My Understanding of What Causes Endometriosis… What Do You Think?

My Understanding of What Causes Endometriosis… What Do You Think?

When doctors try and assess how to go about curing a disease, they will often take a step back and focus on how a condition was caused. This gives them clues on what created the disease and they can then delve into a possible solution based around that. This does make perfect sense.

The challenge is, most doctors have no idea what has actually caused Endometriosis. It is one of those “mystery conditions” that no doctor seems to be able to figure out. So, because of this, the doctors will go to the next best thing, which is to focus on the symptoms. They find out what the Endometriosis creates and then delve into problem-solving the symptoms. For instance, our bodies place cells in the wrong areas, which grow with more hormonal stimulation. So let’s slow down the cell overgrowth by slowing down the hormones.

A number of years ago, there was a study which involved some monkeys. These poor monkeys were injected with dioxin. Now, if you are not familiar with dioxin, it is a chemical, which is found in many things. One of them is in pesticides and fungicides.

So, after a period of time of injecting the monkeys with dioxin, they developed Endometriosis. Not all of them, admittedly, but 80% of them! Now, to me this is a clear cause of Endometriosis.

Read more about dioxin and watch a video about it here. 

There is one big argument against why this wouldn’t be considered as a definite cause of Endometriosis—all women have been exposed to dioxins in their life and not all women have Endometriosis.  The same argument as to why not all the monkeys developed Endometriosis.


What’s the difference?

The only key distinction that I have made, after having assessed many women with Endometriosis, is that a weakness in the liver has been within our heritage prior to developing Endometriosis. It is this weakening of the liver, combined with overexposure to dioxin, that could explain why some women develop Endometriosis, while others don’t.

Within my studies, many women with Endometriosis have had indications of a weak liver function. This weakened liver function is often hereditary or is developed through poor diet, possibly drinking or taking drugs or even simply developing a liver condition. Factors that are often underestimated are the simple use of headache tablets, which taken regularly undermine the liver. A study in Asia illustrated that just by introducing headache tablets into the lifestyle of women, their PMS symptoms developed, which is also linked to poor liver function.


What is the connection here?

The liver’s primary role is to flush out toxins from our bodies. When the liver has been damaged or weakened, it will simply not be able to flush out the toxins as easily. This means, they remain in the body and will often settle in the fat cells of the body (toxic elements are fat soluble and will settle in fat soluble areas of the body). Once in the body, they easily accumulate and also create inflammatory responses by the body.

Over time, this weakens our immune system. Not just because we have excess toxins in the body but also because the body goes through an auto-immune response. This explains why many women with Endometriosis also have other immune response conditions such as allergies, food intolerances and even more serious auto-immune conditions such as lupus.

To me, the most logical cause of Endometriosis is therefore poor liver function. Many doctors will say it is hormonal imbalance, which is a factor but hormonal imbalance or estrogen dominance is actually a cause of poor liver function. See, the liver is responsible for flushing out excess estrogen. When it isn’t able to do this, it will simply land up back in the blood stream, just to be taken up again by the receptor cells.

So, knowing that toxins and weak liver function are primary triggers for Endometriosis, it would make sense that we focus on turning those around. This means cutting out toxins from our lives and flushing the toxins from our liver to get it working effectively.

What do you think? Agree? Not quite? What are your thoughts on the suggested solutions? Causes? Love to hear your thoughts.



Big hugs,

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  1. Makes a lot of sense and I agree ! Liver is the root cause as is hormone build up due to lack of flushing. I currently have been advised by a N.d. to take a product called DIM which is made of cruciferous veggies and helps flush out excess estrogen therefore giving the liver a hand. Also, taking mushrooms helps with boosting our natural immune responses as do healthy omega oils

  2. i agree, the liver metabolises excess hormones. I am currently writing a paper and my teacher does not understand me wanting to fix the liver first. Also something i don’t yet grasp is the immune response the scavenger cells that remove excess tissue and the immune response something i cant quite put together is there on the tip of my brain.

  3. […] Whenever a grain or product is mass produced, you can be assured that at some point systems have been put in place to reduce labour and time costs. Wheat is one of the most highly produced crops and inevitably that means, that chemicals are likely used to encourage growth, reduce pests or somehow make the process easier. In the USA, Roundup is used to pre-harvest wheat. Roundup is the chemical that has dioxin in it. *remember this is the one that has been shown to actually cause Endometriosis growth in monkeys.  […]

  4. Melissa

    Hi my name is ann, i get very painful around my ring area just before periods, i also have endro, i asked my doctor for a test to oestrogen level and the test result for one of the bad oestrgen was very high so i belelive you are right about liver , toxins in our bodys. I get sharp pain across my lower abdomen. I did go through detoxs but i still get pain so how do i detoxs my liver, please i feel this will help with my high level of oestrgen.

