What is Endometriosis… really?

What is Endometriosis… really?

If you are new to Endometriosis and have only just discovered what it is, you are likely filled with many questions about cysts, growths and adhesions. In today’s video, I want to share my theories around what I believe Endometriosis is.

Here is what I will be covering in the video today:

  • The 3 key things I believe we should focus on when it comes to Endometriosis;
  • Why I believe hormone imbalance is not what we should focus on;
  • The key reason we experience estrogen dominance; and
  • Why I believe Endometriosis is an auto-Immune condition.

The research:

Interestingly there have been a number of studies indicating that Endometriosis creates inflammatory mediators such as prostaglandin E2 and F2a (Bulun 2009; Ziegler 2010; Reis 2013).

Another study indicates the involvement of the immune system in the development of Endometriosis and how this correlation could help find better diagnostic tools for the condition. (Kyama 2003)

Parazzini, F., Viganò, P., Candiani, M., & Fedele, L. (2013). Diet and endometriosis risk: A literature review. Reproductive BioMedicine Online, 26(4), 323–336. http://doi.org/10.1016/j.rbmo.2012.12.011

Wieser, F., Cohen, M., Gaeddert, A., Yu, J., Burks-Wicks, C., Berga, S. L., & Taylor, R. N. (2007). Evolution of medical treatment for endometriosis: back to the roots? Human Reproduction Update, 13(5), 487–499. http://doi.org/10.1093/humupd/dmm015

I believe we all need to be open to the potential of other ideas around resolving Endometriosis. I also don’t see the current conventional treatments being effective at really supporting women with Endometriosis. Perhaps my theories will be advanced further through this video and someone with an open mind will explore them?

All I know is that since I have approached my body with a focus on the key 3 aspects I discuss in the video, I have managed to successfully reduce my pain and symptoms with Endometriosis.

I share these approaches in my new program, The Endo Wellness Technique, and am excited to be sharing what I have learned with you. To find out about it, visit www.endowellnesstechnique.com and request your personal invitation. I guide you through what it all involves and we can establish if it is right for you.

Big hugs,

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Share your thoughts...

  1. Melissa, bless you. Your thought process is in the least, insightful, rational and definitely plausible. It is evident you approach endo with a holistic view to treat it. An approach that acknowledges other processes involved, investigates ALL those processes, with a determination to cure or at least manage endo. A bit like solving crime. This has more common sense and mindfulness then just ‘treating the symptoms’ and ‘keeping the whinging woman quiet with pills’, advocated by many of the average GP/ specialists. As an auto-immune disease? I never would have thought and considering how other auto-immune diseases work- this conclusion is rational and totally plausible. Thank you for spreading this important information.

  2. Thank you for sharing that information. I agree and I hope your theories are explored more so conventional treatment can one day go beyond suppresing our bodies and masking the symptoms. And thank you for sharing your techniques so the many women who suffer from this condition my find some relief.

  3. Excellent video! Very insightful and on-target. This is such a mysterious illness, and you have unlocked some of its key aspects. Thank you for creating this!

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