What to do when Emotions run high with Endometriosis

What to do when Emotions run high with Endometriosis

It is so easy to get emotional when we have Endometriosis. We take things personally, we feel attacked and we often feel isolated and misunderstood. These are actually pretty standard emotions felt amongst women with Endometriosis, so you don’t need to feel too bad if you feel them.

We can essentially blame our hormones for the fluctuations in our moods and our emotions. They make us over-react and get more worked up about things than we perhaps normally would. The problem is when these emotions flare up outside the comforts of home and those that love us. When we get emotional at work or in social environments, it is hard to explain yourself or gain the sympathies from others. They simply put it down to: overreacting hormones or an over emotional person…. When this happens, it can sometimes limit your career prospects or even get you fired from your job. Managers simply don’t understand teary outbursts or extreme anger within a work environment – no matter how much the project may have meant to you!

So, what can we do about it?

One of the things I have noticed about emotions is that they swing both ways. We generally feel the negative ones more strongly which are the ones we are possibly more known for, anger, teariness, depression etc. It is an energy that we hold in the body. We can determine that energy. We can decide if that energy is good or bad and flick the switch.

I do this quite often. I find myself getting worked up about something or getting angry about something and I recognise that it is usually the emotions playing with me…. I then shout out NO and change them. I think of positive things. Things that make me happy and that way I have turned that negative emotion into something positive. Something worthwhile and I feel heaps happier.

It is like saying, I am going to be super angry, super sad or I could just be super happy!

The other big one I find incredibly beneficial is simply, to go for a walk. I know it sounds really easy and insignificant but it makes a huge difference on how you feel. It just seems to calm those hormones right down.


So, next time you are having an emotional spell, try switching them around with some positive thought and energy 🙂


Big hugs,

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