Why Is Taking the Contraceptive Pill along with Natural Healing Methods So Bad for Endometriosis?

Why Is Taking the Contraceptive Pill along with Natural Healing Methods So Bad for Endometriosis?

I never thought that taking the pill had such a major effect on my body. I took it for years on and off as a way to help deal with Endometriosis. I really thought that all it did was level out hormones and make them less active and once I went off the pill, then my body would simply go back to how it was before I took the pill. The last couple of days I have read and watched two different sources of information which indicate that unfortunately the pill and other synthetic drugs leave heaps of rubbish behind and also create huge imbalances in other areas of the body.


The vitamin that got lost while taking synthetic hormones

One of those things is a vitamin called vitamin B6. It sounds so simple but this vitamin is so vital in our overall health. It plays a part in the breakdown of fats and toxins within the bile ducts of the gallbladder. Without it, we simply don’t break down all the fats in our bodies and that means that they land up back in the bloodstream. It is crucial in fat- and toxin breakdown and also aids the liver in flushing out excess hormones. It is a catch 22, when the very hormones we are trying to control are then not able to be released through the liver, for taking the pill in the first place!

Now, B6 is also one of those vitamins we go through rapidly when we get stressed. It will also keep us from getting more stressed.

According to Dr. Robert Marshall, if we have taken any synthetic hormone replacement treatment in our lives, we are forever dependent on taking B6. That means, we need at least 50 mg per day of B6. I don’t know about you but I don’t eat that much spinach in one day.

If you want to watch the video, check it out on YouTube here.

I did discover that Moringa (my favourite herb at the moment!) has heaps of vitamin B6, so I will make a point of taking it more than once a day.


The candida overgrowth 

I am currently reading a fabulous book by Donna Gates, The Body Ecology Dietwhich goes into the scary link between immune deficiency and candida or fungal overgrowths in our bodies. She actually lists Endometriosis as a symptom of candida in the book!

Anyway, there is a free candida questionnaire in the book where she runs through common questions which might indicate a candida overgrowth. Each question is given a scoring and at the end you add up your score. Well, for anyone who has taken the pill or any synthetic drug, there is an immediate allocation of 50 points! That is not counting if you have taken antibiotics or any of the other symptoms! Now, that to me indicates the likelihood that we would develop candida just by taking the pill or any other synthetic hormones. I know I used to get thrush heaps when I was younger and have also had heaps of other indicators of candida overgrowth. I still do!

So what? What does that matter? Well, when you have candida, the candida fungus that is now living in your gut eats away all the vital nutrients you really need to heal your body—it is where your immunity comes from.

It eventually runs rampant and can alter your whole body! It can affect everything from your mind to your pain levels!

Check out these articles I have written which really demonstrate the power of candida and fungal overgrowths in the body:




So, the point is, the pill leaves us with some nasty problems and though I can understand the “safety net” of taking it, there are better options for you. The very organs we need to work properly to heal Endo are the liver and the bowels. The pill and synthetic drugs are affecting both of those in a negative way. It seems wrong to take it then, don’t you think?

Truth is…

I was incredibly scared to go off the pill. When I was on it, my period pain and Endo pain was manageable. It was better than it ever was before the pill! So, I stuck with it for years. It was only when a good friend pointed out to me that taking the pill was possibly not the best thing for my body that I even considered going off it.

The key thing is to replenish what the pill has taken from your body as quickly as possible. I would also really focus on detoxing the body as much as you can, to get all those excess estrogens out of the body.

Here are some simple tips:

  • Take DIM for a short period to level out the hormone imbalance of going off the pill and flush out the xenoestrogens;
  • Replenish zinc, vitamin B6 and iodine as the pill tends to sap these dry—naturally get your levels checked first or eat a diet which is naturally high in these minerals; and
  • Exercise heaps to flush out the excess estrogens.
Personally I would never go on the pill ever again! Nor would I encourage anyone to do it either. It is simply not a natural product and it makes sense that it would leave some skeletons in our bodies.
What is your experience with the pill? Did you take it for years? Do you think you might have candida now?




