The 5 Benefits of Poke Root and How to Take it!

This plant is actually known as a pest in the South of America but it has amazing healing properties, hidden way down in the roots. Though you might struggle to pull this sucker out of the ground, it may be worthwhile to do so once you hear of its benefits for Endometriosis.

For some of us, who don’t live in the South of America, we can always go and buy a tincture of Poke Root from the local health store!

The benefits of Poke Root have long been documented but here is how it helps with Endometriosis.

1.Aids the Lymphatic System, boosting the immune system

Our lymphatic system plays a vital role in allowing the immune system to work efficiently. The immune system essentially creates immune cells  and protects the body from infection and disease. It is well documented that Endometriosis is directly related to a low immune system, so stimulating the immune system is a great way to help fight Endometriosis!

2.Helps with aches and pains

Poke Root is known to reduce soreness, restlessness and aching which I know I suffer from within my back and shoulders frequently. This is due to an inability to eliminate toxins which sit in the muscles of the body. By allowing the lymphatic system to work more effectively we can expel these toxins and thereby reduce the aches and pains. It has been known to reduce arthritis and swelling of joints.

3. Reduces skin conditions and infections

I know my skin directly reflects what I eat. When I eat badly, my skin shows the world that I have! Poke Root creates a great way to reduce skin infections, acne and various skin conditions.

4. Swollen and sore breasts

Once again we have a lack of movement of fluids out the body. By stimulating the lymphatic system we naturally get that natural flow back!

5.Anti-inflammatory and heals scar tissue

This is the major one! We have heaps of scar tissue which causes so much pain for us! Poke Root reduces the inflammation in the area and also helps eliminate those cells that shouldn’t be there.

Now the most important thing about Poke Root is DO NOT to overdo the dosage! It is an emetic, which means it can be toxic if too high a dosage is taken. This could mean diaarhea, vomiting etc if too much is taken.

If you do live in the South of America, you can dig one up and make a tincture. This should be done about October-November or late autumn. This is when it is at its most medicinal and already nice and dry. Clean the roots carefully and cut into small pieces. Put the pieces in a jar and fill the jar with 100- proof alcohol to cover them. Leave for 6weeks,then strain out the roots.

Otherwise, just do what I am doing and go to the health shop!

Here is how to take it:

  • Take a low dose of only 3-5drops per day. (make sure it is really only one drop!)
  • Only take this for about 3months
  • If you feel “spacy” or like an out-of-body feeling reduce the dose.

People have cured themselves from cancer, reduced AIDS affects and various immune deficient related conditions. It has amazing healing powers on your body and would be incredibly beneficial for Endometriosis.

Also called Phytolacca Decandra, gruboot, inkberry.

You can also eat the berries – if you live near these bushes! Check out this article on the full benefits:

Do you live in the South of America? Do you have Poke there? Did you know about their benefits? Would be fun to eat them, make tincture!

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About Melissa:

Melissa is a Writer, Speaker and Natural Medicine Consultant for Women with Endometriosis. After having suffered with Endometriosis for over 15years, she now lives a completely pain & symptom free life. 

She believes that all women with Endometriosis should be given the same opportunity and has shared her knowledge to truly Empower Women with Endometriosis.

12 Responses! Are you going to share yours?

  1. I was wondering if you have a recipe for making this tincture?
    I have the Poke Roots here in WV and would like to be able to make my own Tinctures.
    Thanks for the info here.
    Very helpful.

  2. Not sure why you say this is a southern plant. I lived in western NY, and it grew quite prolifically there.

  3. I am a Cherokee man who lives in Arkansas. We consider poke to be a traditional foodsource. The youngest leaves from the smallest plants must be boiled three times before they’re safe to eat. Larger plants and larger leaves are poisonous.
    Contrary to the advice above DO NOT EAT THE BERRIES. They are very toxic. Kids get sick around here every summer when they use them to make ink while playing. Pigs and cows get sick from them too.

  4. Hi, I’ve been experiencing increase vaginal discharge for a long time now. Been to a few Drs, had a bunch of tests done & been treated for yeast all to no avail. I have no stds & still don’t know what is the cause. When I pea there’s discharge in the toilet bowl. Will poke root help or is my cause lost?

    • I would look at whether you have Candida overgrowth sweets. Make yourself a bath and add about a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar to it. This will help in the meantime but look at cutting down on sugar and breads :)

  5. I recently had a chest x-ray and a spot the size of a golf ball was on my left lung. The doctor said it could be an infected nodule of the lymph gland system or it may be cancer. I immediately purchased four ounces of ground poke root powder from an herbal supplier in San Francisco.

    My question is this: how much dosage of the ground power should I take and what do I take it with? Hot tea? Almond milk? Does poke root loose it qualities if exposed to hot water?

    I would just like to hear a suggested dosage for my lung condition. Thank you very much. I like your website, the most informative out there.


    • Sorry Charles I really don’t have experience with Lymph Glands and cancer. Poke Root can be toxic in high doses so I would definitely consult with a Natural Practitioner for advice.

  6. This is so interesting! Poke plants grow everywhere in the mid-west where I grew up. We were always told they were poison, but we of course would use the berries to make ink or try and dye things. I wish it were fall so I could go harvest some, but I guess in the meantime I will have to see about getting it from someone who had the knowledge and foresight to harvest last year!

    • I know I was totally amazed at it too! My Naturopath recommended it to me and I had no idea what it was until I looked it up! Apparently it can be quite a challenge to pull out of the ground so make sure you get a man to help you :)

  7. hello,
    I us to have Endo. and I past it on to my daughter. She is 20 years old and has had 2 surgeries and is now about to have her 3rd. I had 8 surgeries for it and I believe that the final and only destruction of Endo. is to have a hysterectomy. I have tried everything under the sun to fix the symtoms of Endo. but I just found out that there is a way to help stop thepain for a few years. That is to have a diagnostic lap at Duke medical center in N.C. Their doing it a different way that relieves the pain for a longer period of time, but if you don’t want kids or have had them already I recommend you to go ahead and have a full hysterectomy.
    Buffy Cox

    • Dear Buffy,
      Thank you for sharing and sorry to hear that your daughter has also got Endometriosis! Unfortunately, a hysterectomy doesn’t solve the problem for all girls and ultimately doesn’t get to the root cause of the condition. If your daughter should have children she is probably going to pass it onto her child too. The best thing to do is to get to the root cause of the condition and really heal the body properly. I am glad it has given you relief though and hopefully your daughter will find a way too!

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