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3 Easy Steps to Have MORE Energy!

It is normal to feel tired when you have endometriosis. Our bodies are often overworked and the liver is definitely underpaid!

This will make us sluggish and tired and we will feel less motivated to do anything. When you wake up in the morning, you barely feel like you’ve rested. Your body still aches and you feel like the day ahead is just one big exhausting experience that lays ahead of you.

So, here are some easy steps to feeling better:

1. Get up and get out!

Laying in bed contemplating the day and feeling sorry for yourself is not going to help you with your energy levels. You know you need to get up and get ready for the day, so up you get! It may seem odd but getting up earlier will actually give you more energy for the day. When you get up earlier, you will be more prepared for the day. You will have time to get your 20 minute walk in and really prepare mentally for what lies ahead. If you get up late, rush around to get ready for work, you will feel this pressure all day long. The best part of the day is early morning, the air is crisp and the beauty of nature is much more prominent. Enjoy the birds, the blue sky and the sounds early in the morning. No excuses—try it!

2. Be creative and let your spirit be free!

Often when we get listless in our lives, it is because our lives have become stagnant and predictable. We are doing the same routine job, every single day, the same 9–5 or the same processes over and over again. Your poor spirit is crumbling inside of you. You need more childlike expression! Turn up the music and dance around the living room, or skip down to the park or get some paints and create a finger painting masterpiece. Do something where there is no reason to be perfect or to perform, just do it for FUN!

3. Focus on the positive

When we think about our life situations, we often focus on the hardships and the things that have affected us, our emotions, angry thoughts. This is energy draining. Focus on that energy inside you for a minute—you know the bad one and then SHIFT IT, find the warm happy feeling inside you and dwell on that one. Allow yourself to totally feel its calmness, warmness and happiness and dive into this emotion—which one do you think will make you feel better? It is easy to do, TRY IT!

[Tweet “Energy comes from a place of excitement. Find that place and your energy will soar!”]

Question: Have you found things that lift your energy in an instant? Talking to a good friend? Doing something you love? Share your thoughts in the comments below…


Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. Melissa

    Hi Alessia,
    I know it feels really hard now but we will all get there. There is a way to get back to how we once were. We just have to apply everything in one go and be dedicated to it for a year or so. It will all come back to normal – I promise! 🙂

  2. Alessia

    Well, maybe one day someone will tell the world that people with this condition should be forgiven if sometimes they could not hang out with friends or work overtime… Sometime I wish I could go out as often as I used to. New Orleans is such a fun place that staying home on the weekends, at times, makes me very sad.

  3. Melissa

    I know! I wish they could just experience ONE DAY with endo and know how it feels. Then maybe they would cut us some slack! I find even being friendly and smily sometimes takes so much energy! That usually helps me get out of a few situations but I know when I am sore, even that is hard to force….

  4. Alessia

    Thanks for replying 🙂
    I’m trying to rest as much as I can, but some of my friends (and my boss) really think that I’m just lazy. I wish people would know more about endo so they could understand how it is to live with it when you have it.

  5. Melissa

    Hi Alessia,

    Yes! We need sleep and don’t let em tell us otherwise!
    It is okay now to sleep for 10hrs instead of only 8hrs!

    We are not alone – there are many of us out there with Endo….

  6. Alessia

    Thanks Melissa! This post had really helped me! It makes me feel less alone to know that other women are experiencing the same exhaustion I've been living with for so long. In my country endometriosis is not associated with cronic fatigue and I've just found out today that I'm not just a complainer, but that it is actually a synthom of the disease.

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