The Best Breakfast for Endo Girls!

The Best Breakfast for Endo Girls!

I have been having the most amazing chats with so many Endo Girls the last week and it has really inspired me with my blog and my business and all the information I still want to share with you all! Thank you, ladies!

One of the things that came up quite often in my chats was the challenges of what to eat for breakfast. When we are trying to do the best for our bodies and often times our digestion is the key focus here, breakfast is often the most challenging one to get right. What we want is a breakfast that can give our digestion a boost, reduce inflammation and give us energy for the morning—hopefully getting rid of the need for coffee.

So, here is the typical breakfast that I have every other day:


Chia Seed Pudding Breakfast

Chia seeds have a heap of benefits for our bodies. They contain high amounts of omega 3 and more importantly they provide a wonderful space for our digestive system. See, they become mucousy when added to a liquid and it is this mucousy consistency that provides a heap of benefits for us. Our digestive system has a mucous lining and often times as Endo Girls, this layer is damaged—drugs, painkillers, antibiotics, gluten and sugars will damage this layer. Without this layer, we will struggle to absorb and digest our foods properly. So, chia provides this for us.

Chia seeds absorb any liquid you place them into and once this liquid is absorbed they become more mucousy and beneficial. The trick is to use liquids that taste good, so you are not just left with a big lump of goopy mucus!

What I do is create a smoothie of other super ingredients to therefore add to my chia seeds.

Here is my favorite combination:

  • 1/2 tin of coconut milk—beautiful rich good fat which reduces inflammation in the body
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 1 tbl raw, pure cocoa powder—boost of energy and heaps of antioxidants
  • 1 tbl lucuma powder—lucuma is a naturally sweet fruit and helps me avoid sweeteners with a higher glycemic index. You can also use honey or stevia as an alternative. 
  • 1 tbl maca root powder—great to regulate hormones and boost your mood (optional)
  • 1 banana—if you freeze this before, it will also be much sweeter
  • pinch of cayenne pepper
  • pinch of medicinal mushroom powder (optional but a great way to hide the taste) 
  • squirt of bee pollen (optional but great to support your immune system) 

I blend this up, pour it in a bowl and add roughly 4 tablespoons of chia seeds. Let it stand for roughly 20 minutes or until all the liquid has been absorbed by the chia seeds.

You can decide to eat it at this point and simply add some blueberries, strawberries and other fruits to the top.

However, I personally struggled with the goopy texture in my mouth so take it one step further…

I put the mixture of chia seeds in a pot on low heat, added some extra coconut milk, about 3 tablespoons of almond meal, sprinkled in a few cocoa nibs (stay nice and hard) and mixed it in, while heating it. You can also add crushed up nuts or pumpkin seeds to this mixture.

This is a great alternative if you live in a colder climate and want something warm to eat.

What we are getting here is all the amazing super foods we would normally just have in a smoothie in a super absorbable format, in the chia seeds. The cocoa powder and pinch of cayenne pepper will give us the morning wake-up and boost for the day. Adding in the mushroom and bee pollen just ensures we are getting extra immune supporting power, and bee pollen provides a heap of minerals and vitamins.

The coconut milk and lucuma make it all just taste really good, sweet and a nice fatty texture.

The most important ingredient in all of this is of course the chia seeds. They will provide you with the perfect space for good bacteria to move into your body. Without good bacteria, you will always struggle with your digestion. It is common for women with endometriosis to suffer from candida (a fungal overgrowth found in more than just the vagina) and other bacteria like H.Pylori.

There are many ways to enjoy chia seeds but this breakfast pudding is certainly one of my favorites. You can try all sorts of different combinations and flavors to add to the chia seeds! Explore and have fun with it.

What combinations have you tried? Do you like chia seeds? Don’t know what they are? Feel free to share your thoughts…



Big hugs and healing,

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6 Comments to The Best Breakfast for Endo Girls!

  1. Hello. I ve been having a chia seeds breakfast too. I never really liked the texture of the chia seeds. So i mix them with homemade almond milk or just water in my vitamix. It s cold where i am so i warm them up gently and ad other power food like buckwhaet and hemp in there. Once it s warm I put also goji berries, flax meal, sometimes wlanuts, coconut oil and sweeten with yacon syrup ot coconut sugar. It works for me!!!

  2. Hi Mel , This sounds yummy. Still sourcing the Chia seeds but for breakfast I started having smoothies with banana, coconut milk, maca powder and mixed berries and a tablespoon of coconut oil. Love it . I also alternate and omit the berries but add pineapple for bromelain and papaya for enzymes 🙂 and already the combo is sweet enough so no need for any sweeteners.
    However as I find it difficult to swallow sometimes due to my fundoplasty as normally I have a lot of supplements that I have to take in the morning and can take anything up to an hour to swallow , I now empty the caps of my supplements in to my smoothie and this makes it easier for me so yay im happy 🙂

  3. yum! I make a similar one with cacao and macs, with no fruits. I use it for morning or afternoon tea!!! Ill try with fruits next 🙂

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