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Welcome to Endo Empowered. I’ve been in that yucky place where endo knaws at your insides and makes you question your whole being. You can feel trapped by your own body and the worst feeling is the helplessness that comes with feeling like there is nothing you can do, but live with it.

I created Endo Empowered because I discovered that there was more that could be done and that using natural methods correctly can be an incredibly effective tool to help manage endometriosis pain and symptoms. I want to share those insights with you and guide you to a place where you can also live pain and symptom-free as I have done within my own journey.

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Why Endo Empowered?

Safe Holistic Approach

By approaching the body holistically we address the root triggers for imbalances within the body. Whether there is a dietary, physical or emotional trigger, we explore all options within the REACH Technique©. A holistic approach looks at all aspects of your lifestyle and how each component may benefit your personal well-being. 

First, do no harm

There is no danger or harm in using proven, natural methods to reduce symptoms and pain associated with endometriosis. By first providing what the body needs through the right nutrition, adequate and appropriate movement, reducing anxiety and by ridding the body of harmful toxins, parasites and bacteria, many clients experience incredible transformations for their health. 


Available Worldwide

By providing an online platform with video-based resources, you are able to learn and discover insights about endometriosis from anywhere in the world. Books are downloadable from your computer and other resources are accessible through our private members’ area.  This is fantastic if you can’t find a local naturopath that specialises in endometriosis or are located out of a main city centre.


These women have completely changed their lives, managing to get pregnant, get rid of pain and fulfill their dreams.


to discover alternatives to hormone treatments, endless pill popping, and the surgery merry-go-round!

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Melissa is my go-to endometriosis expert.  She has firsthand knowledge from her own body, and from helping a large community of women around the world.  Her approach is food-based yet also holistic and addresses the many pieces that affect our experience, such as emotions and mindset.

Bridgit Danner, LAc, FDNPFounder of Women’s Wellness Collaborative

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