Using Olive Leaves to solve Digestion issues, Acne and Sinus problems and heaps more!

Using Olive Leaves to solve Digestion issues, Acne and Sinus problems and heaps more!

The last few weeks have not been much fun for me. I have had a particularly sensitive tummy. Initially I thought it was just the hormones as it happened to be that time of the month but they hadn’t settled down a week after my period so I figured it was something else. My skin was also breaking out and my sinus symptoms had reappeared. I started to wonder what could be causing all these symptoms. It was highly annoying to be spending this much time sitting on the toilet seat too!

So, I did some research and found out some very interesting stuff about our digestive system and how this affects our skin, candida and our sinus issues. Naturally, poor digestion also affects our liver and its ability to get rid of fats, lower our hormones etc etc.

Essentially our digestive system has enzymes which do their work in breaking stuff down. When there is too much bacteria in the small intestine, these little guys struggle to do their work, which explains the reactions as illustrated. They call it Baterial Overgrowth and apparently it has been linked to Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Allergies, Diabetes, Lupus and Autoimmune Disorders. It makes sense really because we are simply not getting the nutrients we need from the food we eat. The poor enzymes can’t keep up so they simply send it out!

The funny thing is, a few weeks ago I did a YouTube video about Olive Leaf Extract. At the time I had no idea of the benefit of it and only thought it would be a good immune supporter. I didn’t even put it up on here because I didn’t feel it was that beneficial! Well, little did I know!

So, in this video I show you how to make Olive Leaf Extract. It does have great immune benefits and will protect you from all sorts of nasties but most importantly it will help with your digestion!

Side note: If you are having really bad digestion, as in a really runny bottom then I would recommend getting some Oregano Oil Capsules to go with the Olive Leaf Extract.







Also check out this website which explains the benefits for our liver.

Here is the recipe on how to make it and drink it.


Mel’s guide on how to make olive leaf extract

You are going on a ratio of 1:3. So one handful of olive leaves to 3 cups of water. Really depends on how strong a flavour you want to achieve.
Collect your handfuls of olive leaves and rinse them well.
Once they are nice and clean, put them in your crockpot. Fill with water.
Let them boil overnight for 12hrs. In the morning, strain and pour into an airtight bottle. Make sure you label the bottle so you know when you made it. I always forget! You want to drink it within 2 week.
It is not a pleasant taste – I won’t lie to you but drink it with a some Stevia and you’ll be fine!
Drink about 30ml twice a day. You should notice an instant improvement.
Some people get a detox reaction but this should pass within a few days. If this happens, stop for a few days and then continue on a smaller dose. Only take olive leaf extract for spurts of time and not on a continuous basis.
If you want to water it down to make it taste better, simply add more water and drink more of it.
Here is the exact recipe:
How to make olive leaf extract

Olive leaf extract actually has one other major benefit for us Endo Girls which I have left until last…….

It also reduces blood clotting, reduces sugar cravings and is an anti-inflammatory! Wow! That is brilliant!

Read more on other benefits here


Please note: You can use most olive trees. Some sub-species of Olea Europaea are better than others but if you have one in the garden and it doesn’t get sprayed with pesticides it’s worth a try.



Big hugs,

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  1. I have suffered from bad sinus this year and I was wndering where do you get the live leaf tea from as I have eard of its anti inflammitary properties…can You help me.


    • I had mine in the garden and made it myself. Did you manage to watch the video? It explains all this for you. Otherwise, you can buy Olive Leaf extract in supplement form or tincture form from the pharmacy 🙂

  2. One of my Dr’s has me drink a certain type of olive oil several times a day it does help.But where do you get the olive leaf from?

    • Hi Sharon, You can get Olive Leaves from Olive trees. If you don’t have one handy, you can always buy olive leaf extract or olive leaf capsules. Not sure about the olive oil. What type is it?

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