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I Honestly Felt Disempowered for over 15 Years

Sometimes women ask me why I do what I do. What is my main mission with this blog and this website?

Initially, they assume I am either trying to sell something or solve something. To be honest when I first started this blog, it was called cureendometriosis.com and my mission was to cure myself of Endometriosis.

The real reason I do the work that I do is because I remember a time when I didn’t feel good about myself or my Endometriosis. I felt really limited by my choices. Not just my choices for my Endometriosis and my health but also my life choices. It was as if suddenly all the ideas I had about how I was going to live my life changed overnight, when I received the diagnosis of Endometriosis.

I would no longer be able to work in advertising as my gyni suggested the time-pressured environment would be too stressful for me. I needed to find a man quickly so I could get married and have children and I would need to somehow learn to live with the fact that I would spend a large portion of my days either in pain or dealing with side effects from the various hormone treatments the doctors were prescribing me.

Suddenly I felt like my choices were being made for me and that I no longer had a say in what I would do or how I was going to do it. My life honestly revolved around how bad my Endometriosis would be that month and what I would attempt to do.

Finding a man proved more challenging than most people know. I struggled to come to terms with my diagnosis of a “25% chance of getting pregnant” and really believed that good men all want children. (Not even sure where this belief came from?) I also had this deep feeling of being broken and that men would never be attracted to a broken woman.

I felt disempowered on every level:

  • I had a limited career in sales to avoid the high stress environment in advertising; this naturally limited my income as I chose low stress sales jobs where I could do limited hours.
  • I struggled to keep a man because I just never believed they would really understand me or what I would go through each month. I also felt deeply broken and wouldn’t believe that any man would really want me.
  • Though I had plenty of friends, most of them were what I now call “party friends”, which means they are great for a party but won’t pull through for you when you desperately need a lift home from the hospital or are in so much pain that you can’t get the groceries.

So, why do I write this blog… Endometriosis Empowered?

The real reason I write this blog is to give women real empowerment. It is why I changed the name of my website and why I spend so many hours searching for answers and helping women on so many platforms to find a better way.

I know from the deepest part of myself that disempowerment is sad, depressing and such a vulnerable and frightening place to be. I really, really don’t want you to feel that emotion anymore!

I want you to know that:

  • You are loveable even with having Endometriosis and that your body isn’t broken but simply out of balance.
  • There is a huge range of treatment options out there and that everything you put onto or into your body will have a direct impact on how you feel.
  • There are men out there that are loving and accepting of us and our entire situation and will fully support us, no matter what is happening.
  • The limitations we face with Endometriosis don’t need to exist when we can provide for our bodies in the best way possible and on a whole range of different levels.
  • Nutrition is your super power to health and influences everything from your thoughts to your energy levels. Anything you do three times a day and add into the body is going to have an effect! You can feel so empowered by choosing what you eat.


Whatever is going on… whatever situation you face… you can pull through it and find a way forward. Trust in yourself and know that where there is a will, there is a way!

What sort of things have made you feel disempowered in the past with Endometriosis? Name 3 things in your life that were changed because of Endometriosis in the comments section below….


Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Aubree

    Love this Melissa. Thank you for all that you do and for continuing to empower. You are helping to change lives. Much love and light.

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