Allergy Solutions to try

Allergy Solutions to try

One of the things I have struggled with about living in New Zealand is the amount of allergies I have! It is a beautiful country with lots of plant life and flowers, but unfortunately it is these that cause me to have those itchy eyes, nose and stuffy nose! Well, rather than finding fault with New Zealand – how can you really considering how amazingly beautiful it is…. I decided to explore ways to overcome my allergies instead!

Another thing I have noticed, allergies definitely flair up with high stress levels and eating more sugar. Now, this does make sense as both of these affect the immune system and your body is simply over-reacting to what it feels are “invaders” of the body. You will find your allergies are much more manageable with the natural methods I mention on this video. Stress causes your body to overreact to almost anything it feels is a stress and this should be your first focus with dealing with allergies.

I personally cannot take the antihistamines. They make me instantly sleepy and dozzy and fairly useless really, so they were never an option – never mind that they are still a drug and we all know how I feel about those 🙂

So, herewith my suggestions for allergies:

If you have any suggestions on your personal ways to beat allergies, feel free to share those as they could help other women reading this….:)

Big hugs,

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  1. My skin iches so bad from head to toe!
    I’m washing with baking soda twice a day! I’m taking antihistamines! But it’s still bad!
    I have a low thyroid & possible endometriosis!
    I’m feeling so sick & I can’t sleep!
    I’m waiting on more appointments with my Drself


  2. Have you ever tried Quercetin? It is found naturally in things like red onion, red apples, etc. I have used it in a drop form and capsule form and it has been helpful to some degree. I live in a very high mold area and lots of pollen and other irritants, it seems there is no season I do not suffer with allergies, but I have found it helps!

  3. Well, these methods seemed to help me with minimal hay fever symptoms but they were just not enough at the moment here in Spring in Tauranga (apparently the Hay fever capital of New Zealand). So, I have found some more for you to try:
    Coffee. I know you are going to go…. what? coffee but that is bad! Well, the thing is I used it on a face mask this morning and noticed that my runny nose was much better! So, I have had a cup of coffee and it is amazing! It has really slowed down the hay fever!

    Also, -exercise! Yes, going outdoors in all that pollen and doing some real exercise, like running or cycling where you get your heart rate up, that works wonders! I was really surprised by this one but a really good friend of mine suggested it! – Thanks Sana!:)

    If I find any more I shall post them up too 🙂

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