One thing you can do RIGHT now to help your digestion which indirectly helps your Endometriosis!

One thing you can do RIGHT now to help your digestion which indirectly helps your Endometriosis!

My mom has always suffered with really bad digestive problems, to the point where she has had part of her colon removed a few years ago. Naturally, it got me thinking more about my digestion and how well it was really doing. I never really thought about it that much and to be honest, it was always just this “extra” that I had to deal with along with Endometriosis. Never, did I consider that my digestion would actually be part of the cause of my pain with Endometriosis. Until, I actually decided that perhaps I should fix my digestive issues before I too, had to get part of my colon removed.


My digestion was actually always on the blink. “Up and down” is the term I used. In other words, diarrhea one day and next constipation. I struggled to get a normal digestive system. I would also “play” with my digestion. I had worked out that dairy often made me get more diarrhea and that bread and meat would often give me more constipation, so when things were too soft, I ate bread, when things were too hard, I ate a big bowl of ice-cream! Scary when I think back! When things got really out of hand, I often resorted to taking drugs to do the same things – up and down.


Thing is, doing this just made my Endometriosis so much worse than it ever needed to be. I would get soooo bloated and feel lowsy. I was often tired and irritable and lethargic. I used to believe it was all just the endo…. until now.


So, I am not going to tell you the usual things about how to improve your digestion as I am sure you have worked it out from the website already – eat fruits, veg, cut out meat, dairy and sugar and drink heaps of water. 🙂


What I am going to do instead is introduce you to a very clever and quite important thing that will dramatically help your digestion! It is called food combining. It sounds logical but most of us simply don’t do it. It is “normal” to have meat with rice or potatoes. It is “normal” to have bread with our meals. It is “normal” to have pasta with chicken – right? It may be “normal” but unfortunately it causes massive struggles on our poor bodies.


This is how it works…. when we eat pasta/rice/ carbohydrates the stomach is given something Alkaline to break down. It therefore sends less acids to break it down. When we then combine that with meat/chicken or foods that need an acid environment to be digested, the stomach needs more acids to break them down. The problem is, the carbohydrates and the meat cancel each other out. This confuses the stomach and it struggles to digest either one! Guess what our bodies do when they don’t know what to do? Either store it or get rid of it as fast as possible! Little nutritional absorption and our bodies become sluggish trying to get what it can out of the food. This means the food sits undigested in our bowels and guess what that means – bloating, gas and pain!


All you need to do is only combine protein with vegetables or combine carbohydrates with vegetables. Not protein with carbohydrates. I know initially this sounds complicated so I just ate vegetarian for ages. I excluded nuts in the combination (protein) and avoided bread. It worked! I got used to having no meat in my meal. It was really good. My stomach felt really light and good. No bloating and no gas. I could eat a whole meal and feel energetic afterwards, rather than wanting to go to sleep. Now, I combine fish and vegetables or I have pure vegetarian dishes.


I know there are loads of symptoms that come with Endometriosis. I never considered that my digestion could be a symptom and a solution to my pain levels.

If our digestion is out of wack, we are simply not absorbing what our bodies need. We need important nutrients to regulate Endometriosis. Selenium is one of the key ones which has been linked with Endometriosis. So, although you may eat super, dooper super foods, if your body is not able to absorb them properly, they are of little benefit to you! You need to get that stuff into the blood stream!


One of the key things you will also notice is that all that bloating and gassiness is not helping the already high pressure in your abdominal area. By reducing these digestive symptoms, you can dramatically improve your pain with Endometriosis!


Yes, digestion is just one of the many things we have to deal with, with Endometriosis but this one thing will help you feel better overnight! It is easier than you think to just combine the right foods together 🙂

Big hugs,

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  1. Hi Melissa, thanks for this tip! I really hope it helps because the bloating is frustrating. What’s more difficult still is that lately, I get *very* slim for about 24 hours before my period… all my fat seems to just disappear. Then, when the menstrual bloat sets in on the 1st-2nd day of my period, the shift in size seems even bigger by contrast! Does anyone else get that?! I’ve found loads of sites on the internet talking about women who get bigger just before their period but lately I always get smaller just before it and much bigger during. Come to think of it, I also get bigger during ovulation which is supposedly when most women tend to temporarily slim down…

    I will see a doctor about this soon, but in the meantime, I am wondering whether others have noticed something similar going on during their cycle… or am I just a freak, lol?

    • OMG I’m exactly the same;feel super slim and no bloating prior,then like a space-hopper a couple of days later! You’re no freak I promise,its just such a dramatic contrast and makes you feel so unfeminine let alone uncomfortable!

  2. […] When we first go to the doctor with “lower abdominal pain”, their first point of reference is likely to be our digestion. When they ask us the questions, “What is your digestion like? Do you have diarrhoea? Constipation? Cramping?”, we might reply, “Well, yes we do…. all of the above.”  The difficulty with diagnosis is that these digestive problems they are often interlinked with Endometriosis and other digestive issues. One of the ways to work out if the source of pain comes from Endometriosis or digestive issues is by looking at the hormone fluctuations. We have extreme diarrhoea or constipation just before or during our period. Our digestion is closely linked to our hormones, so these two are interlinked.  This article will help your digestion immediately. […]

  3. This may be off the subject but is constipation a symptom of endometriosis and will balancing hormones help with that and what are some natural remedies for it?

    • Hi Desiree,
      Irritable Bowel Syndrome – which includes bowel problems is definitely a symptom of Endo. It is definitely hormone related – spot on with that one 🙂
      I would recommend increasing your natural Omega 3 & 6 in your diet and perhaps get some Cod Liver Oil or Omega oils to take. Chia is a natural source, plus heaps of nuts.Aloe Vera is a great way to specifically focus on constipation but ultimately it all comes back to your diet – increase the fruit and veg and you’ll be fine 🙂

  4. Melissa, I started my own blog, documenting my health journey and what I’m learning along the way. Thanks to you, I’ve learned so much from your journey. A debt of gratitude, dear friend!!

  5. I am suffering again with endomentrisos, I just had a lap in February and it came back.
    same systoms, bladder infection, stomach, IBS I can’t take it anymore…

    • Hi Pina. I am sorry to hear of your struggles. It is time to make some distinctive changes then 🙂 Start with juicing and cutting out gluten and add some Maca Root Powder into your diet and you will notice a massive difference 🙂

  6. This article was excellent. I have been having terrible abdominal pain and ups and downs my whole life. I never understood what it was from and my mom always cooked meat and potatoes. I remember lying on the bathroom floor when I was younger to get rid of the burning sensation in my stomach. I have been using a probiotic with vitamins and that has been helping but sometimes changing everything I eat is a struggle. I have stuck to bland foods this week and will try to get more creative with vegetable dishes.

    • Thanks Kristin. I found going vegetarian the easiest and once you get used to not having the “three food groups” on your plate, you can start experimenting with protein, carb options. 🙂

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