The Tingly Massage!

The Tingly Massage!

This is a favourite of mine!

You will stimulate the skin, your lymphatic system and it makes you feel calm and warm.

How to do Lympthatic Massage:

So, get yourself a natural bristle brush (the bath ones are good as they have a longer handle) NOT PLASTIC! You can use loofa or even a facecloth if you have nothing else.
Warning: Don’t do this when you have your period or are sick with the flu.

The idea behind the brushing technique is not to offer any cleansing but rather to stimulate the skin and more importantly the lymphatic system. It must be done dry and preferably before you shower to really work.

The idea is to move towards the heart. If the instructions are too complicated…. just move towards the heart and you are doing it great! The instructions just help you concentrate and focus and really think about the process, making it much more effective 🙂


Start in the front and then move to the back of the body.

Start on left and move to right. Brush 3-4 times and gently only lightly stimulating the skin.

  1. Left foot. Brush the sole of the left foot toward the heel. Then brush the top of the foot from toes to ankle.
  2. Left leg: brush up the front of the lower left leg in long vertical strokes, ankle and knee, then brush the back of the lower leg, Achilles tendon to back of knee. Brush the front of the upper leg, from the knee to the top of the thigh, then the back of the upper leg, from the back of the knee to the buttock.
  3. Right foot and leg: repeat as per left leg
  4. Pelvis-hip area: brush around the left hip, from back to front. Make several large vertical sweeps, working upward from the bottom panty line until you reach the pelvic bone. Repeat on right side.
  5. Waist: Brush from the centre of your back, around the waist toward the front of your body, then downward toward, but not as far as, the groin. Repeat on other side.
  6. Abdomen: follow a horseshoe  shape, starting on the lower right side, travelling up in a vertical line, then left across the diaphragm, and down the left side of the abdomen in a straight line. Then imagine a large clock shape on your belly and brush each five-minute section of that clock- inward toward the navel, using short strokes.
  7. Don’ t do this one if you suffer from Asthma – Arms: Brush in long strokes up the inside and outside of the left arm to the armpit. Repeat on the right arm.
  8. Upper chest area (above the breasts) and shoulders: brush inward in short strokes toward the sternum (the bone in the centre of the upper chest). Include the shoulders. Do this on the right side first and then the left.

A demonstrative video on how to do it:

Question: Have you tried Dry Skin Brushing? What benefits have you  noticed?

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