The many uses for HONEY!

The many uses for HONEY!

I have always loved honey but I have discovered many additional uses and benefits for honey over the last few days, which I thought I would share with you all.

In New Zealand they have a wider variety of honey than I had in Australia or South-Africa which is perhaps why it has stuck out more than usual. Honey just seems to be everywhere here and it is just beautiful. The Manuka Honey has additional healing benefits which is why it is marketed so heavily here.

So, here are some of the amazing uses for honey which you may not know or could use it for:

Tummy soother

If you suffer from heartburn or indigestion, honey is probably better than anything else out there! I have had a sore tum the last couple of days – read previous blog entries to know why – but I discovered drinking hot water with honey seems to really soothe it quite well. It doesn’t have any of the nasty side-effects of those heartburn things you buy at the pharmacy and it tastes yum too! Aparently it is even better if you add cinnamon to the mix.

 Facial Cleanser

I read on this cool website that honey was a great daily cleanser. I had run out of ideas to finding a perfect cleanser for my skin, since I have very sensitive skin and thought, why not? At first I thought it wouldn’t work at all. But it did! My skin is smoother, less dry and clearer than it has been in years! I also do a regular honey, oats, calendula and honey mask every week which gives me a wonderful “fresh all over” feel.

Honey used daily also gives my skin a softness which I just don’t seem to get with cleansers. Give it a try – you will be amazed!

Better than sugar

Since eating sugar lowers our immune system and thereby lowers our healing with Endometriosis, we want to avoid sugar as much as we can. This can make it quite hard to enjoy some foods that we would normally enjoy with sugar. Tea is a simple one but with a  dab of honey is much better! I use honey in smoothies, on breakfast and as a great addition to things that need a little sweetening!

Immune Supporter

When you combine honey with cinnamon it acts as a great immune supporter against the flu. Honey combined with cinnamon offers a combat against bacteria as they both contain “anti-microbial” agents and the combination makes them even more powerful!

 It is a neutral food

This relates to Traditional Chinese Medicine and the concept of different foods being a ying or yang for the body. When we eat foods they either create a warming or heating effect on the body or they give a cooling effect. When our body is out of alignment or out of balance, this can greatly assist or take away from your healing process. Honey falls within the neutral range, so if you are having any kind of ailment, it will not take away or harm your healing in anyway.

I love honey but some people don’t like the taste. I found this fabulous website which lists all the varieties out there and how they can help us.

Check it out here:

What do you use honey in? What varieties do you like? Have you tried it as a cleanser? What are your thoughts?

Did you know all about honey?

Honey has natural anti-bacterial qualities which explains many of these benefits. It is also an anti-inflammatory and contains lo

Big hugs,

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  2. Hi Melissa,

    According to Ayurveda you can use honey, but unpasturised and unsweetened one… And also it is prohibited to heat it up, as it becomes toxic. So my favourite hot milk and honey has gone… I am actually still careful about it as on Candida diet and it is not allowed there…

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