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How we can turn the “nasty” into motivation

Sometimes I look back on my journey and I do wonder how I did it all. So many different diets and supplements, so many cleanse techniques with some scary after effects and yet I kept going. I kept trying new things. Whenever I read about something new to shift my...

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What if it all comes down to our stress levels?

Over the years I have been delving into so many ideas on possible triggers for endometriosis. A big part of the REACH Technique© dives into the emotional component and how to overcome some of the stressors we have experienced in our lives. Initially, I really...

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Diet Choices: The 3 Key Components to look for

If you spend any length of time searching for information on what to eat to better support yourself with having endometriosis, you'll eventually find that information contradicts itself and you are simply not sure what to believe anymore. One website says you should...

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Changing the way women with endo are treated…

I recently watched a documentary called The Bleeding Edge on Netflix. It quite honestly made me sick to the stomach. For those of you who haven't seen it or don't have access to it, the documentary explores the medical device industry and what shocked me the most was...

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Just don’t leave me alone right now…

Just don't leave me alone right now. The thoughts come back then. The endless wonderings about life and death and the meaning of it all. The circles of whether I am truly living my best life and if this is really what is making me happy. The fear of regrets, the...

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Why do we get Pain with Endometriosis?

We've tried to dull the pain with endometriosis with endless pain-killers, we've tried to prevent its return with surgery and we've spent many, many hours sifting through websites and articles on the internet in the hope of finding some kind of answers. We truly want...

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“Endometriosis can feel like a deep, dark, dirty and stuck space inside your body. Let me show you how to become unstuck, to feel free and beautiful in your body again.”

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Melissa is my go-to endometriosis expert.  She has firsthand knowledge from her own body, and from helping a large community of women around the world.  Her approach is food-based yet also holistic and addresses the many pieces that affect our experience, such as emotions and mindset.

Bridgit Danner, LAc, FDNPFounder of Women’s Wellness Collaborative

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