The Amazing Healing Powers of Turmeric for Endometriosis!

The Amazing Healing Powers of Turmeric for Endometriosis!

I actually was recommended this by my naturopath so I can’t take all the credit in finding out about Turmeric but it is definitely my new favourite herb! It has so many healing properties and it is so easy to get and take!

The coolest thing about Turmeric is that it helps with pain and with healing, all in one go!

It contains a substance called curcumin which decreases the amount of prostaglandins we have in our uterus. Those are the nasty guys that cause us pain! Turmeric then releases a natural cortisone which reduces inflammation. Perfect!

Here is a fantastic list of all the things we struggle with that Turmeric can eliminate for us:

  • Sore and aching joints, backache and tension in the muscles
  • Allergies and hay fever
  • Skin conditions such as eczema and acne. Check out more skin benefits here.
  • Support the immune system
  • Large cyst build-up by thinning the blood and preventing blood clots
  • Relieves irritable bowel syndrome and loose stools
  • Elevates mood, overcomes fatigue
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Cures puffy eyes
  • Reduces PMS symptoms
  • Reduces ulcers or stomach burning
  • Can replace ibuprofen for pain relief – really good on that first day of our period!

Turmeric contains several components that also help the liver including stimulating a more soluble bile making it easier to digest fats and reducing gall stones.

So, have you tried Turmeric?

It is a wonderful spice which we can easily add to rice for an additional flavour. However, we want to increase the amount we take to more than just the occasional rice dish!

Here are some ways you can take Turmeric:


1. In capsule form.

This is the mixture I would suggest:

  • 3 Parts Turmeric
  • 1 Part Ceyenne Pepper (actually gets the Turmeric where it needs to go!). It is also an anti-inflammatory, anti-swelling and pain-relieving ingredient.
  • 3 Parts Dry Ginger. Ginger has a warming effect on the body, which is great for Endo.



2. Drink it from powder form.

Now Turmeric in its pure form doesn’t taste that great so we are going to combine it with ginger, lemon and honey.

It is really yummy this way!

  • Bring 2 cups of water to the boil.
  • Add 1tsp of Turmeric powder
  • Add 1tsp of Ginger Powder
  • Add 1tbsp of honey and lemon.

Drink it warm! You can add rice milk to this combination if you want that winter-warm feeling!

Important tip: Make sure the Turmeric is fresh. If it isn’t, it will just come straight out the other side, meaning your body won’t absorb it at all!  Trust me! I speak from experience on that one! 🙂


3. Make your own tincture

Tinctures can be expensive to buy so you can make one!

How to make a Tincture by Ehow

You should generally take about a ½ teaspoon per day, 3 times a day.


4. Grow some or buy some and juice them!

This is probably the best method as the plant will come with all the necessary absorbing nutrients your body needs!


I know I will definitely be adding Turmeric to my daily routine after reading all of these benefits! Wow! So amazing that one little plant can have so many healing properties! Maybe all the best stuff is in root form – Maca Root, Turmeric, Ginger….. interesting!

Big hugs,

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  1. Hi
    My name is zainab am from in stage 4 of endo still trying to conceive.I changed my diet,to fruit,vegetables and fiber. Pls for how long can we use tumeric?
    Am glad to be with u Melissa.
    Thank u for the wonderful job.

  2. I have endo with a 4inch chocolate cyst tried to drink turmeric with ginger and honey and lemon it was yuck. I really want to get better if I cut some up and take it like a tablet will that work the same .

  3. Hi Melissa,

    Is Endometrios dangerous? I think that’s what I have, eveytime I have my period I have bad migraine and I throw up, evey now and then, like stomach flu. I can’t keep anything in my stomach for few days not even water. I am also really light headed. Can Turmuric help?

    thank you very much!

  4. For fibroid use tumeric,ginger, spinach, beetroot, apple, lemon and fresh and juice them.avoid all acidic food for some months, e.g coffee, tea, meat.etc. remember to drink a lot of water during this period. After 4 months go for medical check up.

  5. Hello Mellisa,

    I also have endometriosis and i think giving turmeric a try is the way to go.I am wondering whether there is a specific turmeric i must take coz me i can only access turmeric in a grocery.