Big hugs,

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  1. dear Melissa

    Last year i was diagnosed with endometriosis not with a surfers but with An echo they saw An endometrioma 3 cm large! They immediately put me on THE progesteron pill which I am still taling today… But I want to stop with it and live by THE diet! I know I can live Like that! THE doctor says THE cyst Will grow and that if I want children this Will be very hard? Can you give me a little hope? Thanks and much gretigst from Belgium

  2. Hi Melissa,

    I have to start a candida diet since i think i’ve been suffering of candidiasis for at least 3 years ( bloating, a lot of fatigue, low concentration, etc… ).
    I had surgery last year ( some adherences, an ovarian cyst..) and i’m afraid that everything comes back if i stop birth control pill ( mine is lutenyl and it doesnt have estrogen in it )…
    Did you experience any symptom coming back? I know you feel better but was there any people who needed to have surgery again?

  3. Hi Melissa,
    Thank you so much for this website, it’s an amazing source of information and, which is even more important for me, support.
    I was diagnosed with endometriosis 3 months ago after 8 years of agony, endless periods and lots and lots of contraceptive pills that were supposed to help me even the hormones out and reduce bleedings but along with that caused permanent Candida everywhere, digestion problems, depression. And of course, it was getting worse and worse, and I ended up in surgery – they told me I had endometriosis stage 3 after that.
    They removed all they could from my intestine and ovaries, but didn’t do anything on the inside of my uterus, and told me afterwards, it’s not a problem, I’ll take hormones and everything that’s left would shrink. They said the operation lasted 3 hours and it was long enough on general anasthetic, so they didn’t want to stretch it. I’m also very tall and thin – 180 sm, 50 kg. I haven’t been able to eat normally for years.
    Then there was a long period of pains and intestin problems after the operation and all the antibiotics and pain killers.
    I was ready to start taking hormones right after the operation because I’d always listened to what doctors say and never questioned anything, but my severe digestion problems didn’t allow me to start the hormone therapy straight away. And this allowed me time to read more about my condition, find more information on hormones, and I started to doubt choosing hormones would be the best solution for me.
    I downloaded your Diet book, and started following it as closely as it’s possible here in Russia with not so much veg or other healthy stuff available in the shops. And you know, it worked for my digestion! My stomache feels fine now, and I was generally feeling much better until last Wednesday, when this bleeding started. I had just had my period and it wasn’t even that bad, and then, on the 14th day from the first day of period, the heavy bleeding started. They told me in the hospital that it’s ovulatory bleeding and “woman, you are irresponsible, stupid and simply ridiculous because you are not taking hormones”. It’s been 6 days of my bleeding now, they are giving me some medication to stop it but I immediately feel awful pain in my liver. The liver tests are fine, so they call me a psychopath and tell me I m imagining things and I must take hormones or at least medication to stop bleeding. I’m refusing to take hormones at the moment, I just feel they’ll make me worse, but this bleeding is so scary and it doesn’t look it’s going to end any time soon. I’ve never had anything like it before in between periods.
    I don’t know what might have caused it. I started taking homeopathy a week before that, maybe that was the cause. I contacted my homeopath, we’ve tried 4 different remedies since the bleeding started but no effect so far.
    Have you heard of such bleedings from girls with Endo? Have you heard of successful stories of dealing with this without hormones?
    I feel desparate and don’t really know what to do. Everyone is telling me hormones are the only way, but I’d rather die than go through years of misery, constant diarreah, Candida and cystitis again.

    • Hi Olga,
      I have not experienced severe bleeding like this but it is probably your body trying to flush out all the excess from your uterus. This relates to an imbalance with your hormones. I would get a saliva hormone test to find out what the imbalance is.
      You can also take Maca Root Powder as a means to reduce it.
      You can get them in tablet or powder form and cook with it or drink it in a smoothy.

      You can also make this tea:
      Heavy Bleeding Infusion (Tea)
      2 parts dried Yarrow (astringent, reduces bleeding)
      2 part Shepherd’s purse (astringent, reduces heavy uterine bleeding, prevents hemorrhage)
      1 part dried Nettle leaf (high in iron, astringent, prevents hemorrhaging)
      ½ part Hibiscus flower (high in Vitamin C, nice flavor addition)

      Place a small handful of the mixture into a quart glass mason jar. Fill with just boiled water, cap tightly. Steep for 30-40 minutes. Drink 3-4 cups a day.

      Heavy Menstrual Bleeding and Anemia

      Women with heavy menstrual bleeding are at high risk for developing iron deficiency also known as Anemia. If you heavy bleeding is not addressed and you become anemic you are then more likely to have continued heavy menstrual bleeding. It is important if you have heavy menstrual bleeding to supplement with a good wholefood iron supplement as well as eat a wholefood diet rich in iron. A wholefood iron supplement is easily absorbed by the body and does not cause constipation like most prescription and over the counter iron supplements.

