Your Perfect Excuses to Exercise!

Your Perfect Excuses to Exercise!

Exercise is really important and will help your Endometriosis by stimulating the lymphatic system and encourage good digestion.

Here are some sneaky little ways to get just a few minutes of exercise in, every single day:

  • Park your car 15minutes from where you live.

We didn’t really have a choice on this one but I can assure you it has been great for my exercise regimen. I don’t have a choice. So, even if it is raining outside or I have had a long day at work and feel tired and not in the mood to do any exercise, this gives me an instant excuse to do so. Actually, it is forcing me to do so! 🙂

  • Take the stairs.

This one is obvious but we often choose to take the lift cos it is simply easier. It will take you only 5minutes more to take the stairs. Stairs are so good for us. It gets the heart-rate going just that little bit and if you do this a few times in the day, it all adds up!

  • Get a puppy!

These are fabulous to ensure you and your puppy gets heaps of outdoor activity! Puppies need heaps of exercise and even when you don’t feel like it, your puppy will ensure it gets a walk!

  • Walk everywhere.

When you need something from the shops, always consider the option to walk, or take the bus or jump on your bike. This does depend on where you live and the logistics….. But if your home is close enough to go to the shops by foot, always choose this as your first option. Carrying the shopping is also good for building those arm muscles!

  • Get rid of the TV

Isn’t it nicer to go for an evening walk with your partner or a good friend and chat for an hour about your day, than watching mindless TV? Believe me, it will relax you more! Find an excuse that there really is nothing on TV to watch and that a walk catching up would be much more enjoyable! We have no TV where we are now and I just love it! So many more enjoyable things to do and enjoy each others company!

  • Use exercise as a social event and a fun activity

Take up dancing or make a once a week catch up with a friend a social exercise and you’ll save yourself some money on coffees too! Dancing is heaps of fun and it will definitely build a great bond with our partner or a great way to meet new people!

So, now you have some excuses to include exercise in your day! You can find time, when you consider all the other things you do instead of exercise. Often time is just an excuse and when we push ourselves, we can really find great ways to include just a 15minute walk or a little dance!

Question: In what ways can you incorporate exercise into your life right now or what sneaky ways have you added it in? (answer in the comments below)

Big hugs,

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