My Day of Pain. What I Did to Alleviate It…

My Day of Pain. What I Did to Alleviate It…

Well, I woke up with that wonderful shallow burning pain and needing to go to the toilet desperately. I wouldn’t have minded laying there for a few minutes to adjust to the morning light but my body was telling me to go immediately!
I had a wonderful bout of runny tummy followed by that knowing that it was that time of the month. I felt crap. Cramping, bloated and light-headed, I straddled myself back upstairs to try and face another day at work. I managed to get to work, even though I could feel the pain while getting ready. I took some ibuprofen as this normally works pretty well but it wasn’t doing the trick this month.
So, I had to take a day off work. Truth is, I had worked really hard yesterday and possibly overdid it. I was feeling okay but somehow shaky and the thought of having to concentrate was too much. Energy draining stuff!

So I went home. Here is the process I have taken to feel a whole lot better by the middle of the day:
1. Took off all that fancy work wear and put on my sloppy pants. These should ideally be ones with a drawstring or very loose elastic! I can’t handle any elastic!
2. I made myself a tea. Initially I made a chamomile tea but I have varied my tea selection throughout the day.
3. Made myself a heat pack. Now you can use a hot water bottle for this but I find the heat pack better because it isn’t as heavy on the tummy and I have this cool strap for it so I can walk around with it too!
4. Watched several chick flick movies. I love these when I am sore as I somehow feel better when I let some of that emotion out. I like to cry at all the soppy scenes and it somehow distracts me from my own pain and potentially feeling sorry for myself. Here is what I watched: The Notebook, Marley and Me and of course Sex and the City!
5. Ate some cucumber and parsley to get my body to flush out what it needs to.
6. Did some really basic yoga which opens up the lower pelvic area. These are seriously light and not strenuous but do wonders! It gets oxygen into the area, which really alleviates the pain extremities!
7. Gave myself a calendula massage. This is a beautiful oil that doesn’t smell funny afterwards. I rub it in and give myself a light massage. It somehow just alleviates that total bloated feeling.
8. Ate lots of fruit and nuts throughout the day and drank heaps of water too. This ensured I didn’t get that hunger sensation like I had the other day.

So, it is amazing how much better all these little things in combination can do. They don’t get rid of the pain totally but I do feel much better than I did this morning. The main thing is not to panic about the pain. Remember when we cramp we get more sore!

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What do you do when you get sore? What works for you? Any other ideas besides the ones I used today?

Big hugs,

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  1. I’ve found some little tips that seem to be useful when the pain is very intense: I noticed that when I’m in a strong pain and I unconsciously give tension to my feet (I tend to press against the floor or bed) or I contract them, this seems to release some tension. The same happens when I wave and gently move my legs when I lay down or I’m sitting on a chair.
    I would suggest also to “squeeze” something in your hands, maybe a couple of anti-stress balls or a puppet. Less pain signals seem to arrive to the brain when I do it. That’s weird but interesting!

  2. When I’m in an endo funk I find the best relief from taking an ultra hot bath with 1-2 cups lavender scented Epsom salts. I put my sound machine on the “ocean waves” setting and visualize the endo pain melting and evaporating from the heat. It really helps. (Be careful not to overdue it on the hot water, or you may feel light-headed when you get out of the tub.)

    Other than that, there is nothing as therapeutic as taking a long nap, with the warm electric blanket covering my belly, and my 2 little rescue dogs curled-up next to me. They both snore, but at that point I’m so relaxed, that I drift off to sleep with them.

    I appreciate their unconditional love so much during these times. They don’t mind a bit if I’m bloated, with hair in a scrunchie and walking around in my yoga pants all day!

  3. It’s interesting how different things help with the pain. You mentioned that you don’t like having elastic or anything on your tummy. For me I need pressure! A big heavy hot water bottle, or sometimes I’ll even tie a scarf as tight as I can around my stomach.

    One thing I found that helps with the pain (after hot water bottle, or if really bad a hot, hot bath), is drinking water. I find that I drink tons of water during my period. Oddly I find it helps a lot with the pain, and I usually am careful to drink enough water throughout the month as well. I also crave fruit and smoothies during this time.

    Also rest is important as well. I find that sometimes if I can just get into a position and NOT MOVE than the pain is better, it hurts so much just getting up to go to the bathroom or something to eat sometimes.

  4. So, last month i cut gluten out of my diet (About 2 weeks before my expected time of the month) and im not sure if its jut a coincidence, but my pain wasn’t as bad! I drank alot of chamomile tea (Which i have grown to LOVE). Whenever i felt pain, i would lay on the ground and do some ab exercises. I stayed on top of my Motrin and Tylenol, too. I also found some yoga, one position in particular that REALLY REALLY helped. It always made the pain go away.

    I sat up really straight, on the floor with my back against the wall and put my feet together. Then i pulled my feet as close to my body as possible while keeping a straight back.


    I’m hoping, eventually i wont need any painkillers. (:

    • Great tip – thank you Mary. Gluten makes a huge difference to pain levels with endo – think our digestion is just not as good.
      Well done 🙂

  5. Speaking of heat packs, there’s this fantastic thing called a Bed Buddy. I used to just use a hot water bottle, but when I got married my husband already had this Bed Buddy thing, and it’s the best thing in the world. It’s basically a cloth bag with buckwheats inside it. You heat it up (a microwave is the most convenient way), and it stays hot for quite a while.

  6. When I get my pains they are usually so bad that I can’t really make tea or heating pads anymore 🙁 Therefore I use Ibuprofen which doesn’t take the pain really away, but keeps it so much at bay that I can think again and maybe even make tea/heating pads/sleep. Sometimes I deliberately sleep only a few hours on the day before I get my period (sometimes difficult as it’s so irregular), so I’m very exhausted on Day 1 and just fall asleep – sort of “passing out” against the pain. However that’s not really healthy… :/

    • Hi Isadora. That is certainly not a great healing regiment 🙁 but I can understand why you do that~
      Next time you get such severe pain, try the Castor Oil Pack. Trust me! This is amazing. Also take 6 Evening Primrose Oil capsules in a day. Unfortunately, Ibuprofen will actually make your healing get worse over the long run. It affects your liver and also the very hormones that actually alleviate inflammation and clotting. Hope we can find a better alternative for you than drugs and sleep :)

  7. I take barley grass powder by now brand and i find the chlorphyll oxygenates the blood and pelvic region to releive pain and also build good intestinal flora.

  8. One thing I do if I can, is take a nap. I usually feel so tired when I don’t feel well. Sleeping usually helps reducing the pain. I can’t always do that, unless I’m off work… But then again I’ve found myself taking a nap after coming home from work, I lay down on the couch to try to relax and end up falling asleep for a little while! Sleep is good! 🙂

    • I totally agree with that one! Love the little nap! It makes such a difference too and you can’t feel pain when you’re asleep! 🙂

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