Why the Natural Way is going to be more Challenging!

Why the Natural Way is going to be more Challenging!

I went to the library for about 3hrs the other day and decided to find some more evidence to keep me and everyone reading this site, motivated that the natural way of healing is really the right way to go. I felt compelled to find real evidence and not just my own personal experience and “gut feel” but real concrete cases of people who have healed themselves through natural methods. It will obviously take me a while to present all my finding here – though I am very excited to share what I have found with you!

What it did make me realise is that choosing a natural way of healing is always going to create more difficulty. It is ultimately, in my opinion the only choice but we are going against the mainstream which is going to always pose a challenge.

So, here is how I look at it. There are those of us who trust our intuition, want to be whole and healthy through natural methods. We know this takes longer and we are prepared to put in the hard yards to get better. If this means incorporating exercise, a different lifestyle or diet, we know this is how we need to be. That is okay with us. Most people out there however, want a quick fix. They want to go to the doctor, have an operation or take tablets, which are supposed to just make a pain or a problem go away. They don’t want to change their lifestyle or do anything as they are impatient and want an easy remedy.

I know I was one of these people for many, many years! I trusted in doctors and pharmaceutical companies that claimed to have products that were “tested” and that would offer me relief from my pains and struggles. I believed doctors were the end all and be all of everything. They were after all trained and educated and had been through medical school with over 20years experience. Surely, they should know what they are talking about? Surely, they must have my best interests at heart? This is the first challenge. We are going against what is considered the norm in terms of healing. I must admit it took me ages to recognize that natural or alternative was better than western medicine but it was after 15years of trying the scientific way and basically giving up that made me really see the other ways of healing. I wish sometimes that I could’ve chosen a different path from the beginning and had more years of pain free living!

It is a little bit of a vicious cycle being part of the masses. It is like we are part of a flock of sheep and we are always those naughty ones that keep wanting to jump the fence. The masses follow what they are told, they don’t question things but trust in “the system”. The system in society is unfortunately controlled largely by money and consumerism.

They are not interested in really healing people as this is not what lines their pockets. They want to invest products which can give instant pain relief but whether it heals the cause or the real root of the problem is not really of any concern. I am referring to pharmaceutical companies and doctors, who charge masses amount of money to perform these operations and procedures. I know my Gynecologist was certainly doing quite well! He had 3 houses and drove a massive BMW! I am sure my 7 operations certainly helped him get those.

Is this really someone we should trust with our bodies? Is their motivation in the right place? He simply told me that having an operation every year and a half was all I could do. No suggestion of lifestyle changes, diet or even reducing my stress levels even entered the conversation. Surely, these are simply the basics of healing?

When we make the choice to go natural we are inevitably going to be out of the norm because all the media out there suggests that it couldn’t possibly work! It is not to the pharmaceutical companies benefit for it to work! It means experimenting with things, it means paying more for foods and quality products and it means commitment to the highest degree!

We are called “hippy’” and weird “greenies” and all sorts of wonderful things for being different and believing in a different way of healing. People struggle to trust it as the media doesn’t support it or push it – they are not getting paid to support it!

This means that the road less travelled becomes a little bit more daunting but by us sticking together to fight our cause and to believe in this way of healing, we can fight the masses and really heal and prove to all of them that this is the only way!

I am so happy to be able to share my blog with the women out there that do believe in natural healing and that it gives me the opportunity to share valuable information for natural healing, right around the world! There is heaps of valuable information out there for us to read about healing and yet somehow it is a case of really hunting for it! I hope we can spread valuable information about healing through the internet and really change the false perceptions that exist!

We all have the power of choice! I just hope your choice is made sooner on your journey with Endometriosis than me! I waited far too long to choose this road to recovery and though I am glad I found it eventually, I know many women never find it!

Big hugs,

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  1. Melissa- Your blogs are so helpful and inspiring. Keep them coming! I have only developed and become aware of my endo in the past year, and it is stressful. Doctor after doctor all say the same things.. pain is normal.. I should take BC or other hormones.. but I refuse and they act as if I am choosing to be in pain. It is not right! I struggle being anemic, to take meat out of my diet. But I have switched to rice milk and I slowly trying to eliminate bread from my diet. Thank you!

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