PLEASE Don’t Ever Take Lupron for Endometriosis!

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This is scary stuff and there are so many women still trying it out!

PLEASE WATCH THIS and share as much as you can!


Hopefully this will convince more of you that natural methods are the only honest and true way to heal your Endometriosis!


Here is the follow up on the court case:

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  • lisa says:

    My doctor tried to get me to take Lupron and I refused. There was NO way I was taking this. Lupron is what is given to Prostate Cancer patients to help manage the symptoms of the cancer. NOT to cure it. The side effects are horrendous.

    Please NEVER, EVER take this drug!!

  • sickgirl says:

    I had a six month course of Lupron after discovering I had inherited two gene mutations that cause blood clots so birth control was no longer an option for managing my endometriosis and trying more natural methods of managing it (ie. diet and acupuncture) would not manage my pain. Specifically I kept getting cysts that were so large and painful I had to take heavy narcotics just to sleep. I had researched the drug. My doctor was one of the original founders of the first study on using Lupron to manage endometriosis and he only recommends using it in very specific and severe cases. I knew it was a drug that for some was a miracle in reducing pain, but for others a nightmare of side-effects, and often a little of both. It had about as much effect on me as a glass of water. It briefly shrunk my cysts, but they bounced back, and I did not experience any negative side-effects. My doctor said he had never seen anyone with endometriosis as resistant to Lupron as me. If my insurance hadn’t covered the drug I’d be pretty upset about it’s lack of efficacy, but otherwise I honestly have no complaints. I think using holistic methods to manage a disease is great, but I have found a balance between holistic medicine and western medicine has worked best for managing my illness.

    Ten years ago a different doctor prescribed Depo Provera to me to manage my endometriosis and that was awful. It made the lining of my uterus so thin I hemorrhaged constantly for months, I had a migraine every day for two weeks and my weight dropped to 112 pounds (I’m 5’10”). Depo Provera was worse than anything endometriosis had ever done to me, though the damage wasn’t permanent. However, I know women for whom Depo Provera was a lifesaver in managing their endometriosis. I had a successful laparoscopy in February and I’m following a raw vegan diet which seems to help. I’m trying to get pregnant so hormonal methods of managing my disease aren’t practical right now, but I may use birth control again in the future along with a blood thinner if I find I need to.

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Sickgirl. Thanks for sharing your story. It sounds like you have certainly been down a long and hard road with various different hormonal treatments. Here’s a few little extra’s you can add to the natural healing side: Raspberry Leaf and Motherwort Tea, really good for preparing the uterus and Maca Root Powder. Maca will get you in the mood more 🙂 which is never a bad thing. All the best, Melissa

  • kayda says:

    hello Melissa
    First of all, sorry to hear from crystal that they found nothing as this could be so annoy to find out what was going on with us. I was have laparoscopy to check for endometriosis on March 24 and i just have a post-op today. it is not make my day at all. My ob/gyn said that i have severe endometriosis and in some location he could not be able to remove it. and only option of getting pregnant is IVF But the main problem is he want to put on Lupron depot for around 7 months which i don’t know what to do, Melissa could you please advise me

    Thank you

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Kayda, It is sad to hear that your endo is so bad and that your doctor has installed such a negative thought about not being able to have children naturay. I would advise visiting a different doctor for a second opinion or even better go and see a holistic doctor who can help you. There are plenty of herbs that flush out excess blood from the body. Herbs that remove blood clots, toxins etc. Don’t always believe that what the doctor says is your only option. Research more options and see what you can find.
      You will be amazed at what is out there 🙂
      Please let us know how you get on.


    • Pyewacket says:

      Hi kayda,
      I just quickly wanted to mention that I too was told that it would be unlikely for me to get pregnant naturally, but I did! Please, please dont give up hope,and dont give up trying! Your body is an amazing thing, listen to it and do what you feel is right for you, your consultant’s negative comments will have been difficult to hear, but there is hope so try to stay positive xXx

  • Jennifer says:

    I was terrified to try Lupron when my doctor recommended it for my severe endo…I even put it off for six months to try and get away from it to focus on natural methods. Honestly, its worked better for me than anything else I’ve tried, including diet, etc. I had hot flashes, but they weren’t bad. I guess peoples bodies react differently, I wouldn’t completely oppose people to trying Lupron, especially in cases of extreme endo.

