Well, it has been a week on Vitalzym and I would have to say that I wasn’t expecting such an instant reaction. I have tried a number of natural health products and none of them gave me such an overnight reaction.

Check out the video to find out more:

I did find a website which actually explains the expected results and reactions we should expect when we go on Vitalzym. It is quite good cos then we know that the symptoms are not new ones but rather a reaction from detoxing. Check out: http://www.energeticnutrition.com/vitalzym/dosage.html

So far, my experience has included:

  • Better but frequent digestion
  • Skin breaking out a little – well just a few spots :(
  • Today, I started getting flu like symptoms….I thought it was hayfever until I read this list :)
  • I have noticed that the flemy feeling has subsided (a sign of candida)
Have you tried Vitalzym yet? What are your experiences?
Wanna know more about Vitalzym…. check out this article I did a few weeks ago. I will keep you posted on how I go with it – still got three months to go! :)
Also, if you were wondering what Ghu Zhi Fu Ling Wan is, check out a brief intro on that one I did ages ago. http://www.cureendometriosis.com/my-new-treatment-plan-follow-up/
Any questions? Please feel free to ask me – happy to share :)
** Update: I found a more affordable option for to get Serrapeptase which is the main ingredient in Exclzyme and Vitalzyme. You can get it here, for much cheaper than anywhere else! 

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