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10 Affordable Things You Can Do to Help Heal Your Endometriosis!

For some of us it can feel like the natural way of healing is out of reach, simply because it feels like it costs more. Thing is, improving your health doesn’t have to be complicated. It is quite simple. Eat good food, exercise, de-stress and take care of yourself. Here are 10 methods which you can do which don’t cost heaps of money but give you instant healing benefits:


1. Cut out the bad stuff and save automatically

No more bad foods! If you added up all the foods that you used to buy, such as biscuits, chocolate, chips, soft drinks, juices, yogurt, dairy products, meat and never mind alcoholic beverages and snack foods, you would be amazed at how much they add up to. Now that you don’t have them in your diet, you are also saving on your spending.

This technique also stretches into the products you use in your home and on your body—you don’t need creams and potions anymore—going natural is easy. Just get coconut oil as a moisturizer and cleanser. Those crystal salt deodorants last a year and are much cheaper. Washable pads are also cheaper and better for you!

Use bicarbonate of soda as a cleaner with some vinegar—it works and it costs less than a quarter of all those toxic cleaning products!

All the creams, make-up and cleaning products are all toxic on the body—cutting them out is one of the first things to do to reduce the toxic load on your body.


2. Grow your own—organic, fresh and natural! Veggies, herbs and sprouts!

If you can get your own veggie garden going, this is the best! It will give you fresh, organic and in season produce at your fingertips. It is really not hard—buy some seeds, grow them inside and then transplant them outside. You get a whole heap of crops and it is so rewarding!

Another one is herbs. These are so medicinally beneficial and make any meal taste so much better! You can grow these on a window sill or a pot plant on the balcony.

Go even more simple and grow sprouts! Sprouts contain heaps of nutritional benefit for the body—everything you could want in a small little sprouty fellow!


3. The castor oil pack

This is a highly effective technique, which will give you instant relief from pain from endometriosis. All you need is some castor oil, which you can get at a pharmacy for a few dollars. I have known women with excruciating pain using this method and being pain-free within hours. It flushes out the bad stuff and gets the lymphatic system moving in the pelvic area.


4. Exercise

Despite what all those infomercials might tell you, you don’t need any money to exercise! Go for a walk or build up your muscles with weight-bearing exercise—if you pick a park with grassed areas, you can run barefoot, which is great because you get the earthing effect at the same time! The benefits of exercise are massive and it doesn’t matter what you do, it will help your endo.


5. De-stress

Meditation doesn’t cost anything. It heals the body by slowing down your adrenal glands. These are the ones that prevent the good prostaglandins from being activated, the ones that reduce clotting and inflammation. Many cities offer free meditation classes or you can find free meditation classes on YouTube.


6. Detox

You can spend a fortune on detoxing methods. There are so many out there and everyone claiming you need to do this or that to really detox the body. Detoxing doesn’t need to be expensive! Some cheap ways to detox: go for a run, oil pulling or try a coffee enema.


7. Go to the library

If you have one, use it! The library contains all sorts of awesome books on healing techniques that don’t cost anything. Everything from exercise techniques, meditation, de-stress techniques and most importantly once you get stuck into these books, it will motivate you to keep searching and believing there is a way forward!


8. Emotional Freedom Technique

This is a totally easy and free method you can use to heal the emotional pain associated with endometriosis. Whether it is stuff from the past that is holding itself in your cells in the body or existing struggles, you will find healing using this technique. It sounds simple and almost too easy to do on your own, but it really is that easy and doesn’t need to cost a thing!

Check out this cool video I did after I did it!


9. Get into reflexology

This is really simple. Massage your feet with some oil. If you can get a book at the library to direct you on the specific points to focus on, this makes it ideal. Massaging these points will invigorate the meridian lines in the body. This stimulates healing in the body by stimulating blood flow, the lymphatic system and hey, it is super relaxing!


10. Breathe properly

This may seem simple and not that important but it is massive. Breathing deeply actually stimulates our lymphatic system which is responsible for flushing out disease in the body. Most of us don’t breathe properly. We breathe very shallow, especially if we are stressed out! This is another reason why exercise helps—it teaches you how to breathe better!

Breathing deeply makes you calm down, flushes out toxins and ensures all the cells in your body have all they need.

I think it is easy to blame external factors for our lack of healing. We can blame our doctors, the medical system, our parents or any other factors we like. The reality is, if something is important to you and you make a commitment to change, then nothing stands in your way, not money or any other factors that life throws at us. You will find a way to heal, no matter what the circumstance is. You take responsibility for yourself and your body!

The funny thing is, when you heal your body with natural methods, you don’t just heal the endo, you heal everything! That includes your outlook on life. It is funny but I had no idea how powerful this statement was until now. I feel so powerful in my life choices. It is like everything is possible! I think it has heaps to do with super mounds of energy!

I have been in financially depleted moments in my life too and I know it feels so restrictive when you are there. Thing is, once you heal your whole body, it is amazing how accessible and possible life can be on every level!


Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    I don’t really use body washes personally but you could use a combination of beautiful oils and rub them in with a facecloth. Wet the facecloth, put on the oil combination on the cloth and then rub into the body. I use this method on my face it it feels amazing and is a great exfoliator at the same time. You can combine all the beautiful oils into a carrier oil like coconut or almond oil. Frankinsense, orange peel and argon oil are beautiful for the skin.

  2. Rachel Strysik

    What do you use as a body wash? I’ve been researching natural body washes for hours and haven’t found ANYTHING that’s simple. My roommate uses vinegar, but I want something that smells good as well but that is 100% natural. Will coconut oil work as a body wash?

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