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Jennifer. I guess it may be working for you at resolving your symptoms you had with Endo but I also wonder what the long-term effects are of taking it, that you may not realise. It is after all a drug and it is not natural for the body. I am very opposed to taking any hormonal treatments for Endometriosis. There are just too many unknowns about the substances these things are made of and what they really do inside our bodies. I prefer to focus on the real causes of my Endo and get rid of it, rather than just suppressing it with hormonal or drug treatments. But, this method may be working for you and you may feel it is the best choice you can make for yourself. Natural healing can be quite daunting and take time which may not be an option for everyone.

  • Joellen says:

    Hi Melissa I was recently diagnoised with endometriosis, pain got so bad I couldn’t sleep on my sides, sex was out of the question, ended up having surgery my obgyn stated it was attached to my intestines that was causing all my pain, I have until the end of october to decide on a treatment, my blood clots so I really don’t see an option taking the pill and I don’t want to do the shots, I am at the point I want to let my body heal naturally on it’s own, right after my surgery I had a bad bladder infection so I am currently on antibotics which make me sick to my stomach, I have 7 days left before I finish them up. I have had 2 miscarriages within the past 4 years, I would be high risk now due to my age, I am 44..I am really torn on what to do next for treatment even though my obgyn wants an answer very soon, because she said it will only come back worse then what it was before 🙁

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Joellen, I am sorry to hear of your struggles. Perhaps you should explore a homeopath, Traditional Chinese doctor or Ayurveda doctor. They approach the body from a completely different angle and look at getting the body to heal itself. You can learn this yourself but it is much easier with someone to steer the way for you 🙂 You don’t need to go for an operation or have anymore hormonal options – including the pill. It can be done – find someone who can find a way for you! They are out there 🙂

  • DD says:

    It is so upsetting to me that many women are unaware of these serious side effects. I just want everyone to know just how serious they are! Not only are there severe migraines, bone loss, and joint pain, but also PARALYSIS! My little sister was 17, very active and healthy until last month. She got admitted to the ER because she woke up with her face drawn up on the left side along with experiencing chest pains. She was diagnosed with Bells Palsy and sent home. The next day she couldnt feel the left side of her body at all and could not get out of bed. She was flown to a larger hospital and put in ICU. She was on oxygen and completely paralyzed on her left side. Doctors thought she had a stroke, but no tests was indicative of that… after several weeks of being sent to different hospitals and no progress, she mentioned that she had a Lupron injection the day before. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS!

    • Melissa says:

      That is frightening! I can’t believe how scary this stuff is and that it is allowed to be used out there! Hopefully we can spread the word and make sure no other girls go through this. Is your sister better now? Did she flush out the toxins of Lupron? Oh I hope she is okay. That is terrible!

  • ALI says:

    I am 21 years old and I was diagnosed with endometriosis in April. I had surgery in may and my doctor told me he had never seen someone my age with endo this bad. Two weeks after the surgery he told me that the best cure for this disease was to be put on Lupron for 6 months to a year. I was told about the possibility of bone loss and being put into a menoposal state but I was never warned about these very serious side effects. I am going on my 7th shot and was feeling reilfe from the pain up untill 2 weeks ago. After seeing this video I am and reading the comments I am terrified to have another shot. I can not belive that this drug has done such damage to women and it is still on the market.

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Ali, I am glad you found the video! It is better to know everything before you take anything and unfortunately, doctors keep pushing this stuff as it makes heaps of money 🙁
      I hope you look at more of the natural alternatives…

  • Lisa says:

