The REACH Technique©

There are so many amazing natural modalities we can use to support endometriosis. We approach endometriosis with a holistic approach from a Naturopathic viewpoint. The REACH Technique©, encompasses this approach.

What does managing endometriosis holistically look like?

Instead of looking at endometriosis as a single condition within the body, I prefer to look at the whole body and everything that feeds into endometriosis being manageable or not. This includes our digestive health, our liver health and our emotional well-being.COlourPalette

It is like one giant puzzle and looking at how all the body functions work together to create one picture of health. We don’t view endometriosis as a single condition with singular symptoms. We also don’t approach endometriosis symptoms on a surface level but rather we prefer to understand the contributing factors and address the various body systems which could contribute to endometriosis being more manageable or not.

By approaching the body holistically, using things like diet and lifestyle changes, we are able to repair more than just the endometriosis but many other imbalances that may be going on in the body. This is a wonderful way to cross off a whole bunch of conditions and symptoms you are currently experiencing in one go!

How do we manage endometriosis holistically?

It is about reviewing all aspects within your life that either contribute or take-away from your health. These include your diet, exercise, your stress levels, your emotional well-being, the toxins in your environment, how much support you have in your life and how you view your endometriosis.

To make it easier to approach endometriosis holistically, I developed the REACH Technique©. It is an acronym which guides you through steps towards providing for your body step-by-step and with enough consideration toward each element.

Here is a simple outline:

R – Replenish.

This is about truly nourishing your body with the right food choices. This goes beyond a simple “healthy” diet but rather focuses on truly replenishing what may be missing with foods. These include your mineral and vitamin levels, along with other vital elements the body needs to function at it’s optimum. This is about proper nutrition to really replenish and provide for your body.

E– Exercise.

We focus on specific types of exercise that truly support healing with endometriosis. Though we can all do various forms of exercise, ultimately some are better than others at alleviating pain, stress and adhesion pain.

A– Affirm.

This is where we look at any emotional connections with endometriosis. When we have past pains or experiences that make us feel less valued, these can be a big driver in making us overwork and overcompensate. This creates a never ending stress pattern. There are many layers to our emotions, our mindset and our ability to feel truly happy with ourselves. All of these emotional and mindset elements contribute toward endometriosis flare-up’s and pain. What we think, affects our body.

C – Cleanse.

Here we explore the toxins that have perhaps contributed to endometriosis development or progression. Dioxin has been linked to endometriosis development in monkeys so it makes sense that there are other toxins which could be triggers with endometriosis. We want to flush out heavy metals, parasites, bad bacteria, viruses and really explore any imbalances which may be putting too much strain on your body and it’s health. When we eliminate these burdens from your body, it is able to function much easier and with less imbalances.

H – Help.

Endometriosis is a challenging condition and it can be incredibly isolating. “Being strong” is not always what your body really needs or wants. The Help part of the REACH Technique© is really about allowing you to feel vulnerable, express your challenges and having a safe place to do that in. *Become a Member of the Endo Empowered Community to gain access to our free online support group.

You can listen to an interview I did with Audrey Michel with more insights on the REACH Technique© here:


How does this heal endometriosis or allow us to manage endometriosis better?

When we provide for the body holistically, the body does the work in repairing itself. We are not treating endometriosis, but rather providing the perfect environment for our body and it is then able to get to work in healing or at least managing endometriosis better. Our body is incredibly smart and knows what it needs to do. We simply need to trust in it’s ability and provide the right tools so it can feel happy and nourished to do it’s job.

Here is a simple cartoon video I created for you to explain this a little better:


Why women are getting relief from endometriosis by following the REACH Technique©

COlourPaletteI have helped 1000’s of women with managing their endometriosis. These women were previously in incredible pain, struggle to have children or just generally feeling unwell because they had endometriosis. In most cases, they were simply not providing or nourishing their body. They simply were not looking after themselves.

The REACH Technique© allows you to follow a strategy step-by-step to provide the perfect environment for your body to feel better. You start off with diet as a foundation but also move beyond the basics and really address some of the other contributors to endometriosis being worse or less manageable.

Here are some key differences with the REACH Technique© approach:

  • We are going beyond simply avoiding a bunch of foods to feel better as many of the popular diets for endometriosis recommend. We are focusing on truly replenishing the body with the right nutrition.
  • We consider the whole picture and all the contributing factors which make us feel well or unwell with having endometriosis.
  • We address more than just symptoms with endometriosis and really look at some key imbalances many women with endometriosis share.


Would you like to start using the REACH Technique© to manage your endometriosis?

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