    Kind regards

  6. Hai mellisa,
    I’m suffering frm endo for last 12 years, and under go more than five oparation and still no awail, I culdnt conceive , I’m so heart broken, after seeing this again I feel like this turmeric can cure me too, will this work for me mellisa..


  7. Thanks so much for this website Melissa. Am from Cameroon and resides in UAE. Just came back from the hospital yesterday the doctor prescribed me Dienogest for Endo. Was so scared of taking it after reading the possible sites effects. Glad to read all u have been posting. I can’t wait to get rid of this endo and have a baby of my own God willing.

  8. My wife has endometriosis, adhonomises, uterus fibroid. ovarian cysts. She had tried to IVF 2 times but fails to conceive due to the above problems. She had frizzed her eggs and she wish to get pregnant with these eggs or to conceive naturally. Doctors said her to leave the hope of a child by her own uterus. Now I want to know if she can be treated and become mother. please suggest regarding our problem.

    • Hi ,
      I am practicing vaasi yoga from SivaGuru Sivasiththan.I had stage 4 endo with blocked Fallopian tubes. I tried two cylces of IVF but failed! Then I joined yoga and it’s been 3 years now. My Guru also suggested to take turmeric along with some other herbs .My results came out good last month. My tubes are open and the cyst was very small.
      I haven’t been pregnant yet … But I am living by a perfectly healthy life !
      Hoping to have a baby soon ! All the best to all of you out there trying to have a baby!

    • Yes of course she can. One doctor is only one opinion and the body is amazing! I would look at ways to clear the body with a combination of Turmeric, Serrapeptase and Yoga. Big hugs.

  9. Hye Melissa!

    I am an Asian girl, I have always believed in natural remedy treatment, which I personally suggest in any form of diseases.

    Thanks for sharing the power of turmeric and ginger for endo. I would like to ask, can I use fresh tumeric instead of powder?

    Thanks again!
    Much love.

  10. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis about 7 years ago. Used pain killers but avoided surgery. Did not feel the pains till some months ago when I also started having irregular menstruation (I am 51). I have started using the Turmeric, honey, ginger and lemon treatment 6 days ago. Not yet pain free. Reading the comments on diet, I will add dietary control and see what happens. Going to see the Doctor few days time to ascertain what is really the problem but sure taking the herbal alternatives. A friend got fantastic results from them.

  11. Hi. I’ve ready great articles, including yours, how great turmeric is for inflammation and endo, but not good for fertility. Do you know anything about this? Trying to get rid of endo and get pregnant at the same time. Thanks!

  12. As suggested by my Yoga Guru Sivaguru Sivasiththar from Tamilnadu , I had 1 spoon of Turmeric powder with 2 spoons of honey Daily in the morning. It had a great effect ! I could visibly see discharge which was Dark brown and black in color Daily for more than 30 days. After which I had my periods.It was painless and I feel like I got rid of endometriosis !

  13. I’ve been drinking my tea 2x a day with the tumeric powder and a pinch of cayenne pepper powder for about 2 weeks now and i must say it works wonders the pain that I normally feel in my back due to Inflammation caused by a car accident 2 months ago I no longer feel not to mention that my menstrual cycle caught me off guard today because I didn’t feel any pain or cramps that I normally feel a week prior to it coming … I guess my healing has begun 🙂

  14. How much/how often do you recommend? I started taking Turmeric and putting it on my skin for my lipomas, but am glad to hear it can also help my endo. I stopped putting it on my skin because it was staining my clothes, but it was seeming to help.

  15. Hi Melissa, Nice website, very informative.. just want to know how long can I drink Ginger and Turmeric juice? I also put no honey but i put fresh cows milk.. it’s like milk tea.. someone told me that putting fat soluble food to the ginger-turmeric tea will help body absorb more of it’s nutrients.. Any comments on this?

    • I wouldn’t have Turmeric for longer than a 6 week period at one time. I wouldn’t recommend cows milk but perhaps coconut milk or some nuts milks are good to get the fat content and make this mixture more drinkable. Cows milk can be quite inflammatory.

