Traditional Chinese Medicine and Endo Ex for Endometriosis – My Thoughts :)

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Endo Ex for Endometriosis – My Thoughts :)

I have had a few emails and comments regarding my treatment plan that I started a few months ago. Well, I thought I would let you know the outcome so far. It has been a few months, so it is a fair time to give something a review and here it is.

Well, the treatment plan involved taking Endo-Ex for Endometriosis and the Ghu Zhi Fu Ling Wan Traditional Chinese Medicine. I took both first thing in the morning followed by at least 10 minutes of exercise. My belief was that if I exercised afterwards, the relevant bits would get to where they needed to go.

A little bit more info on what is in these things:


This is a product by the Natural Therapies group. It contains Dong Quai, Chaste berry or Vitex, Milk Thistle, Chinese Yam and Viburnum Opulus. The main focus of this tincture was to create hormonal rebalancing. It advocated a balancing mechanism which would alleviate the symptoms of Endometriosis. So, basically we are stimulating oestrogen or progesterone to reduce the oestrogen overflow caused by Endometriosis. Check out their explanation of ingredients here:

I noticed many of these ingredients are phytoestrogens through my other means of research, which would essentially mimic our oestrogens. This is still debatable to me. Please read my article on it here:

Why natural healing doesn’t always work

Mucking with hormones, good or bad?

Also, read this one: about Chaste berry, which is the main ingredient in Endo Ex.

There were initially some great benefits to this remedy. I noticed a significant improvement on how I felt but I also noticed my emotions were all over the place. After 2 months I was crying uncontrollably, noticing a sense of panic too much and just did not feel very emotionally stable. I could attribute these things to stuff that were going on in my life at the time but I decided not to continue with Endo Ex. If you have used the product, I would love to hear your opinions though.

So, the struggle I have with this product is… once again we are mucking with our hormones to alleviate the symptoms of Endometriosis. This is not a cure but it is reducing the side effects of the condition – elevated oestrogen levels. So, yes it might offer some temporary relief but once the balance is out of whack again, we will be back to square one.

Ghu Zhi Fu Ling Wan

The main reason I decided to use this one was that I was living in the middle of nowhere when we first got to New Zealand, working in one of the ski areas of New Zealand. Though I preferred to see a traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, the closest one was an hour’s drive away. I did some research and discovered this product being advocated for Endometriosis or as they describe it, a moving of blood stasis.

It uses a “warming technique” in healing and activates the spleen, liver and kidney function, thereby giving the body more chance to heal itself. In a study about the herbs it indicated that blood stasis was significantly reduced by 79% of endometriosis patients. I believe it has something to do with realigning the chi in our body.

I have spent 3 months on this product and I can honestly say it has been significant in the symptom improvements. I don’t just feel less pain but the main differences are in the little symptoms and signs which are significantly reduced.

Noticeable improvements:

  • No more headaches
  • Less pain during monthly and ovulation time
  • Stuff that comes out during my monthly is clear and no clots (sorry to be gross)
  • Less bloating and tension in the abdominal area
  • No nausea, digestion issues or heartburn

Though I believe this product helps, I still don’t think it will completely eliminate Endometriosis. I think it is a great product to get rid of the excess cells of blood in the uterus and thereby reduce the pain and adhesions.

The imbalance is still within our body and our focus still needs to be placed on the liver and lifestyle to completely rid ourselves of Endo. There is no “cure in a bottle” for endometriosis!

However, this is definitely a product I would strongly recommend, having tried it and seen definite improvements within a short time. I will keep taking it over the next 6 months and keep you updated on my progress but I will definitely combine it with a strong liver diet and the other recommendations you have seen on my blog already.

To buy the product, I found it through a natural herb supplier.

Ghu Zhi Fu Ling Wan

The important thing is not to overdo it, which is our natural tendency when we find something we think is going to work. Remember, the tortoise wins the race! I started off with only half the dose they recommended so the body could get used to the herbs. You don’t want to get the runs, believe me!
I then gradually increased the amount. Your digestion is a good sign on this one. If you are getting too runny, reduce the amount; if you are not as runny, increase it. Sorry, easiest way to explain it 🙂
It will be great for your digestion! I have no issues with this one AT ALL any more! It is fabulous and being able to reduce that additional bloating helps with Endo so much!

An update: If you have been taking Gu Zhi Fu Ling Wan for a while, be careful not to overdo it. When your stools become too loose, it is time to stop.

