One of the first things our Gynecologists and GP’s suggest to reduce the effects of Endometriosis is to take a hormonal treatment. The reason for this is that Endometriosis cells will grow and develop further with an excess of Oestrogen in the body. Many women with Endometriosis suffer from too much Estrogen – commonly called Estrogen Dominance. By choosing a hormonal treatment, we can essentially keep the condition under control or at least reduce it from spreading further in the body.

Unfortunately, the choices we are often presented by Gynecologists and GP’s are made up synthetic hormones. This means, they are not natural or recognisable to our bodies and this creates a counteractive effect on our long-term healing goals with Endometriosis. They interfere with all our hormones, including the thyroid and also alter the natural bacteria or flora in our gut. You can read more about the effects of synthetic hormonal treatments here.

There is a better choice!

We can choose to use natural hormonal treatments which focus on levelling out or balancing the Oestrogen Dominance scenario within our bodies. Note: It is important to establish whether you have indeed got Oestrogen Dominance as many women with Endometriosis also have different hormonal imbalances and though statistically we are more likely to suffer from Oestrogen Dominance, it is not always the case!

Progesterone levels out Oestrogen. So, if we have too much oestrogen, we can simply take more progesterone and it will create a normal balance again.

There are two main methods we can use to level out the Progesterone/ Oestrogen imbalance:


1. Progesterone Cream

With a very small amount applied each day, over a period of time we can gain a natural balance within the body. Many women make the mistake of taking too much over a short time. In combination, your diet and exercise program will also help level out the hormones naturally. I recommend Natpro as the best Natural Progesterone Cream. It contains pure progesterone and also heaps of Vitamin E which guarantees it’s quality. You can order it here. 


2. Herbal Supplements

I would recommend Maca as my first choice. This natural plant found in the mountains of Peru is fabulous at regulating hormones. It regulates the thyroid gland at the same time as our other hormones and provides the body with heaps of other benefits. Check out my video about Maca here. 

The other herbal remedy is Vitex or Chasteberry. It is a progesterone stimulating herb.


With either option, I do recommend initially starting with a very low dose. You want the body to not just adjust to the hormone but also be open and ready to absorb it. With herbal supplements, we want to vary the days and times within the day that we take it too. The receptor sites within the body get too used to something, if it comes at the same time each morning. Vary when you take it and how. I personally used Maca in both the powder form for smoothies and also as supplements and sometimes took it in the morning and other times in the evening.

I noticed an instant improvement with my moodiness, PMS symptoms and headaches!


An important point about using progesterones for Endometriosis:

Our hormones are only a symptom of the true imbalance that exists with Endometriosis. Though these methods will alleviate a heap of symptoms that we experience with Endometriosis, they cannot ever resolve the condition. We are merely dealing with the symptoms of hormonal imbalance. We need to get to the source of why that hormonal imbalance has occurred in the first place…..

Those answers are all in my new Ebook…. so please download a copy.


There is however, a massive relief that happens when you use these treatments. You will have more energy, feel more positive and your healing journey will feel possible – which is such a huge part of the journey!

If you have tried progesterones and had success with them, feel free to share. If you have further questions on how they work or anything you are not sure of, feel free to ask.