  16. hi great to learn how turmeric can work wonders.can it remove a complex ovarian cyst .have really suffered.can it also help me get pregnant?

  17. Hi Melissa

    I find your website just great!!!!

    In fact last year, in Sept 2011, I was with an endo cyst of 6cms. I took 1 teaspoon of turmeric everyday during three months. In January 2012, I went for my check up and the cyst grew from 6 to 8.5cms. So, I can say that the turmeric has not been helpful to me. Is there some specific way to take the turmeric for it to be effective.

    • Hi Noorri,
      Unfortunately, not all turmeric is created equal and that is not all you need to do. It is only one small piece of the puzzle. Have you changed your diet? Lowered stress? Maybe look at taking some Maca or Vitalzym instead. They might give you more instant results. I am so sorry sweets. Hugs and I hope you find some relief. Keep exploring my site and you will find heaps more options!

  18. Hi Melissa! I have endo and diminished ovarian reserve, and ALOT of pain from the endo on a daily basis, along with infertility for years. I have been doing 1 tsp each of ginger and turmeric, plus honey and lemon in boiling water, 2x daily. I LOVE this as a natural anti inflammatory as I hate taking drugs. I am going to go to school nxt year for wholistic nutrition and herbology and CANNOT wait. I wanted to ask you though, I get my turmeric from a local natural health food store. IT is in the bulk and it is organic and definitely stronger smelling and colored than my local chain grocers. Is this the best way to buy it, or should i grow it (if possible in OR) and dry it myself? I definitely notice i have less pain and better range of motion when I do this drink paired with yoga, but if there is a better way I’d love to know. I appreciate your input! I haven’t seen whole root (as mentioned above) anywhere here, but I’m sure I can get someone to order it for me if I cannot grow it here…

    Thank you!

    • Hi Erin,
      Growing it is more about getting it from the source, which means it will be at it’s freshest and therefore at it’s most potent. It is kinda fun too 🙂
      Really, it is up to you – if you enjoy growing stuff and like the idea of having your very own supplement in the garden 🙂
      The natural health store source sounds brilliant and I am glad it is working so well for you.

  19. Thanks for this article. I bought some turmeric capsules yesterday. Occasionally I get severe neck and shoulder pain, which is always relieved by ibuprofen – until it flares up again. Since I have been diagnosed with endometriosis I am trying to avoid pharmaceuticals, so I gave the capsules a go. They certainly reduced the pain considerably. It hasn’t resolved but has definitely made it easier to manage 🙂

    • Hi Marie,
      That is fabulous! I would recommend Magnesium Oil Spray for your neck. It works wonders for endo pain too. If you crave sweets at the same time, this is also an indication of being low on Magnesium.

  20. Hi Mel,
    I look forward every day to reading your new posts and thoughts…such an inspiration for me. You are doing a considerable and very appreciable job!
    I”ve been drinkink the turmeric for some time now, the way you suggested it as a warm drink. I use it in its powder form / i cant find it here as a fresh root/ …Just wanted to share, that i add some pepper and 1tsp of coconut oil, as i read turmeric is better absorbed and assimilated if combined with pepper and some kind of oil. Mixing it with coconut oil tastes better, at lest for me 😉
    Thanks for all your efforts and the time you share with us.

  21. Hi Melissa
    I am finding your blog so so helpful, thank you! I noticed that the capsule recipe has cayenne pepper. Could I add the cayenne pepper to the drink (powder form)? How much would you suggest?

    • Hi Diane, Thanks for commenting – notice you are from South-Africa 🙂 I grew up there! Very exciting!
      Anyways, cayenne pepper is very strong so only add a small amount – like a pinch of it. It will be too burny in your drink otherwise 🙂 Yes, powder form.

  22. Hey Melissa,

    Can you please tell me what you meant by capsule form- did you mean to buy turmeric, cayenne pepper and ginger SPICE/Powder and put in a capsule to take? I have the vegetarian capsules which i put maca powder into to drink (prefer as i dont like the taste).
    I purchased a small bottle of certified organic turmeric spice today and powdered my tea just to have a taste. It smells amazing and doesnt taste too bad. Just want to know if this method is ok.

