When Are Your Worst “Emotional” Days of the Month? Have you noticed a trend?

When Are Your Worst “Emotional” Days of the Month? Have you noticed a trend?

I have been noticing more of the trends that relate to which section of my cycle my body is in. I have never really paid that much attention to what my body was doing until I studied this connection through a blog I did a few weeks ago.

I don’t have many symptoms related to hormones anymore, which is awesome! I used to have things that you are probably familiar with, such as PMS, sore breasts, headaches, migraines etc. The only major thing I have noticed are my emotions and moods. I didn’t attribute this to hormones in the past and it was only through studying the hormone fluctuations that I realized that they were the reason for many of the moods, emotions and the general outlook I was having on life. Feelings of depression, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, feeling like anything is possible, feeling happy, feeling flat etc are all linked to our hormones! This is great news because at least we can blame something for the days that we are not feeling or acting our best.

The most interesting thing is to notice what you discover in a monthly cycle. It is pretty much broken up into 4 stages. Stage 1 is our menstruation stage. Stage 2 is from the end of the menstruation to ovulation. Stage 3 is the ovulation time and Stage 4 is the luteal phase, which is where most of us will struggle with symptoms. Please read the article: Understanding the Natural Female Cycle and how it relates to endometriosis, to get a thorough breakdown of these fluctuations and what is happening with our hormones.

For me, I actually find the time of my monthly the worst. I know this doesn’t actually make much sense in terms of the hormonal cycles because it is when they are the least active! I think it might just be that I feel tired and that translates into other emotions and thoughts. The best way I can describe it is that I feel “flat”. It is just this feeling like things are too hard and that things take too long. I feel impatient and yet don’t feel like doing anything.

The time that I do notice a direct link to my hormones is during the luteal phase. I generally feel anxious about things. I become stressed about things easily and get more irritated with stuff. I also don’t feel like doing any “daring” things or things that throw me out of my comfort zone.

I know many of you suffer from anxiety conditions, depression and many fears. Stress is a big one too! Thing is, they could all be related to your hormones and in a way, that should make you feel a little better, in that… well… you are not losing your mind! I honestly had periods in my life where I really thought I was a stranger to myself. I didn’t recognize myself. I was always in tears, yelling, getting angry or frustrated over nothing. I was hot and cold and the poor people in my life honestly just didn’t know what to expect each day! The smallest thing could set me off in one direction or another. Someone could say something the wrong way and I was in tears, angry or upset. I would get happy and sad in an instant and always thought, this was just my “somewhat crazy personality”.

Since going on natural foods and focusing to heal my liver and getting my hormones back to normal, I don’t have this “crazy personality” so much anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I am still “interesting” to be around but my moods are much more level than they ever were in the past.

The good news is that our hormones do so much more than just change our moods. They are also responsible for our aging, our endometriosis getting better and of course our vigor for life!

Thing is, you can “fix” those hormone imbalances naturally through your diet and supplements. The main way to do that is to focus on the liver. The liver flushes out the excess hormones and if it is not working properly, all those excess hormones simply remain in the body. So, to get the liver working better, I recommend reading Dr. Cabot book The Liver Cleansing Diet. It explains what the liver does and how to detoxify your body.

The next step I recommend is to get some herbs which naturally balance your hormones. I personally love maca root powder as it focuses on the pituitary gland and balances all our hormones, regardless of which hormones need balancing. It doesn’t agree with other hormone treatments, so don’t combine this with anything hormone specific.

There are many methods to regulate your hormones, which I won’t go into too much depth about here. To understand more, perhaps read through some more of my articles in the hormones category.

The point I wanted to make is that your moods, your anxiety, your depression could all be directly matched to your hormones. It all relates and when you find a way to balance those, so will all those emotions and moods balance out too.

There are specific herbs which can really help any of these hormones separately too, completely naturally! Just know that you are not crazy and it can all be fixed.

What hormone related emotions do you get? When are they the worst? What time of month? Have you noticed any other strange correlations?

Big hugs,

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  1. mines a few days after my time of the month. Last about a week not good but I’m finding st johns whart supplements help with the emotion.

  2. I am at my most emotional time during the menstrual phase too, the heavy days are the absolute pits. For me, getting my period is a symbol of every failure I’ve had in trying to conceive a baby. Even over the last 1.5 years when I haven’t been TTC, it is still a reminder every cycle that I have conceived and miscarried at least 4 times.

    It’s been 3.5 years since the 4th loss and while I don’t curl up in a heap anymore, I am always tinged with sadness. I think I will try to be more aware of my moods in relation to where I am in my cycle as it could be a key to helping me get as fertile as possible.

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