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6 Step eCourse

Get started in managing endo holistically

The REACH© Kickstarter will give you a kickstart on what it takes to manage endometriosis holistically using my REACH Technique© principles.

I will guide you on each step of the REACH Technique© and give you 3 take-aways with each video lesson. *Bonus recommendations included.

The Facebook Support Group

As part of the REACH Technique©, Melissa recommends getting help/support to guide you with using a holistic approach.

She decided to offer a space where women can share their journey, get insights and guidance on using a holistic approach - in a safe & positive way.

APP: The Endo Wellness Challenge

21 days toward endo wellness!

Melissa created this awesome App for women to implement a new strategy each day, for 21 days! Feel a shift in your endometriosis journey and finally get back some control over your health.


The REACH Technique© Cheatsheet

Mel’s 5 steps to managing endometriosis holistically

Get Melissa’s REACH Technique© cheatsheet to follow the strategy that helped her get well. Print it off, stick it on the fridge and bring each element together to help you manage your endo better.

For more support, join the Kickstarter, buy one of Mel's eBooks or join her programs.

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The Empowerment Manifesto

You are never powerless over your thoughts

The first step to changing your situation with endometriosis, is to believe that you can. Listening to statements telling us that there is no way out, or that there is nothing that can be done, is not going to help or support our health & well-being.

The Empowerment Manifesto is an incredibly powerful tool to shift your mindest to allow you to really transform your personal situation with having endometriosis.

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Can't figure out why you can't get pregnant?

My fabulous Fertility Plan will help!

Getting pregnant with having endometriosis can certainly have it’s challenges. Within the New Fertility Plan Guide, you will discover some key elements to improve your chances of getting pregnant - even with having endometriosis.

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