The AMAZING Plant you can Grow which will Heal Endometriosis pain!

The AMAZING Plant you can Grow which will Heal Endometriosis pain!

Imagine a plant that could reduce just about every symptom you have from Endometriosis. It heals the inflammation in your body and even gives you natural glowing skin! It is a beautiful plant that grows in tropical areas BUT it can grow anywhere!

What is the plant? Well it is Turmeric. If you haven’t had a chance to read my article on the health benefits of Turmeric – YOU MUST read it. Turmeric and Endometriosis

Essentially Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory which means it will reduce swelling and allow the body to heal itself. It is highly recommended in Ayurvedia Healing and Chinese Healing. It has even been proven to have anti cancer properties!

So, lets get into growing it. Ideally you want to plant it in Spring -which is great for many of you but not so great for me as we are heading into winter! But I am going to do it anyway! Hey, New Zealand is warm enough!

Here is what you will need:

  • Fresh Turmeric Roots. You can pick these up from an asian grocer. Make sure they are fresh and not dried.
  • Seed Starting Mix
  • Sand
  • Container/Pot

Soak the Turmeric in water for several hours to ensure they are cleaned well. Drain and rinse them.

Fill your container/pot with a mixture of seed starting mix and sand. Dig your Turmeric root in about 10cm under the sand mix.

Water lightly.

Find a nice sunny and warm spot for your little Turmeric plant. Not too sunny and not too dark. It likes moderate temperature and lots of light.

Turmeric is used to wet summers and dry winters, so water more in summer and reduce watering in winter. It is likely to die back in winter and shoot up again in spring.

Once your little baby has grown you can of course also plant it in the garden – it is very hardy and will grow almost anywhere! It will grow a metre high and has large lily-like leaves and beautiful white or yellow flowers. Even if you live in a city, there is bound to be someone you know or somewhere you could plant your turmeric tree. Try this site: orΒ

Imagine how cool it would be to have your very own turmeric to eat every day, with all its best nutritional benefits for your body!


When do you get your Turmeric roots to eat?

It is best to wait until the aerial parts of the plant have died back. This would generally be in winter. You can just dig up one side and take a few rhizomes out or dig up the whole thing and start again.

You can keep growing it and eventually you will have an endless supply! πŸ™‚ At least it looks pretty unlike some of the weird herbs I am always encouraging you to grow! πŸ™‚

Big hugs,

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