My Paleo, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Sugar Free Breakfast! Plus… It’s travel Friendly!

My Paleo, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Sugar Free Breakfast! Plus… It’s travel Friendly!

I am currently running BETA testers through my Endo Wellness Retreat and getting ready for the big launch in 2016! It is all very exciting and it is great to get some fabulous feedback on the program. Women are already experiencing transformations and it is only a month in! If you are new to the site and wish to register your interest to be notified, please visit and get a personal invitation.

One of the questions that came up was what to have for breakfast. I know this can be challenging and realized that my new breakfast wasn’t included in my Eat Endo Happy Recipe Book, so you guys can all have this one for free!

It is truly Paleo-inspired with heaps of nuts and coconut flakes. Nuts can be a little harder for our bodies to digest, so I prefer to use seeds!

Watch the video and discover how to make your super easy, travel-friendly breakfast:


This is a fairly loose recipe and you can really play with the quantities as much as you like or what flavors you personally prefer.

Ideas of what I included:

The base:

  • About 2 handfuls of coconut flakes. These are flakes, not desiccated coconut. Make sure you don’t get the one with sulphites in it.
  • Sprinkle of pumpkin seeds
  • Sprinkle of sesame seeds
  • Sprinkle of sunflower seeds
  • Sprinkle of nigella seeds/ black sesame seeds
  • Sprinkle of goji berries
  • About a tablespoon of cocoaPaleo, Gluten Free breakfast. Yum!

    nibs (less if you are new to these)

The topping:

  • Fresh cut strawberries
  • Fresh blueberries
  • 1 banana, cut up


Sprinkle, Mix and top, and of course enjoy with a big fat smile on your face!


Big hugs,

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  1. Thank you for your blog postings Melissa, after your blog on colonics I went and got one and felt amazing and I’m also on the Paleo style of eating after seeing your breakfast recipe . Even though I was already gluten free I was still having bloating and gut issues but only after a few weeks those symptoms are much less to non existent . Deep gratitude 😀

  2. It looks yummy! I’ve never tried coconut flakes before, but I sure do now! I do my diet only a week ago, because my endo came back 🙁 and I tried chia pudding for breakfast. I tried paleo diet in 2013, and later got the diagnozis, altough because of the diet my symphtones were nearly zero, I just had a minor pain around my ovary, were my cyst were.
    Melissa, do You think, that the paleo diet can be a good choice for somebody?
    Thank You, Melissa for Your work, I’m so happy to find Your site, You give so much help and support!

  3. I liked your video because it was easy to follow, the recipe I could print out, and was a practical thing I could do for breakfast. Thank you Melissa!

  4. You should include dried cherries or cherries as according to TCM they are warming to the uterus… which is potentially beneficial, supposedly.

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