    This really makes me nervous. I was diagnosed with endometriosis w/ a laparoscopy back in September 2007 after years of pain and no answers. Since then I have been on birth control and that has calmed the symptoms down (but now I’m rethinking this). I tried getting off birth control in August 2010 so my husband and I could conceive but I was in so much pain I had to get back on. I felt like I was a psycho and in so much pain, I didn’t want to do anything. I researched some and read about the link between diet and endometriosis. I talked to my doctor (and a dietician) and was looked at like there was no way changing your diet could help. They both treated me like I believed everything I read online. My doctor suggested a shot that would make my body feel like it was going through menopause. I said NO THANK YOU!!! I still haven’t changed my diet too much. My husband and I have been trying more vegetarian dishes but I still take in cheese, coffee, sugar, and wheat. It will be so hard for me but when I weigh everything it just seems to be a no brainer.
    I have an identical twin sister that started getting pain within the last couple of years. I told her it was most likely endometriosis. Sure enough she had a laparoscopy a coulple of weeks ago and she was diagnosed with endo. She had it really bad and her doctor wants to put her on Lupron for 6 months. I don’t think I can talk her out of it. She also has a lot of stress in her life because her husband is being let go from the military for severe PTSD. They have gone through so much w/in the last year, which now from this site, I have learned probably aggravates it even worse! I want to show her this video because I don’t want her to do it, but I also know she is in so much pain she is desperate. Her and I both love food. We love to cook, it makes us happy and when you tell someone like that about all of the restrictions it can be overwhelming. Any advice would be appreciated. Any other article links might be great as well. Thanks so much for this blog. It really helps you feel like you aren’t alone.

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Lisa,
      I have written the perfect article for you:
      I am sure you will get there, you just need to start…. just start and you will notice a change. I know for a fact that diet makes a difference – I have proven it over and over again (well everytime I stray from it! 🙂
      Your instincts are totally right on that one – so allow yourself to trust in that one 🙂
      I am sorry to hear of your sister and that she has opted to take Lupron. It is hard when one is in such severe pain, because we possibly don’t care about long term consequences on our body and just want the pain to go away…..I have been there too 🙂
      You are both never alone – so many of us now have endo….. I hope you both find a natural path that heals you 🙂 Feel free to ask me any questions…Melissa

  • Crystal says:

    I wish I’d seen and known all this years ago. I was young and naive and completely trusted my doctor’s advice and opinion. I will never again inject Lupron into my body! It was a nightmare! I was diagnosed in 2002. After 2 years of marriage, we had decided to start our family. I came off the pill and waited for those 2 pink lines. I’d had problems for years with my periods, monthly pain (when not on my period) and sex. Doctors always had an excuse or pawned me off with “Its part of being a woman. It comes with the territory. It’s just gas. It’s just in your head. You’re young… you need to develop a higher pain threshold.” After trying for over a year, my OB though my uterus felt enlarged (during a routine yearly pap). She scheduled a sonogram and discovered a cyst on my left ovary. She put me back on the pill, in hopes that it was a functional cyst and it would dissolve. I had sonograms once a month, for 3 months. By that point, it had grown from the size of a golf ball to a tennis ball. She scheduled me for a laparoscopy for October 27, 2005. At my pre-op appointment, they changed it to a laparotomy because of the size. If it happened to be cancer, she didn’t want it to rupture and not have complete access and control of the area. During surgery, it was discovered that I had endometriosis. Five years into my marriage, at the age of 25, I lost my left tube and ovary because the cyst couldn’t be separated from the ovary. The scarring and adhesions were so severe on my tube that if I were to ever get pregnant on that side, it would result in an ectopic pregnancy and possibly rupture. She felt sure that there was no possibility that an egg would ever make it out of that tube. Eight weeks after surgery, we were given the okay to start trying again. Six months later, I was introduced to Lupron. I was told that it would basically put my body into menopause and hopefully put the endometriosis into “remission” long enough to shrink the cysts and increase my chances to get pregnant. After fighting the insurance company for almost three months for approval, I start my first injection in March 2006. It was horrible but I felt sure that it would all be worth it, once I finally got pregnant. I had horrible mood swings and hot flashes. I gained almost 60lbs. during the 6-month treatment, with no change in diet or exercise. I had aches and pains like I had the flu, the whole time. Memory loss started kicking in about half way through the treatment. I had my last injection in August 2006. (I’m still suffering with trying to lose weight and memory loss, 6 years later.) We were told to wait 3 months, to allow it time to get out of my system, before trying again. We finally began seeing a fertility specialist at Wake Forest in April 2007. I had some testing done/run, including an HSG. I was thrilled to find out we were expecting in May, 2007. Our son was born in February 2008. When my OB opened me up during my emergency c-section, to deliver my son, he said I was a mess! Of course, he was trying to save my son and I… so he didn’t have time to worry about all that. I went back to see him in early 2011, to discuss the next step. I want some relief from the pain. I had talked about having a laparotomy but he flat out refused. He said that if I had minor endo, he would. As severe as mine is, he will only do a laparotomy. I really don’t want to continue having major surgeries. I had told him I would think about whether I wanted a laparotomy or hysterectomy and let him know at my next visit. (We were still struggling with accepting the fact that there would probably be no more children for us.) I was supposed to go back in July 2011 and let him know that I had decided to go with a hysterectomy. I found out Easter Sunday that I was pregnant! Sadly, we lost our son at 4 months. I was induced, after an ultrasound revealed that he no longer had a heartbeat. He was born on July 21, 2011 at 2:32am at 16 weeks, 5 days gestation. It was discovered that his cord was wrapped twice around his neck. Now, I’m left trying to pick up the pieces. Not only am I dealing with the loss of my son… but now I’m back at square one with trying decide/make peace with the possibility of future children and trying to either preserve my fertility (what’s left of it) and cope with the pain of the endo. 🙁