Big hugs,

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  1. Hi melissa i’m mali i have. Been taking the herbal. Gui zhi fu ling wan for unblocked my both tube do you think it’s work for me please. I’ m start the pills juin first my acupunture treatment. Prescribed me let me know please or do you know something much better because. I was looking baby thanks

  2. Hi Mel!

    It’s ok if I take Nattokinase with Serra and add Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan or Curcumin? Would it be too much ? Thank you.

  3. Hi Melisa, can I have gui zhi fu ling wan for the ovariab cyst? Ultrasound show that I had 3cm cyst. The gyno suggested for laparoscopy but I fear. So I decided to take this herbal. Hope so much it helps to reduce the cyst coming

  4. Hi Melissa,

    I just purchased the Endo-Ex before finding your site and reading your blogs. I am nervous to try the product now (I’m naturally spectical about everything I put into my body). My main concern is possible side effects. Other than emotional side effects, did you have any physical side effects with the supplement?

    • I have taken Endo-Ex over a course of 3 years, with breaks in between. It took about a month before I noticed any relief in my symptoms (left ovary pain, before during and after ovulation, then again before onset of mens up until the 3rd day) The symptoms included strong, pulling,stabbing pain, bloatedness, migraines, lower back ache.
      Endo-Ex brought more relief of symptoms the longer I took it until I thought I was free of them ( for good) and stopped taking it. Over the course of a month the symptoms slowly crept back in, so back to EE I went. Three things I noted while on EE: my flow was heavier (my understanding is that Dong Gui can bring on heavier bleeding) and my breast tenderness (ultra fibrose tissue) was muchly relieved to the point of where my mams did not double in size as they appear to do 2 weeks before my bleeding starts. Vitex is known to help with breast tenderness. The third thing was that the severe cramping and nausea I experience with the onset of my bleeding was greatly lessened. I was very convinced of EE until I took another break from it and the symptoms returned faster and almost tenfold.
      After coming across Melissa’s blog and doing some reading on Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan, I wanted to give it a try. I am on my first bottle, taking 2x 5 teapills. It may be too early to say, but I feel that the sharpness on my ovary pain around ovulation has already turned for the better. I almost look fwd to my upcoming period, to experience my body on this for me newly found medicine.

  5. Melissa, Can i how cai i find you to make some qeustions about endometriosis? Have u some e-mail?




  6. Greetings Melissa. How are you doing? Hope that you are still using this page. My wife suffers with endometriosis. She would like to have a baby. She tried to use endo-ex, but it is causing some emotion of brown liquid and menstrual period endless. This morning I four this page. We are in Mozambique, Africa. Have you some dealt good digestion?

    • I don’t really recommend Endo-Ex. Yarrow and Moringa (it grows there) are a great alternative 🙂 Make sure she looks at her diet too. Lovely that you care so much about her Lourenco 🙂

  7. Hi Melissa,

    I’ve tried to search, but haven’t found anything. Would you know if Ghui Zi Fu Ling Wan interacts with the thyroid? I have Hashimotos, hypothyroidism and insulin resistance too so and am wary of trying something new that might aggravate these issues while being beneficial to endo.

    Grateful thanks!

  8. Hi Melissa, I am Judy. I have had endometriosis for 14 years. I also have ulcerative colitis. I have had a partial hysterectomy, but the scar tissue is what is giving me so many problems. It just keeps strangling my organs! Surgery after surgery. Is there any way to help stop this scar tissue problem. My doctor only cuts me open and gives me absolutely no natural help. He is a great surgeon, but honestly, I have been cut open 5 times! Enough is enough. You are such a blessing to me. Thank you so much Melissa for your heart.

    • Hi Judy,
      I would really focus on cleansing your gut – it is all related. Check out the connection with Candida and scar tissue. I would get onto heaps of gut cleansing tools. Make some Coconut Kefir, get a good probiotic and really support your ability to flush out toxins and absorb nutrients.
      I would then recommend some Serrapeptase which eats away at scar tissue. Please do step one first though so your body can absorb and utilise it properly 🙂

  9. Hi Melissa,
    I have been diagnosed with an endometrial cyst that is the size of a lemon 6.5 cm.
    I am currently without insurance and have already had two surgeries for cyst removal, one laporoscopy and then one where they had to cut me open to get it. I do not want to have another surgery, because I cannot afford it and because I do not want to have them cut into my ovaries again. I would like to have more children (I have one daughter 5 yrs old now). I have been researching online to find a way to get rid of my cyst naturally. I have tried essential oils, Castor oil paks, and then I stumbled upon your web page. I have already ordered and started using Exclzyme and Gui Zhi Fu Ling Pian (Wan) from Planetary Herbs. I’m not sure if it is the same as what you recommend because I cannot compare ingredients. Can you list the ingredients so I can compare? Also is there anything else you can recommend that might help? I have recently purchased Bupleurum per your reviews. I have been taking the Exclzyme and GUI Zhi Fu Ling Pian (wan) for a week now, and the Bupleurum for 2 days. I can’t say that I am seeing much result but then I am still taking pain meds because of the severity of my symptoms.
    I want to heal naturally but I cannot deal with the pain yet? Can you help guide me on my journey?