    I just got my period coincidentaly and being the first day i was surprised that my cramps aren’t too bad. Fingers crossed that my healing is beginning! I have also been using ANION pads and pantiliners in the last few months, which are pads made with an anion ion strip inside them. This releases oxygen into the area, and oxygen in our body is always good for health. It took a while for me to feel anything but my periods kept getting lighter and lighter and less crampy each time. I am shocked. Hope this brings inspiration, i recommend them, theyre not made of plastic like other sanitary items.


    • If you can take things in their powder form, this is even better! I only suggest taking capsules if you can’t stand the taste or aren’t able to maintain things on a daily basis.

      Interesting about the Anion Pads. I will need to look into those. I just use cotton pads or washable ones at the moment. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  23. I knew this spice can heal any problem related to female reproduction organ and helped me for infertility.Turmeric heals heavy bleeding and regulates ovulation and makes very strong and healthy eggs.Now I want to find out if it heals Uterine fibroids I have, but now I have to wait since I am PREGNANT. I used this site to prove to my friend she can heal from endometriosis by taking the recipes you have , which is almost the same I took, instead of cayenne pepper I took with black pepper.It took me several weeks of study on what causes fibroids.Intoxication of liver is the cause, and TURMERIC is a blood cleaner, cirulatory and detox.

    • Thanks for sharing my site to your friend and I hope it helps her too 🙂 Interesting to hear that fibroids are also related to the liver. I have tried to focus on just endo but it seems all hormone related stuff in that “womanly area”are related 🙂

  24. Hi Mel, My name is Elsa and I’m from Argentina! Your blog was found by my husband, seeking help for my endo! I am 36 years old and 10 surgeries already. I suffer so much pain each month I feel I’m going to die! Today I got the turmeric a friend brought from the U.S. and I started taking it! Every day I read the blog and follow your tips!

    Thanks! This is a silent disease that very few understand !!!!!!!
    I find it hard to attend English classes, but now I read your blog and motivated to learn so I can write you without any help!

    • Hi Elsa! I am glad my blog motivates you to learn english! That is great to hear! Your writing is fabulous! Glad to hear you got some Turmeric. I think the fastest healing for me was when I changed my diet. I changed the following: removed gluten (found in flours and some sources), dairy – you can have goats milk/cheese, sugar (reduce chocolates, sweets and daily sugar where you can) and meat. I have had 7 operations too but none since then since going natural! You can do it too! All the best and look forward to more comments from you 🙂

  25. Hi Melissa, I just found your site and have just read a few posts. You mentioned that the Turmeric powder should be fresh. If I buy it from the store, how do I know how fresh it is? If I were to juice from the roots, how many do I need a day? Furthermore, I have read that honey is to be avoided as it causes inflammatory reaction? Have you heard of this? Appreciate your comments. Thanks!

    • Hi Natalie. The best source of Turmeric in the powder form is to source it from a spice store or health store rather than supermarket brands. If you can buy it at a market or indian store, they are generally fresher. I would juice them rather and probably around 2 per day with other fruits and veg.
      Honey is an anti-inflammatory and a natural anti-bacterial and is a fabulous addition to our diet, especially since we should cut out sugar. The only negative I can see in honey is that it raises our Glycemic Index but we should only be having 1-2teaspoons of honey a day anyways. I use it on my skin too 🙂
      Hope that helps,


  26. I just want to thank you for the wonderful job you are doing with this website. I don’t write much, but I do read your blogs, and feel lots of gratitude for the time, and value you share with us.

    I take Turmeric, and it woks wonders.I take it in its original form as a root. It looks like ginger, but it has an orange color. I juice it everyday in the morning with carrots, and apples. It gives the juice a kick, and is very tasty. My last period was the best I ever had. Pain free! :0)

    • Hi Kaisori! That is awesome! I will have to find some of the root as I reckon this must be the best method! That sounds like a great juice to try too 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion and so happy to hear you had a pain free period!

    • What a great idea! I will now work out what Tumeric looks like, buy some and then add to my daily juice routine. That is doable- I just need to actually find it first 🙂
      Thanks again Melissa. I don’t always comment but I do read most of your posts. You are my guiding angel 🙂

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