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Crystal and thank your for sharing your story with everyone and hopefully help educate everyone on the severe side-effects of Lupron. I just want to come over and give you a massive big hug! You have been through so much! What I can tell you is that there is a way forward. It is not found in western medicine though. You need to branch out into natural forms of healing and teach your body how to heal. It is not an easy road as you have to go against the norm but it is a road with much more success and ultimate healing. Focus on one thing – healing your body, both physically and emotionally. Allow yourself to heal from the pain of losing your son. I have found Emotional Freedom Technique to be the best way to do this. It doesn’t need to cost you anything but it helps if you have someone to guide you through it. My dad died a few months ago and I wasn’t coping with it at all. I decided to have a session on it, using EFT and after just one hour, so much of that pain is gone. It is hard to believe but it is incredibly effective. It is based on acupuncture. You can watch a free video I did on it here:

      The sad thing I also need to tell you is that a hysterectomy doesn’t necessarily cure endo.

      The real way to heal is to get all those toxins out of your body. It is the toxins that create disease in all of us. I would recommend a liver cleanse and a pure diet, along with exercise to help things come out. Make sure your elimination is good – good digestion, to ensure everything comes out of your body. Get on the endo diet slowly and make each day a focus on healing – give yourself something positive towards healing, each and every day. 🙂

      You will get better Crystal! You have to! Not just for your future child but mainly for yourself!

      Lots of love and hugs,


  • Monica Ward says:

    I have been experiencing pain since 7th grade when I first got my period. Misdiagnosed as lactose intolerance and IBS before my husband and I began trying to have children in 2009. Failed with different fertility meds and finally had a laparoscopy in Dec 2010 and was diagnosed with Endomoetriosis. I also have PCOS.

    I was told by the Dr. who performed the operation to take Lupron, and he sent me home with prescriptopn. I had no idea what it was… this man expected me to inject myself!? I left him and found a new Dr. He started me on the injections for 6 months, which finished up about 5 months ago. I still have the hot flashes and hair in unusual places.

    My Dr swears the Lupron is a miracle drug and I should have NO PAIN for up to 18 months after starting it. So when I still desribed my pain he tells me that I have something else, and orders a colonoscopy (which came back clear). After that report he tells me to take fiber pills… FIBER!? -_- I’M STILL IN PAIN! Why would I make it up!? Nobody will give me the time of day when it comes to pain meds. I had to become clinically depressed and see a psychologist to get some Norco. I’m managing now… but I dont WANT to be on this… I want HELP! Lupron ruined me. I have more pain after than I did before. I refuse to take it again!

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Monica
      Thank you so much for sharing your story and I hope it helps other girls to decide against taking Lupron!
      You need to get your body in the clear – so to speak and flush out all the toxins that this nasty drug has caused. I would recommend a Colonic and a good detox. It works wonders. I am researching more liver flushes as we speak but they would be the best thing for you!
      Try some Castor Oil packs in the meantime and add more natural herbs and superfoods into your diet – Goji Berries are fabulous. Also, Geranium Oil on the abdomen does wonders!
      I hope you feel better and please let me know what happens 🙂

    • Monica Ward says:

      Thank you SO much for the advice. I will try these and let you know how I feel!

