I used to feel exhausted all the time with Endometriosis. In fact, I would often wake up tired. I would struggle to get out of bed and then ultimately use coffee or some other stimulant to get me through the day. I would then struggle to fall asleep at night and begin the vicious cycle all over again, the following morning.

It was only when I decided to stick to the Endometriosis Diet, that something had to give. After all, I wasn’t to include coffee, black tea or chocolate into my daily routine….a completely inconceivable idea! Coffee had been my only way of getting through the day, without falling asleep at my desk!

Inevitably, the question had to be answered….why wasn’t I sleeping well and how do I improve my sleep?

Here are some things that I discovered:

1. The liver does heaps of work in the early hours of the morning

When I did a juice fast, a few months back, I slept incredibly well. I woke up refreshed and didn’t feel the least bit groggy. What I worked out, was there was nothing for my body to process. Our livers work really hard at about 2-3am. This is when it processes through all the fats and hard to digest stuff, we eat in a day. When I did my juice fast, there was nothing for my liver to process or digest…so hence (I believe) why it was so much easier to sleep and wake up refreshed.

So, lesson 1: Eat lighter and easier to digest foods.


2. Watching TV and sitting on the computer at night

I have a term that I might have mentioned already, called “tickety, tickety”. Basically, it is like a monkey brain – repeating the same thoughts in our minds over and over again, which makes it hard to fall asleep. I used to get a really bad case of this when I was younger. I find this scenario happens much worse, when I sit on my computer or watch television too late – anything that is too mentally stimulating – boring stuff on teli seems to be fine :)


3. The bed, the place and me

I make a point of showering before I go to bed each night and make sure my sheets are nice and clean, the mattress is a good one and that the room is in a reasonably organised state. I find this all seems to influence my quality of sleep.



Here’s the thing about Endometriosis…. it does drain the body. It is ultimately an immune condition. This means, our bodies are constantly “at war”, fighting and trying to heal. This is exhausting stuff! To make matters worse, if our diets aren’t at their optimum, we are even working through all the foods, which unfortunately just add to the work load on our bodies. Get why you are feeling so tired now?

To turn this around, you need to give your body foods that are easy to digest but more importantly are LOADED with nutrition and healing power. This means eating foods which are grown in fertile, rich soils and are ripe and full of flavour. This means, fresh organic foods.

Secondly, you need extra boosting foods, which are unique in their nutrition giving qualities – they are hence called: super foods. They are loaded with everything your body needs but in large quantities. Think of Goji berries, Spirulina, Bee Pollens and Royal Jelly, Sprouted foods, Seaweeds and all those wonderful foods you can find at your local health food store. They are selected for these amazing qualities and the more of these you can add into your diet, the more fabulous you will feel. One of my favourites is Noni Juice! Just a shot a day makes a massive difference!

I had a few months, where I couldn’t afford to buy as many of these foods and it was amazing how my level of tiredness returned. These guys really do make a difference and it is well worth it – think of how much more you can achieve with your life, if you have these foods in it – all that amazing energy to do whatever you like!


Do you currently feel tired all the time? Are you exhausted when you get up in the morning? Don’t know how to stop the vicious cycle? How to break the coffee habit? Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments section below…

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