influences our Endometriosis developing further. So, flush out toxins, less strain on liver, better functioning liver, less Endo. Make sense?


Have you tried any of these? Would you like to try one of them with me? I was thinking of the oil pulling one first because it costs the least.

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    Hi Kendra,

    Yes, I wouldn’t take Turmeric for longer than 3 week sessions. Just give it a break between sessions. I have been taking Turmeric as a tincture and went over by a few weeks and have had some discomfort from it.
    It is incredible for so many things and unfortunately when we look at how many plants are phytoestrogenic it can really limit what we have – even vegetables have estrogenic compounds in them 🙂
    The key is to focus on the liver to really get the hormones in check.
    I would highly recommend oil pulling. It is incredibly good for detoxing and will also help your teeth and gums!
    Make sure you use pure Sesame Oil – not the toasted variety. I would avoid Sunflower as they often extract it using heat. Yes, Coconut Oil works well too.

    Get onto liver cleansers too – to help detoxify 🙂


  2. Kendra

    Hi Melissa,

    Just had a question…what are your feelings about oil pulling w/ phytoestrogen oils…sesame and sunflower. I guess coconut oil would be safer b/c I don’t think it is a phytoestrogen but the oil pulling website doesn’t recommend other oils b/c sesame and sunflower are the most effective.

    And since I’m on the topic of phytoestrogens, I read turmeric is one but I think you have recommended it in the past. I take 800mg/day of curcumin (the principal curcuminoidan w/ anti-inflammatory effects extracted from turmeric) which really helps ease some spine pain I have.
    Any idea if taking this daily could be making my endo worse….

    Thanks for your time and thank you for all the research, love and support! xoxo!!


  3. Melissa

    Thanks for sharing Shaz! I will explore this for us a little further. I love people who have actually CURED ENDOMETRIOSIS!

  4. shaz

    Hi Tai,
    sorry it has been a while 🙂 I hope this find you well.I don’t know if you have taken lots of medications in the past before, I did saddly.But things are moving forward.I found a site that I think is worth looking at so I am posting it for everyone.It may be helpful to read though it.It has info on those of us who are senstive.there dose not need to be dicomfort going through the remedy’s.They just need to know and practice the 6th edition(many do not i have been checking) well here is the site

    same sit but mentioning the whiff method(has a differnt name but you get the picture)

    Ok so there is hope!!!I know everything is so much money but choose every choice carefully 🙂
    P.S for melissa he specializes in how to take care of filling and fix reactions to it…
    I am cheering for everyone out there!!yes he has cured endo.. think he has it documented

  5. Tai

    Hi Shaz,

    Thank you very much for that information. My homeopath I know learned in africa somewhere. I will send a link to her sight and see what you think.

    She does know her stuff but I just can’t seem to cope with the side effects as you say.

    Maybe the one I had before would be better. After a bad reaction she used the lowest potency possible. I have had such bad experiences that I am afraid I was to scared to take the second lot. I also felt she was treating mainly my head rather than the skin which I wanted but judging from you post I guess this is needed first.

    I just can’t afford any Homeopathy at the moment to be honest, so not to worry about the names. Here’s the link to mine.http://mariawilton.com/

    Oh I went for my scan and the lady said everything seems fine. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the problems are not reproductive stuff and maybe just a lower back problem. I guess until I actually try to have a child I will just stick with the route I am going down to sort out my other problems.

