What to Do When You Experience Nausea and Vomiting from Endometriosis?

What to Do When You Experience Nausea and Vomiting from Endometriosis?

It has been ages since I have eaten any milk products, meat or sugar. I have been feeling really good and only seemed to experience nausea one day before my period, which was fairly mild by comparison. I used to get such a bad case of nausea that I would literally throw up from it. I would get nausea all through the month too and it was just horrible. No matter what I did to get rid of it, it still lingered. I would eat chewing gum, drinkย Coke and even had to resort to drugs to prevent vomiting. I remember living on those throughout my teens.

Well, last night and this morning, that old familiar feeling came back to me again. I had some friends over last night and I ate way too much, in one sitting. I thought I would be okay because I have been feeling really good lately but oh no… my body wasn’t going to have none of that. I pushed it too far, with meat, wine and ice-cream all in one sitting and it has certainly let me know that, “Mel, this is unacceptable!” I felt nauseous fairly instantly last night and had to let it out… enough said. Then this morning, the nausea still lingered.

So, here is what I did to get rid of it:

  1. Had a massive big juice this morning with detoxifying parsley, cucumber and mint
  2. Went for a walk and did yoga
  3. Ate nothing but fruit and veg for most of the day. Carrots and apples and cucumberย work wonders for me!
  4. Drank heaps of water, warm and purified is best
  5. Drank heaps of peppermint tea and ginger

So, there you go, just some simple tips for when you have a night out eating too much and you need to recover from that.

Nausea is not something you should be experiencing every single day or week though. If you are… this is a sign that your body is simply not happy with whatever you are feeding it. Sure, we can blame the hormones to some extent but I can honestly tell you that when I eat well, I don’t get nearly half the amount of nausea I do when I don’t. Nausea from hormones is also generally only going to be around your period and not all the time.

The only way I completely got rid of my nausea for good was cutting out dairy, sugar and meat. The dairy is the biggest culprit for me. The ice-cream is proof of that one! It is fatty and rich and my liver was just shouting when I ate it. Though I tried to ignore it!

There are a number of other symptoms I no longer get since making these changes. I don’t get heartburn, acid reflux, as much bloating or flatulance and not so much of the phlegmyย feeling at the back of the throat either.

So, though I know these changes are often hard to do, they make a big difference!

I certainly learnt from last night that they are just not worth it. As good as the ice-cream tasted, it just makes me feel instantly nauseous thinking about it today.

See, the liver is our main area that we need to heal and it works together with the bile ducts to flush out extra fats. When these aren’t working as well, it struggles to process extra fats in the body. It is this underproduction of fats which actually causes our estrogen levels to rise further, causing more complications with Endometriosis. So, even though nausea seems unconnected to Endo, it is very closely connected to the liver and how well it is processing fats and hormones and toxins in our body. So, every time we eat extra fats, your poor liver is going … oh no more stuff we have to process. This is not going to help heal Endo or your body as you are simply overloading the very organ you need to heal! When your stomach receives the fats and foods it doesn’t want, it sends us a message saying: I don’t want this, get it out! This is why we will likely get sick and throw it up. When you feel nauseous it is your liver trying to process the fats in your body that you have given it. If you wake up really tired, this means the body hasn’t been able to process it all either.

Your body loves to digest fruit and veg, especially when it is juiced as it can absorb all the nutrients really easily. They contain their own enzymes when eaten raw and aid in cleansing out the fats in the body. Henceย why I felt better after eating these.

Nausea is also a massive side effect on many of the hormonal treatments for Endometriosis. I think these changes will help heaps!

Do you get nauseous? What do you use to get rid of it? How often?

Big hugs,

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  1. Nausea!!! I have it every day almost constantly ๐Ÿ™ and I don’t eat too much meat (mostly organic chicken breast and may be one portion of red meat once or twice a month) , I’ve also cut back on gluten and consume almost no dairy! I have a glass of fresh vegetable juice every single morning and have a big salad every day!! and can’t stand the fried and fatty food, even the smell of it makes me sick!