      Foods rich in iron

      Heme Iron

      organ meats

      blackstrap molasses
      pumpkin and sunflower seeds
      Swiss Chard
      Turkish apricots (unsulphured)
      dark leafy greens
      hiziki (seaweed)

      I hope this helps sweetheart 🙂

    • Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly and for your advice. I got almost all the herbs in the pharmacy, they just never heard of Hibiscus flower, that’s probably something I will be able to get in Moscow. I live in a very small town in Russia.
      I’ve made the herb tea, and will start taking it.
      You know, I had Maca root delivered from the UK, started taking it, and actually felt quite well, but then this bleeding started and the homeopath told me to stop taking it and other supplements too, I’m not so sure why.
      Can I just ask what you mean by wholefood iron supplement? Is it some kind of capsule or pill I can get in the pharmacy?
      Thanks so much for your amazing website and being there for us Endo girls.
      By the way I discovered quinoa thanks to you! And goji berries and danderlion tea! Ordered them from the UK.

      • It is a total pleasure 🙂 I am so happy I was able to help. Please let me know how you get on. If you can’t get iron supplements there easily just eat heaps of seaweeds and the other foods recommended on the list. You can also get Moringa leaf, which I get online from here: http://akuawood.co.uk/. They also have heaps of other great stuff!

  4. What do you think about just taking a progesterone (something like Errin in the US for instance) pill as an alternative to the regular bc pill along with putting plenty of good natural stuff into your body at the same time? In that case you’re not putting extra estrogen in your system at least. Or does it have bad effects in other ways?

    • Hi Beth,
      Unfortunately, it is more the synthetic nature of the pills, than just their hormone replacements which are bad. It mostly affects our digestive system and the bowels. This creates fungal overgrowths which destroys our immune system and the livers ability to function. Sorry sweets…I know it seems like an easier option but it is just a synthetic mix of things that are foreign to the body 🙂

  5. Hi Melissa,

    Thank you for this wonderful information, it has been a year already since I visited your site and found a lot of helpful advices. I took your advice regarding papayas and castor oil. I also tried maca root for about a month.
    It was June of last year when I was diagnosed with endo on both ovaries and I have myoma on my uterus. Adenomysis was also seen during the ultrasound. I was advised to go on a pill but it didnt work because I stil had my menstruation. Then my OB advised me to go on injectables. Since then, I never had my menstruation but I would have spottings. The cyst grew to about 4 cm by August of last year, my OB was worried and she is suggesting surgery. I refused because I was financially down during that time and I have so much faith that it’s not the way for my healing. One thing i’m sure though, I know God is gonna heal me. For me, surgery should be the last option.
    A friend of mine made some research for me and she also told me about Virgin coconut oil(VCO) – it can shrink cyts, polyps as well it can strengthens the body’s immune system. So I started drinking VCO since August of last year. I also left my job because of too much stress and found one that’s less stressful. So, I continued with the injectibles up to present because I aslo trust my doctor, but I also believe in the natural healing. So I change my diet although it’s really hard. I avoided “gluten food”. I also had carrot shake every week and papaya almost evey day. Of course, I never miss drinking 4-5 tablespoons of VCO everyday.
    I just had my recent ultrasound and it’s really a miracle. Myoma is gone, cyst on left ovary is gone. I still have a small cyst on the right ovary but according to my OB, this is very manageable. I will stop the injectable soon as per my OB’s advice but I wont stop with the natural medicines – like the VCO, castor oils, changing diets, removing stress and exercise. I just want to share how God has been so faithful, He walk with me through this “fire of disease” and He healed me. I know it’s God’s leading when I meet people/groups like you where I can find resources and information I need. Like what you said, – “The most important thing to remember is that, there is NO SINGLE CURE”, But we can help out each other and share through this wonderful site what things we can learn in this journey. God bless you more Melissa.

    • That is truly amazing Grace! I am so happy to be your little “angel” in guiding you to find the answers 🙂
      Would you be keen to share your story for the blog? Let me know as it would be wonderful to tell your story to more girls!
      I will need to research what you tried a little more too 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your amazing results!

  6. Hi Melissa,

    I came off the pill about two years ago (after being on it for 5) and yes, it masked all my symptoms perfectly. It’s been tough without it but I know my body needs to heal.
    As an alternative, I’m now trying natural prog cream. Have you ever used it? I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts. Thanks, C

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