Q&A Tuesday: What’s a Good Lubricant to Use?

Q&A Tuesday: What’s a Good Lubricant to Use?

So, it is Tuesday morning and it is almost time for me to go to work. Each Tuesday morning, I will be answering any questions you might have about endometriosis, the Endo Diet or anything else.

The idea behind the Q&A Tuesday is to answer any questions I might not have already answered on the blog. So, feel free to ask away and if I have already answered the question, I might just direct you to an existing blog. If your question is new and it hasn’t been answered, I will answer it for you in a video each week.

This week, the question was from a girl asking about which is the best natural lubricant to use?

For those of you who don’t have access to video or still want to know what it is… it is coconut oil. It is a fabulous anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

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I love coconut oil and recommend it for all sorts of things. It is a natural body moisturiser,  hair mask and you can cook with it too.

Do you know of other good lubricants we can use? What’s your experience with coconut oil? Have you tried it? What sort of pain do you experience with endometriosis and sex? Feel free to share.

Big hugs and healing,

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