    But still, the nausea doesn’t go away! and it’s really effecting my life in a negative way. My Dr keeps telling me its from acid reflux but I don’t believe her since all my acid reflux symptoms are gone for a long time now and the nausea has been with for a few years! so she keeps prescribing me anti-nausea pills which I never take since I don’t want to cause even more harm to my body! … do you have any idea what might be causing the constant nausea and how I can control it?!


    • Hi Mojdeh,
      I have recently read another book about the affects of poor gallbladder and liver function and how this can create nausea. It has to do with poor bile function. What you want to do is stimulate the bile function in your body. The easiest ways to do that is to eat foods and take herbs that are really, really bitter. Dandelion Root, Milkthistle, Nettle, Gentian Root, Bupleurum, Spinach and most green veggies (Kale is a good one). Just think bitter = bile stimulation. I have recently also heard a video where a Dr explains the use of Lemonene – orange essence. I haven’t had a chance to research it further but perhaps check it out.

      You are right not to take the nausea stuff – I did it for years and it made no difference at all!

      • While I’m glad that your dietary changes helped you so drastically, I worry about telling others with endometriosis that the reason their nausea occurs is because of their diet. This woman who reached out to you should likely be reviewed by a physician, given that endometriosis can grow on multiple portions of our GI tract, thus adhering organs together and sometimes wreaking havoc. I am awaiting a subsequent laparoscopy and old symptoms, including nausea, have returned full force. And like last time, I’m sure surgery will take away those symptoms.
        Endo is a tricky disease. And while I support a a holistic approach 100% (I’m an avid studier of herbalism, energy healing, and more tools), to give people guidance about how quitting meat will stop your symptoms is dangerous. I stumbled upon this curious to read more about nausea & endo and found your article. I really get frustrated seeing it because I have followed people’s advice online, just like this, and been worse for it.
        You may be trained in many forms of natural health, but every person is different and no one formula suits us all. Don’t pretend you have some magic cure for this vicious disease. Some of us aren’t lucky enough to have diet change our disease patterns.
        (Oh, and raw foods are pretty darn hard to break down too, btw, some of us aren’t lucky enough to enjoy that either…)

    • Thanks for the info Melissa ๐Ÿ™‚ I didn’t know about gallbladder and bitter herbs! maybe I should try the Chinese bitters.

      Could you tell me the name of the book?


    • Thanks Melissa ๐Ÿ™‚ … I saw a naturopath last week and the first thing he told me after listening to all my symptoms was that he thinks I have problems with my gallbladder!!! He prescribed me with some bitter digestive enzyme, a bitter tea, and some digestive enzymes! so far my nausea is a bit better, at least now I get a few hours of release from nausea every day, before it used to be 24/7! I’m really hoping this would work as I am really sick of feeling sick all the time ๐Ÿ™

      take care,

      • That is good ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad it is getting better. Also, cut out all the fat in your diet – butter, meat and even milk are high in fat.

  2. I feel ruff 24/7. I have a cup of hot water un the morning cos I feel very nauseous and sometimes I actually throw up and after I have thrown up I still feel nauseous, and my feeling this way also makes me have panic attacks which makes me feel 10 times worse then I did in the first place. Please help my doctor has changed my pill to a weaker dosage (have not started yet because I am on). I am praying thus helps because I can not live like this anymore.

    • I am sorry Lisa. I would strongly recommend getting off the pill. Change your diet completely. Cut out everything but fruits and vegetables for a few days to allow your body to flush out some toxins. The pill is probably making the nausea worse. It takes a while to work its way out of the body. You can help it along with DIM. This flushes out xenoestrogens from the body. Also, get onto some Passionflower to help calm you and help you sleep and heal the body. The nausea is a side-effect of the pill but you can help it along with what you eat. Avoid dairy, sugar and fatty foods completely, including meat. You will be fine, just follow this blog and start by flushing out the bad stuff. If you can get yourself a good juicer and juice fruits and vegetables and drink these twice a day, this will make a huge improvement to the morning nausea. I will write another article on nausea tomorrow so keep an eye out for it. I hope you feel better soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hi Melissa my 15yr old daughter who has been suffering from endo for the past 4-5 months. She gets alot of nausea on and off the whole month. The doctor has just put her on the pill last week and it seems to have stepped up a knotch I’m not keen for her to be on the pill as I would rather take the natural approach so do you think the pill is the wrong way to go to deal with this she has missed 2 weeks of school so far in the past couple of weeks as she feels so lousey getting lots of cramping sore legs and headaches and feeling so nauseous and feeling cold alot. But has to take a week off when she gets her period now anyway. Your comments would be appreciated.