  • Lindsay says:

    I did 3 rounds of a egg donation and was giving lupron for that and now im not the same person I have neck pain and vision problems and I have 4 little kids and its hard to be a mom when all I can think about is my problems. I know that this is from the lupron and Im trying everything to get better I just dont know where to turn no one thinks its from my egg donations and I just need to know how to feel better:) if anyone knows please let me know

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Lindsay,
      I am sorry to hear of your struggles with Lupron. It is a nasty drug!
      I would flush out the toxins that it has left in your body. Do a colonic first and then focus on healing your liver to flush out the rest. Check out a book I am currently reading: The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush
      Also try some MSM and Estroblock.
      I hope you find relief Lindsay. You deserve to enjoy your little ones 🙂

  • Anon says:

    Don’t you people realize that just because a drug didn’t work for you, that maybe it helps others? This drug saved my life….it didn’t work well enough, in fact, that’s how bad my endo is and how badly my estrogen refuses to be suppressed. I don’t even get the side effects from it. I think it should be a last resort drug, because too many women take it when their endo is not bad enough and could be treated with something less potent. I even took chemo (breast cancer drugs) to reduce my lesions and it didn’t work! I am sorry for anyone who has suffered with this, but don’t try to take an option away from others when it’s helpful for them.

    • Melissa says:

      Hi EndoGirl,
      I am sorry your body was so badly affected by Endometriosis that you had to resort to these drastic measures to feel better. Lupron is a dangerous drug and there have been many women who have taken it that are now disabled from it. I want to make women fully aware of the side-effects of these and other drugs. The option is always there – I just want to make sure women make an informed choice 🙂

    • adrienne says:

      I agree. Lupron saved my life & I haven’t had the negative side effects. It’s different for everyone.

    • Mary says:

      I took this as a last resort. Just because it helped you, doesn’t mean that your endo was worse than anyone elses. In fact I’d say the opposite, that it seems a more mild case which has not yet cause permanent neuropathic damage in your abdominal cavity, would be more easily suppressed by lupron. That being said, it is only a band aid and doesn’t cure the endo. And MANY, MANY women have PERMANENT DEBILITATING side effects, so yes, I think it should be banned.

      • Pooja says:

        Mary, this is hardly a competition of “my endo is worse than yours” and I suggest you don’t make it one. Everyone of us is suffering in our own way. The lady says she even took chemo to suppress her lesions..hardly something that you would call a “mild” case. Doctors don’t go around handing chemo to everyone. Lupron did not help me much, but it did not kill me either. Yes, I had severe side effects but they were nothing compared to the permanent and non-stop endo pain so I was actually quite happy on Lupron. My cousin conceived after using Lupron. So just because it did not help some people does not mean it should be banned. Rather, as Melissa says, women should be educated so that they can make an informed choice. For someone who is barely able to move or walk due to pain, the side effects of Lupron may not seem like much. For others who are able to somehow manage to have a life, it may be a really bad option. Same goes for other options like hysterectomy. I once read in a forum about a woman who said that she would have killed herself if the pain didn’t stop. You can hardly argue that the side effects are worse than death. I think it depends on individual and their circumstances and we should refrain from judging others. I wish you luck in your healing.

  • Elizabeth says:

    I was diagnised with Endometriosis alittle over a year ago. I was on Lupron for a year to date. The Dr I was seeing swore by this shot, it was also given to me to help with pain from fibroid tumors in my uterus. I kept having pains and he kept telling me that it had to be something else going on. I was told from other resources that it could affect the liver and gallbladder. How true is this statement, if you know?
    I have gained 60 pounds since on this shot for a year, I have became so weak, my feet, legs and back hurt awfully bad, and headaches so bad I can barley think & keep my 4 childrens name straight. I have experience some memory loss, I can not remember alot of what Ive done recently and or said, etc. I seem to be more depressed then before, everything upsets me and makes me so angry & emotional. while on this shot the past year I have had to start B/P meds, and Cholestrol meds, and have had a high heart rate, that is unexplained. I have seen a cardiologist and my heart is perfectly fine & strong. I was supposed to get my last shot on September 15, 2012. But I refused it, It is now December 16, 2012. 3 months I thought should have it out of my system but I still have side effects, high flashes, dizziness, memory loss, and so much more. I also have not had any bleeding in the past 3 months. I am so scared of what major problems I may be stuck with, I have been told by family to see about a law suit and try for disability (thats how bad it has changed me).
    Is there any additional info you may know or some advice you can give?