    • There are different methods of cleansing the liver. A simple on is to take L-Glutamine every day. Alternatively, drinking nothing but Beetroot juice for 2 days can also be highly effective. It does all come down to diet though and avoiding toxins and fats which play havoc on the liver.

  5. Hi,

    Very informative artcle – thank you very much!

    My question is that I keep getting conflicting information about Ginger an Flax seed promoting high estrogen, hencce they should not be part of the diet. Help!!!

    • Hi Mary,
      I can understand why …. there is so much conflicting information 🙂
      I personally avoid Flax as it also tends to go rancid really quickly. I have a list of the highest oestrogenic plants and those are the ones I avoid: Flax and Soy are the key ones. To be honest, there are so many plants that have oestrogenic qualities – that’s what makes them plants. Sometimes the other benefits of the plant are more important. To me, the benefits of flax can be easily found in Chia seeds or a good quality Pumpkin Seed Oil, that I don’t feel I need that one. Ginger has heaps more qualities that are valuable 🙂
      Hope that helps…

  6. I agree with both genetic/ stress response reactions and liver function theories it’s a holistic problem..How many women with endo are sensitive emotionally and thus experience stress on a more frequent basis leading to other problems? It could be all about how we perceive the world ya know? I think production of the stress hormones takes away from our other hormonal balance because the body is using up the precursors for stress instead of progesterone (maybe?). I don’t know all things to think about. I do know we should all take milk thistle every day for our livers 🙂

    • I started taking magnesium about 4 months before I was diagnosed. The pain I was having during menstration got so much better. It was this pain that made me concerned in the first place.
      The reason I’m writing this here is magnesium is used by your body at time of stress.

  7. Hi there!

    I just stumbled on your blog while researching some health issues I’m struggling with! I was surprisingly diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis about 4 years ago and ever since then my health has been in a downward spiral! I have a spastic colon, colitis, Irritable Bowel Disease, bouts with Upper Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth (UIBO) and Endometriosis! I was actually diagnosed with the majority of these issues about 2 years ago when I ended up in the hospital for over a week having endless tests run on me. What has been MOST discouraging about EVERY single one of these diagnoses is hearing the countless doctors say that there are no cures. There ARE medications, that I’d have to be on for the rest of my life and that have a ridiculous amount of side effects that cause a whole new plethera of problems (like steroids), and there are surgeries that will have to be repeated. One thing that I have began to realize is that every single one of these diagnoses in some way or another are linked to my LIVER!! I am on a personal mission (despite what modern medicine says because nothing they’ve done has helped!) to find natural, healthy ways to heal my body. I almost screamed in excitement as I read this article! It makes so much sense and it gives so much hope that there might actually be some relief for me physically, but ease of mind as well. Carrying that stress of being so sick and believing that there is no end in sight is an aid to sickness in itself. So thank you! I look forward to reading more of your articles!

    • Hi Melissa,
      It is so wonderful that you stumbled on my blog too 🙂 I felt the same way when I discovered the connection with the liver and all diseases! I recently read a book about how to flush out the liver and how this helped so many people, with all sorts of diseases. The other suggestion would be to start making your own cultured vegetables and kefirs. These are truly amazing at healing the body!
      Of course you can Mel! We will do it together 🙂

  8. But what kind of exam do you have to undergo to find out if you have a liver problem? My ultrasounds all say my liver is normal…

  9. I do believe there is a connection to the liver function and endometriosis, as with other diseases. My mother had breast cancer and ultimately died from liver failure because of the many medications she was on. I have always wondered if she would have lived longer if had not been on so many and if her liver was supported better.

    • Hi Marie,
      Condolences for the loss of your mom. I can’t imagine that the endless medications would have helped her poor liver 🙂

  10. Hi Mel,

    I subscribe to the theory that endo is in your system from embryo state, and then activated at puberty.

    I think its hereditary and influenced by hereditary patterns of stress. For me I feel it doesn’t matter what toxins are introduced, if the physiological system is strong, it will resist.

    Of course, stress leads to liver weakness as well.What do you think?



    • Hi Allannah,
      That is a very interesting theory. So what do you mean by a physiological system? As in our emotional strength? I think they are very much intertwined. I have recently discovered the strong influence food has on our depression and ability to deal with anger, emotions etc. It is all interlinked somehow.
      I believe the food we eat and the toxins within it, will weaken our bodies (or strengthen as we like to do :))and it is this that gives us more emotional strength. I personally always feel emotionally weaker when I am sore or feel physically bad.


  11. Holy crap, Melissa! This makes perfect sense to me! I’ve battled migraines since I was about 6 years old. And I’ve been on hard-core migraine meds for the past 6 years. I found out about my Endometriosis around the same time. I would be curious to learn how many women with Endometriosis have been “dependent” upon or even just suffered from migraines (which they treated with meds). Now, the question is how to I treat my migraines, if not with meds?! Chiropractic doesn’t seem to help me and diet changes have made a drastic improvement with my migraines, but doesn’t get rid of them all. Hmm… things to think about…

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