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What is Serrapeptase?

Serrapeptase is a naturally occurring proteolytic enzyme, isolated from the silkworm.

This proteolytic enzyme is able to digest certain types of protein by attacking only dead tissues. This would include adhesions, dead cysts and scarring.

Studies suggest that this enzyme in the body produces anti-inflammatory mediators that reduce swelling, redness, and pain.

Why use serrapeptase for Endometriosis?

Endometriosis has some key symptoms including scarring, adhesions, cysts, inflammation, pain and adhesions. Serrapeptase is effective at breaking down these unwanted tissues cells and allowing our bodies to function more normally. Serrapeptase also reduces inflammation and pain by blocking pain-inducing amines.

How much serrapeptase do I need?

When we first start using serrapeptase it is possible that our bodies might express some die-off reactions. These may include flu-like symptoms, headaches etc. To avoid those, I recommend starting on a low dose (half of what it says on the bottle) and gradually increasing it to the recommended dose. I would stay on that dose for about 3 months. After the 3 months, you could revert back to a lower dose as a maintenance dose. It is important to stay on serrapeptase for at least 6 months to get results.

The brand I recommend

SerraEnzyme is my preferred brand as it isn't overpriced and yet still has the benefits we need.

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