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Elizabeth and thank you for sharing your story to help warn others to not take Lupron.
      Lupron will definitely affect your liver and that is the first place I would start to focus on, with your healing journey. Get yourself some turmeric, bupleurum and a liver tonic which will support the liver. Watch your diet carefully and avoid anything fatty and sweet, such as meat, refined oils and sugary foods. The liver hates those!
      You can flush the toxins from the Lupron out of your body 🙂 Just get strong first with your diet and support your healing with positive affirmations and letting go of any anger.
      Hugs sweetheart. I know how hard this initial step can be but you have already decided to trust in yourself and that is a massive step!

    • Anonymous says:

      Being on hormones will rob you of vitamins. My birth control robbed me of magnesium and i had horrible side effects. But with magnesium i was fine. Its bc with endo our hormones are everywhere. Between that and the implants its very tiresome. If your going to take a drug its best to find out what it may “rob you of” and supplement. Kupeon shits down the ovaries so you will lack your normal estrogen. To be on it temporarly after surgery is one thing to help get rid of remaining implants. Indefinately is bad news.

  • Tina says:

    I was on Lupron for a year. I heard horror stories about it but at the time I didn’t know the other, more natural options available to me. I did get migraines and was temporarily put on a pill to prevent migraines. Other than that I had no side effects and I actually lost weight. Once I was off the lupron I finally found how to change my diet. I felt better than I ever felt before. Honestly the worst part for me was paying for the Lupron, halfway through my company changed our insurance and I had to pay for half of each dose, which I didn’t realize until I had already received it! I probably wouldn’t take Lupron again, but I didn’t mind it when I was on it. Now don’t get me started on BC pills….I react terribly to those!

  • Kelli says:

    I am 45 years old and my children are 20 years apart! I have Endo. I was treated with Lupron after my daughter was born 20 yrs ago. I had all the side affects but it controlled my Endo and my pain. I was able to give birth 20 yrs later to a healthy little boy. However, my Endo got bad since and now I am planning a hysterectomy soon. My daughter is 21 and has been on Lupron for 6 mo and was taken off of it. She has been trying to get pregnant but hasn’t had any luck. But, she started getting all these weird symptoms and now has quit her job because she feels fatigued, has memory loss, headaches, weight loss. Cold sensitivity in feet,rapid heart rate, terrible panic attacks, mood swings. She was diagnosed with chronic Mono? I just feel this Lupron has done this to her. She feels worse now than ever. Praying for a miracle. My once healthy 21 year old is practically disabled.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have that as well and i have endo but am not and have never taken lupron. she needs surgery for the implants or she will never feel better. Chronic imflammation which endo causes will cause a chronic fatigue like syndrome.

    • val says:

      That sounds like Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. Please check I to it. A cardiologist can diagnose.

  • Hannah Wolf says:

    i am on Lupron right now i have found it has given me the most amount of relief than any other med that i have been put on for my Endometriosis. almost all my pain has gone away.

    • Melissa says:

      It doesn’t mean it is resolving the endometriosis. It is only allowing you to not experience pain or dulling the symptoms of endometriosis. There is more to treatment than just dealing with symptoms.

  • Alyssa says:

    I had my first of two three-month Lupron injections on 12/26/06. I had done no research & just trusted my Dr b/c I was desperate to finally conceive after 5 yrs of marriage with no contraception. Laparoscopy on 1/25/07 confirmed I have endometriosis. During the 6-mos of Lupron, I went through hell only to discover that I was one of the lucky ones. I experienced intense brain fog which has impacted my memory of that period. I do remember being easily agitated, bouts of rage, & intense hot flashes. I also remember saying & doing things, unable to control myself or my reactions, & wondering why I couldn’t control myself. My body odor changed & has just recently started to normalize within the last two years. I also gained 70 pounds during those six months with a new propensity to gain weight easily. I’ve not been able to lose that weight, nor the weight gained from two subsequent pregnancies.

    This year (2016), I think I may have found something that works for the weight. I’ve started separating my fats & carbs (for low-glycemic impact), using liver/gall bladder cleanses, & about four hours a week of intense exercise (karate). I’m losing weight for the first time in nearly ten years, which is a huge deal. However, I’m noticing some physical flare ups of previously resolved Lupron issues, like body odor & bouts of rage. I’m assuming this is Lupron being released from my fat cells. Neither symptom is even remotely as bad as they were while on Lupron, so I’m continuing my protocol.

