My Personal Experience with Candida and how you can recognise if you have it!

My Personal Experience with Candida and how you can recognise if you have it!

– the photo is of me, when I was living in the rainforest! 🙂

I have written a few articles on Candida and thought I would share my personal experience with it, just in case you recognise any of the symptoms. They seem so unrelated!

The thing with Candida is, that unfortunately our immune systems will struggle to fight it off just on their own – which is where supplements come into play.


Please read these articles on Candida, for heaps more information on Candida and how it could be affecting your Endometriosis:


Candida is definitely not something you want to ignore or allow it to run rampant in your body! It is super easy to flush out, so get cleaning!


Feel free to share your experiences with Candida in the comments section….






Big hugs,

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  1. Also, get in touch with Linda Mcartney. She’s been dealing with candida for a while too and has written about it on her site.

    I found Lady Soma as well to be very helpful – the Lady Soma Candida Cleanse. Ive been using it for 1 month and having great results. Its effective.

  2. Having CFIDS and FMS, I have been on a candida protocol for several months trying to get some relief. I had gotten some improvement, but not as much as I had hoped. I decided to try the Lady Soma Candida Cleanse a week ago and immediately felt the difference! Many of the aches and pains have decreased dramatically and I have tons more energy. I am amazed!

    It used to be such a chore to do the dishes or take a shower even, but now I find myself cooking, cleaning, and wanting to go outside for a walk as well. My mental clarity has improved significantly too. I had heard about Lady Soma from friends, but have tried so many other things over the years, and never got around to it. Decided to give it a try, looked it up on google and found Lady Soma and all these reviews. I would recommend this to anyone suffering from Candida along with a good anti-fungal.

  3. Thanks Melissa – great posts.
    I have chronic endo, also adrenal fatigue and candida, and I think it often feels hard to know where to start, as each makes the other worse 🙂

  4. Hi Melissa 🙂 Firstly, wow! I am so blown away by the level of frequency you have been posting recently, it is so exciting to read. Well done for all of your motivation to keep finding out new things! I think at the moment I am going through one of those ‘dissatisfaction’ phases you alluded to in a recent post, but I have been thinking that the foggy lack of direction could be candida-related. I did a great candida cleanse about 3 months ago, where I ate HEAPS of green veges, stopped eating sugar (I had already cut out refined sugar, but this prompted me to cut out refined carbs and cut down on carbohydrates in general, and avoid even natural sugar – no dried fruit, bananas etc), and took a good probiotic plus undecylenic acid capsules (natural anti-fungal) twice daily. After just three days I had some die-off symptoms of headaches and dizziness but then after that hurdle I just felt remarkably good! No more phlegmy tongue and throat, no more foggy brain, and the recurrent thrush went away. I followed this regimen for 4 weeks and then I stopped the supplements and slowly started introducing more natural sugars again, basically allowing myself to eat more fruit. I thought I would be all set for being candida-free, but the last couple of weeks I have noticed some of the tell-tale signs coming back! The vitalzym sounds really intriguing, I will have to keep following your progress 🙂 best of luck!

    • Thanks for all the comments Hannah! It is awesome to have your great responses 🙂 There are heaps of other options for Candida. I quite like the tea – Pau D’ Arco. It actually tastes quite sweet 🙂

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