    Tai xx

  6. shaz

    Hi Tai,
    I have been reading moe about homeopathy.One really important thing is to find out which type your Dr. follows.There are milder ways to treat a patient without the side affects being so bad.Lm’s sometimes are called Q’s are deaper and many ways gentler to the patient.some use the skin to avoid the bad side affect of senstive patient other just have you smell it.
    One thing to remember you should be healing from the inside out,starting with the head and then moving down to heal with homeopathy.I have heard of many who use very strong doses then expect the patient to endure a lot then move forward, but that does not need to be the case. Also many will charge on a sliding scale.That is very helpful.
    Also finding out where your homeopath was taught is also important as I just learned, many are only taught by kent(yes he not alive) but he didn’t have the 6th edtion those homeopath’s(not meaning to can put there patients though a lot)while kent was amzing he did not have all the info that was out there yet.I do hope that you make progress.
    All of this may sound like it doesn’t matter but with endo. we are many times some of the most senstive patients this is not bad because it can also mean we respond the best but this is the test of a good homeopathy Dr and a great one!A great one will be able to see and adjust to the patient.Ok I am off my soap box 🙂 I just think that we all need to be better informed.It takes years to know homeopathy and even then there is learning.
    I do understand I do not get out much ethier becase of my health.I hope you well in your path the ofers still is out if you need some names 🙂

  7. Tai

    My homeopath is very good and has about 25 years experience.

    I am a very hard person to help as I have to do most of it by phone as due to my problems I do not get out of the house much at all.

    I do not know the remedy that worked last time, she never tells me what she puts in.

    She has tried to help me once this time with detoxing things etc but although I withstood the side effects for over a week I could not cope with the effects it was having.

    My main problem is that when I took the morning after pill last year my skin went mental! I have never had good skin but this is stupid….. So although I have had hormones tested although they came back normal I still do not think I am right.

    Thank you so much for offering your homeopaths to me. I will keep it in mind if I really can’t get anywhere with the one I have. Although cost is a huge factor for me at the moment.

    Tai xx

  8. Melissa

    Good to know it does work then 🙂 Maybe we should do them more frequently then?

  9. sharon

    yes it does!!!But as I have noticed that as I detox the next level it coats up till my next treatment.

  10. sharon

    Hi Tai,

    My homeopathy Dr. travels if you think you may need help she is great also there is another very talented one how can also treat though skype. I can get you the names if you like.the big thing I have noticed is it takes time and ifyou follow classical homeopathy you really have to follow the rules and have a very good one.Just curious which remedy did you take before?Did they know your consitution(hope I spelled that right sorry)?

  11. Melissa

    Hi Tai. I hope it helps too 🙂 Keep searching and you will find answers that work for you 🙂

  12. Tai

    Thanks for the detox advice. I am definitely going to try the foot bath thing odd though it sounds.

    I have tried just about everything else diet etc. I also had my liver tested which came back normal. Nothing has helped. I have also tried most if not all alternative and although I regret this also everything from the doctors. Having said that none of these have worked the Homeopathy helped me in my late teens but I have not found the right remedy since.

    I will keep hunting and hope the foot thing helps in the meantime.

    Just for anyone else needing help I found http://www.endometriosis-uk.org very helpful. xx

  13. Melissa

    Thanks Luis. Hope you are healing from your chemo and on the road to health. I will have to buy one and try it out! 🙂

  14. Luis Ramirez

    I been using the detox machine for some time and I feel it help me get out some
    toxing, specially toxin from my chemotherpy. After that a lot of my clent use it.
    But to really find out, just use it. You will feel the effect immidiatelly.

  15. Melissa

    Thanks Sweets! I am slowly getting there. I want to get back into writing for the blog but some days are just too hectic to get my head around it all.

    I know the 15minutes thing put me off too but it needs to be that long for it to work – maybe we can combine it with doing Yoga? Indeed – get all the bad stuff out – no matter what it is! 🙂

  16. Melissa

    Interesting! Does the coating on the tongue thing go down after you’ve tried the foot ioniser option?

  17. sharon

    i have tryied the foot bath although I do not know the brand.It was pretty amazing what came out.I think it is worth a shot.I know several people with cancer who have used it often.curious about the other ways and the whole tongue one. have been doing different detoxs and now my tongue is coated it seems all the time???

  18. Annabelle

    The oil pulling sounds easy enough! Except maybe for the 15 minutes to spend doing it…. that seems like a long time! lol And by pulling toxins out it would help all kind of issues we might have anyway beside just endo 🙂 I think I’m going to try it too.

    Been wanting to check up on you, but I knew you probably had a lot going on coming back from South Africa. Hope you are settling in your new place and new job and new everything.

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