    I’ll be reading more from your site. Are there any articles (here or elsewhere) that you’d recommend based on the info I’ve provided? I was unable to get the video to play. This whole experience has destroyed my self-esteem & hormonal balance (tested via saliva in 2013). I’m desperate now to take back my body from this drug that seems to be haunting me.

  • SHANNON says:

    What the Hell do you do if you have extensive endometriosis??
    I Can hardly function from it?

  • Melissa says:

    Hello, My name is Melissa. I have always had problem with fibroids. I had a myomectomy to remove 7 fibrids, one being just over 12cm. That was in 2014. In 2015 i had a D&C to remove a polyp and some moe small fibroids, now it is 2016 and I was told i have an endometrial cyst (chocolate cyst) that now is 6.7cm and a simple cyst of 5.0cm. I was told i have endometriosis. I have always had pretty painful periods and sometimes dull aches. But i wouldnt say that i ever had day to day pain that caused worry or made me think i had endo. So for me, i would say my endometriosis was not crippling on a chronic level. Just maybe on my heaviet day of period i would experience some extreme pain and i would take about 4 advil and pain would get better eventually.
    But now, my gyno wants me to take the one month dose for 6 months of Lupron. She made light of side effects, stating mostly hot flashes being what i would experience. For me, i was mostly concerned about hair loss (i already have thin hair) and weight gain (as i have struggled with eating disorders) these 2 things might seem vain but to me they are essential to my emotional wellbeing and stability. I NEVER liked the idea with messing with my body’s natural flow and cycles. So this treatment scared the crap out of me. My other option was surgery which believe it of not, i am very ok with surgery. I am not scared of them. The laparoscopy seemed perfect with only a 2 week downtime period which is ok for my job. BUT she said if they got in and saw i had too much scar tissue from the myomectomy, that they would have to do the c section cut again and that recovery is 8 weeks which is hard with my job and very hard financially to not be pain for that time. So I am so vry lost and scared. I want the laproscopy but afraid it will turn into a c section. And this Lupron treatment is so scary to me feeling lie i will roll the dice and maybe get all the bad side effects that will make day to day life hell physically and emotionally. Right now my day to day is pretty much pain free and i feel good. to trade that for menopause symptoms and beyond daily seems bad. I just felt i needed to vent to a community who understands. Any advice or support is welcome. I feel like i need those who understand right now. <3

  • Maria says:

    I am currently under a lot of stress because my Dr. is insiting I take Lupron. I was diagnosed with endometriosis when i was 15 and had to have surgery at 16 to clean my reproductive system from all endo that I had at the time. I was put on BC for 9 years after that and last week had my second surgery because my endometriosis was back. My Dr says he removed all he could but that I still have some endometrosis left but that it is micro. His advise is that i now take one shot of Lupron for 2 months and that the shots will help the micro endometrosis go away. After that, I’ll be back in BC until I decide to have children… it all seems so invasive and unnatural. The BC was not so bad on me, but I do notice my hormones have never been in balance.. a lot of cellulite, nausea, weight gain, mood swings have been going on for the last 9 years but I was able to live it. Now thinking of taking the Lupron shot after the surgery I just had seems very extreme and reading the horror side effects Im scared to death to take a medicine that will put my health and general state in a worse situation… can anyone tell me what other treatment I could do instead? The Dr says BC wont be enough and that the shots are neccesary to remove the remaining endometrosis I have in order to keep a healthy system until I have children. He says I am perfectly healthy now after the surgery to have babies but that if I dont continue treatment until i want to get pregnant, I could risk my odds big time. HELP 🙁 I am not even married so obv having a baby soon is not an option.. i need to find a way to keep my system healthy and not put myself in this extreme treatments that can cause worse that where I am now… 🙁

  • Jess says:

    LUPRON took my life from me!!!! I’m post treatment since November 2011 I stopped because my bone scan showed osteoporosis. I was given one shot every 2 weeks because once a month did not surpurpress me. I was treated for 4 years this way. Now I’m I so much pain and can’t do anything normal I don’t know what I can do but I am not trying to let anyone else get hurt like me. Please do not use this medicine even if hysterectomy is the only other option. After LUPRON you will not be a mother anyway

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