  4. I get nausea all the time and doesn’t seem to be related to those food types, I had a steak and something with dairy in last night and was fine, but today I have made my own vegetable noodle soup, very healthy had it for lunch and was not too bad. Now I have heated some up for dinner had 2 sips and feel horrid. So sick, surely it can not be the soup, I mean it has no dairy or meat or fat!!?? So that only leaves the hormone thing, I get worse nausea right before an episode of pain which makes me think it is connected. I think that diet is very important to your general health and energy levels but I seem to get nauseous no matter what I eat. I had a pizza 3 days ago, and I avoid dairy anyway, and I felt fine. Perhaps you have an intolerence to dairy anyway and nausea is not one of the symptoms that you have with your endometrosis? I will keep a food diary for a while, but I have not found that my diet helps the nausea yet!

    • Hi Jayju. What you eat is not an overnight thing. It doesn’t show itself instantly all the time. I have changed my diet over the last 6months and have cut out dairy, meat, sugar and gluten. The other night I had some foods I don’t normally have and felt nauseous for two days. I used to feel nauseous for most of my teens, so don’t worry I have been there ๐Ÿ™‚ My body was simply telling me that these foods didn’t agree with me. It is not a simple one solution fix. What you eat influences your WHOLE BODY, not just the nausea. That means your endo pain, your digestion, your liver …. everything is related and ultimately what you give your body as a source of energy is what it will use to heal. Give it foods like pizza and hamburgers and it will have little to help it. Give it fresh fruits and vegetables and it will do wonders for you ๐Ÿ™‚
      The hormones are related to nausea but the hormones are related to the foods you eat too. It is a big puzzle, that all works together!

  5. I get nauseous about 2 weeks before I come on my period, I don’t know what to do because its so bad at times that I can not even get out of bed to go to work. This morning I actually throw up and I got that disgusting feel at the back of my throat. I don’t eat red meet never have so I am going to try cutting out dairy, stop smoking and eat more healthier I eat health already! Please help I am at my wits end and this is ruining my life. I am scared to go to far out of my area because the nausea is constant everyday for two weeks 24/7-48/4 help please. The cramp’s in my bottom, vagina and low back is unbearable my children have to pull me out of bed some morning. I am going to buy some ginger tea today and I pray that it works (fingers crossed).

    • Hi Lisa,
      I am sorry to hear you are struggling so much ๐Ÿ™
      I would get some real ginger rather than a purchased tea. They often don’t have much left in them. Get some real ginger and make your own ginger drink. http://www.endoempowered.com/drink-it-hot/
      The nausea will be worsened by smoking and poor diet. I notice I feel worse when I eat gluten and dairy products. Everyone is different but the best way to test is to take out the likely culprits and then add them in again after 2 weeks. Your body will react instantly.
      The nausea two weeks before your period is very much hormone based so getting onto some Maca Tablets will help you heaps with that.
      I hope this helps you get out of bed. Unfortunately, healing takes great change but take each step slowly and you will get there ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Been nauseous all week, and having tummy aches… Probably paying for last weekend… ๐Ÿ™ And I really don’t think I ate or drank that bad, but my gosh I guess it was just too much anyway!! So I got some ginger and made my ginger potion. I’ll be drinking it for the next several days, because I know it helps. Drinking Dandelion tea too. Oh and drinking cranberry juice too!! Seems I managed to get a UTI too somehow. How many issues can I deal with in just one week?? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Come on Ginger Potion, work your magic. I’d like to feel better and get my appetite back please! I’ve got some yummy fruit and vegetables waiting to be eaten! ๐Ÿ˜€
    I haven’t been drinking ginger for a while, and I think I’m going to stay on it for some time. Several months ago I was drinking it every day and I really think it makes a difference. I think it’s time for a ginger cure again ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Sorry to hear you are feeling so nasty! I go totally raw when I feel crappy like that. Raw Juice, fruit salad and lots of fresh salads just somehow seems to settle things down again.
      Ginger and Cardommon here we come!

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