What to eat while travelling? My discoveries…. what are yours?

What to eat while travelling? My discoveries…. what are yours?

One of the hardest things I have found the last few days, with moving house and not being set-up at home is being able to stick to my ideal pain free Endo way of eating. It has been tough trying to find things when you’re driving from one location to another and that dreaded lunch time hits and you are nowhere near a decent cafe, fruit shop or anything that could tide you over.

So, here are a few things I have found that are good options for when we are on the road:

–          Sushi

An absolutely brilliant alternative to anything take-away. There are often vegetarian choices which are even better and they aren’t expensive. Sabi is also great for our immune system at the same time!

–          Risotto

A great vegetarian options which I have found brilliant to fill me up for dinner and sometimes lunch. Make sure you get it from a good cafe/restaurant cos they can get it wrong and it can taste quite gushy…

–          Quiche

I always pick the vegetarian option here and it is usually pretty good. Some are made with flours though so be careful of that one. I find it okay for a short-term fix and if I don’t have more bread or other flour based stuff for the rest of the time.

These have been the ones I have found which have really tied me over the last couple of days. I find going vegetarian is usually pretty good but usually they replace vegetarian dishes with plenty of cheese or flour.

I also find, if I absolutely have to eat something that I know is not ideal, that might make me nauseous or will cause extra bloating, I drink heaps of tea with it. I find Green Tea is best for this (preferably with a slice of lemon to go with it!) 🙂

What have you found? What works for you? They might have more choices where you are…..

Need ideas cos got anothe moving day ahead tomorrow!

Big hugs,

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  1. Hi Melissa 🙂 I just wanted to visit this older post and ask a question about what to eat when flying long-haul. I am going to Melbourne and then on to the UK in a week and am wondering what you have done in the past for food when flying? I am currently signed up for a vegan meal on the airline, but this could very well contain wheat, sugar, and other inflammatory foods! It is a tricky one. Maybe I should take some snacks on board 🙂 Love your tip here for sushi when on the go – it is the most delicious and healthy snack!

    • Hi Hannah,
      Awesome trip you have planned! I ordered a gluten free meal as this aspect of the endo diet effects me the worst but for you it might be meat. If you can take snacks on board but remember some countries don’t allow anything to enter the country – so don’t too many or you will just be throwing them in the bin! I usually take rice crackers and nuts, which tide me over nicely.

    • Thanks for those tips Melissa! I think I am going to stick with my vegan meal and see what I can eat there, but bring some nuts along with me like you mentioned. I am so excited for this trip, no need to let worries about what I will eat become an issue! 🙂

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