    • Hi Kate and welcome to my blog. Unfortunately, taking supplements alone is not the answer. They don’t work like pain medications, giving you instant relief. The way to truly heal the body is to give it nutrients and healing power through the foods that you eat. It is important to really look at your diet and focus on cutting out foods that cause inflammation and also to eliminate toxins from the diet – packaged foods. Get onto some superfoods and really build your nutrient reserves in your body.

  10. Hi Melissa,

    Thank you for your amazing blog, and all the research. I suffer from severe endometriosis as well, and have gone through 2 laproscopies to excise large endometriomas on my ovaries. Strangely, my endometriosis developed late (when I was around 31, and when living in an extremely cold weather with no heating in my room!) and I never ever had a bad period in my life before. But within months, it proliferated into my ovaries and just bleeds so much that I have visible dark veins on my stomach (of the ovarian endometriosis). I sometimes think the retrograde theory holds in my case, and the Qi stagnation that chinese medicine defines. The exposure to extreme cold causing Qi stagnation simply fits certain cases – and it is not like there never was any endometriosis but the stagnant blood never got to be cleaned up due to a compromised immune system (due to cold weather? And possible other factors such as poor diet) that gradually led to the endometriosis developing.

    After my second laproscopy, I was put on Zoladex for 3 months, and then non-stop birth control meds for 10 months, during which time I attempted using Fibrovan and Vitalzym to clear off all the remaining endometriosis and adhesions resulting form surgery – a later scan showed no cysts on my ovaries. So, the whole enzyme therapy works brilliantly for me as well, as the period then was simply pain-free and a bliss. The continuous birth control however resulted in a couple of fibroids, which I began to attempt to shrink to half their size (6cm to 3cm) after I got off the birth control meds. But alas, after 6 months of pure bliss, the ovarian endometriomas have grown with a vengeance again! Now, in just a couple of months they have grown to 7cm on both ovaries! I have decided to get on the birth control meds again to stop my ovulation and take enzymes to clear off the mess. I found your site and decided to add the chinese herbs as well to move all the endometriosis mass and shrink the cyst. Really trying to reduce my cyst now without surgery – I just hope this is possible at all with the size of my cyst.

    As you say, I am also skeptical about taking too high phytoestrogens (especially given that I am on the estrogen-progesterone combination pill which is so delicately balanced to stop ovulation). Does ‘Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan’ have any phytoestrogens? Going by its ingredients, it does not appear to contain any and I hope will be a good addition to treat my recurrence :-).

    Thanks once again for your wonderful blog,

    • Hi Sarita and welcome to my blog. I don’t think the Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan has any phytoestrogens in it and it seemed to help me heaps with my pain and dark blood. I have never had specific cysts, so I can’t really advise from my personal experience.
      I would imagine that Serrepeptase combined with the chinese medicine Ghi Zhi Fu Ling Wan would help heaps. Try it and see what happens 🙂

  11. Hi Melissa,

    I have been taking Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan for almost 3 months now. It has been my favorite thing. It helps a lot with my symptoms of pain and bloating. I get a lot of pain the week after my period and it helps with that. The low price is a plus too! I have only been taking 6 tablets a day or a couple teaspoons of the powder a day.

  12. I ordered Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan and just got it today. I took 6 pills earlier today and have not had any adverse reactions. I am excited to try it.

    • Hi Heidi! Of course sweetheart! I do my best to only recommend things I have tried and can trust so you don’t have bad reactions 🙂 Let me know how it goes!

      • I was wondering if you are taking this every day or do you stop with menstruation? Also, do you notice a difference with taking the pills in hot water or just drinking them with water? Thanks!

        • Hi Heidi. I usually take them right through the month. If you notice you are getting softer stools from it, then reduce the amount you are taking 🙂
          Warm water is best as the body digests things easier when they are the same as our body temperature.
          All the best

  13. Hi Melissa,

    Are you still taking Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan? My Chinese herbalist recommended it. I went to click on your link to buy some but it was invalid, do you recommend any other places to buy it from?


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