Why we don’t listen!

Why we don’t listen!

I have been feeling terrible the last week. I had some Panadeine on an empty stomach on Thursday night and boy have I suffered the consequences. My stomach was absolutely burning from acid pain! It was unbelievably painful. Well, I was really good on Friday and had a bowl of rice for lunch and really plain food for dinner. I felt much better.

Then on Saturday, we went to visit family and I felt obliged to eat the delicious meal they had prepared for me and the pain slowly came back. It got much worse and last night I felt absolutely horrific! I was getting a loud message from my body to say it was unhappy with me. Thing is, I got desperate. The pain was excrutiating. So, guess what? The first thing we do….. I went to the pharmacy and asked for something to make the pain go away! It was supposed to be a quick fix and it offered some, but very little relief. Luckily, my body doesn’t like being told to shut up and so the pain continued right into the night. For dinner, I had a bowl of rice….. first good decision I had made all week!

This morning I felt heaps better. The pain was finally gone. I had a plain bowl of oats with honey for breakfast and rice again for lunch and I have just had some plain pasta for dinner. It has been a whole day without pain and I am amazed.

The problem is, we get other pains and aches don’t we? Most of them are not shouting as loud as this one was. We go to the pharmacy and say: “I have this pain, fix me!” and most of the stuff out there can fix us! It is wrong though. Well, it doesn’t allow the body to send us the message for us to change our habits. My body was damaged and out of balance from the painkiller I took. I then didn’t listen when it told me it just wanted to have plain stuff to digest. Every meal I then gave my tummy to digest, was agony as it was shouting at me, saying: that is too much Melissa, give me something easy! I bombarded it with variations of food. Chicken, vegetables and sauces all served on one plate. Way too complicated!

All the pains and signals we get are our bodies telling us there is a problem and that we need to change something. Either it is our diet, our lifestyle or our stress levels. We are so spoilt by having a pharmacy, usually open 24hrs that can make all the signals go away. The problem is, just because you tell your body to SHUT UP, doesn’t mean the problem goes away. Look at us now, look at how bad endo is because we didn’t listen then, when we first got the signals and the signs, all those many years ago. Imagine if we had listened to the headaches, the nausea, the migraines and all those other niggly things we get. Imagine we had known that they were all signs that something was out of balance and that we could catch that imbalance early and fix it, before it got to where it is now.

I know when I look back on my life, it seems so obvious at how many signs my body was sending that I had an imbalance. Right from when I was a child and couldn’t eat sweets without getting sick, to when I was a teenager and had migraines, nausea and digestion issues, they were all signs being sent to me. It seems so obvious to me now, now that I recognise them as imbalances and that I simply need to change something in my diet or my lifestyle.

The problem was, that the pharmacy was a much easier solution to stopping pain. I had a whole selection for every side-effect and ailment my body threw at me. It was just an easier way – on some level. Making lifestyle changes, diet changes can be really hard – sometimes even embarrassing – especially when you’re a teenager and you want to fit in and eat like everyone else does – junk food and alcohol! The pharmacy was able to get me through, even though it just concealed the real issues inside of me……

What signals do you have, that you have been ignoring for months? Years? Do you know how to fix them? Do you notice them improving with your diet or your lifestyle choices?

Big hugs,

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  1. Yep, been filling bad myself the last couple days… Why? I got off track… Went out of town to visit a friend for her birthday and had a glass of wine, AND a piece of her home made chocolate coconut cake… And yes I'm still paying for it!! I knew what the consequences were going to be but did it anyway. It's really hard to not mess up when I'm out of my routine or away from home. The one good thing about going off track… yes let's find the positive side of the situation 🙂 … is that it proves that eating right helps me and makes me better. The only way to get back to feeling better is to get back on the right diet, drinks, exercise. It might not be as fast as taking a pill, but it does work!!! I occasionally still take some over the counter something, but I have noticed that I do that less and less, and when I do take something it's usually because of on top of being in pain I am also exhausted.

    Looking back, knowing what I know now, it does look like I was ignoring signals. But really, I was not educated. We're told from the time we're little to take something for pains or whatever issues we have. Now I know there is a different approach.

    • Hi Annabelle,

      Thanks for sharing 🙂
      Yeah, I think that is true of so many of us. We simply don't realise that all those body aches and pains are in fact signals of things that are out of balance and that need addressing. It is also largely those nasty big pharmaceutical companies selling us those "quick fixes"! Healing is a process and it takes time, perhaps we have just become impatient and always want a quick fix!

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