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Hi there my fellow Endo Sister,

COlourPaletteMy name is Melissa and the founder of Endo Empowered & an Endometriosis Wellness Expert. I work with women who would like to manage their endometriosis holistically.

This work came about through my personal journey with having stage 4 endometriosis and feeling completely disempowered and limited within my own life. By going through this journey and coming out the other side, living a normal life, not restricted by endometriosis, I feel it is my duty to share my knowledge with women around the world.

What separates my service from other practitioners is that I specialize in endometriosis and use a complete and holistic approach to manage endometriosis successfully. Because of this, you will receive proven, specific and step-by-step information on exactly what you need to do to manage your endometriosis successfully.




What makes me qualified to share this knowledge?

I am currently in my fourth year of completing my Naturopath Degree for Natural Medicine – only one more year to go! This degree allows me to enhance my existing knowledge and give me a piece of paper to validate what I know! My knowledge on endometriosis has come through a personal passion to feel well and uncovering every clue I could to understand it. There is no institution that teaches what I have uncovered as it is endometriosis specific. I no longer experience pain or symptoms with endometriosis and believe women need to know what I have uncovered. spcnm_logo

My extensive knowledge on endometriosis has come through the following:

  • Living with endometriosis for over 20 years and finally getting to a place of overcoming endometriosis.
  • Working with women around the world with different stages of endometriosis and successfully helping them to manage their endometriosis.
  • Over 7 years of specific research on endometriosis and using a natural approach.
  • Interviewing naturopaths and experts in the field of women’s health and endometriosis.
  • Reading every book, research paper and document about endometriosis that I could find in the last 5 years.
  • Attending seminars, events and conferences focusing on women’s health.
  • Working on Endo Empowered full-time without a job to distract me from this important work.


Why do I do this work?

I am truly passionate about helping women with endometriosis and believe strongly that we can manage endometriosis using a holistic approach. I have seen it over and over again and want ALL women with endometriosis to at least try it! Here are some stories of women who have approached endometriosis naturally and the results they have had. The cool thing is that there is no risk or danger in trying my approach and how awesome would it be, if it actually worked?


COlourPaletteI have felt how terrible endometriosis can be and don’t want you to suffer anymore!

Endometriosis affected me in a big, big way. I mostly felt stuck and restricted in my life choices. I felt like my life purpose was lost in the sea of operations, painkillers and days and weeks of pain. I put on a brave face to the world but inside I was really struggling. Life felt harder than it needed to. I was exhausted all of the time and pain was just part of my everyday life. The truth was that I was hiding behind a mask, trying not to show my weaknesses and determined to not let endometriosis restrict my life but pushing myself each day to get through. Then I would desperately hope that somehow tomorrow it would be more bearable.

I felt like I was missing out on the true essence of my life. I was merely getting through, overcoming pain and that increasing sense of being overwhelmed and tired. Inwardly I felt defeated by endometriosis and there were these constant worries about my health and my fertility. Do you feel that too?


I get it!

  • That inexplicable pain that wrenches deep inside of you and draws every inch of your being into it.
  • The “not being heard”, being told that you are exaggerating or that “it is all in your head.”
  • The longing to be understood.
  • The lack of knowledge and the frustration around this disease. No one seems to know anything about it and the research is so limited or one-sided.
  • The embarrassment of describing this disease to others. The “You have what?” and then having to go into the gory details of cysts and growths, only to be told that it all sounds terrible.
  • The worry and fear of the endometriosis itself, it spreading, it limiting your fertility and all the years wasted in dealing with it.
  • The frustration, grief and sadness that comes with dealing with disease. How it limits your life for even the most basic things like walking, visiting friends or attending events. The limits on traveling, on enjoying your partner sexually, on furthering your career and doing the things you truly wish to do on a bigger scale.


The things we have probably both done…

  • Spent a full day crying and worrying about endometriosis and letting it own us, even if it was just for a day!
  • Cursed our bodies and the endometriosis for being there. Resenting that we even have endometriosis. Feeling like it just isn’t fair.
  • Cried on the bathroom floor, waiting for the painkillers to kick in.
  • Taken more than the prescribed amount of painkillers because they just didn’t seem to work!
  • Blaming ourselves for this disease. Believing that perhaps we were simply not doing enough.

Let us explore the Endo Empowered way!

Perhaps you are lost on what to do to manage your endometriosis? You’ve tried the recommendations typically shared within the medical community and they either didn’t help or you struggled to deal with the side-effects. Perhaps you are tired of having those operations all the time and having to spend so much time recovering afterwards?

The Endo Empowered approach to managing endometriosis is based on a strategy I developed called the REACH Technique©. It is a step-by-step strategy which considers all the aspects of using a holistic approach. I created it after testing and researching endometriosis for over 7 years. There are no risks with this approach as it is all natural. If you are ready to start implementing the REACH Technique©, then I recommend joining my free Kickstarter program by registering your details here.



I want you to feel pain and symptom free too!

Empowering women to discover how they can manage this condition effectively is something I feel truly passionate about and therefore dedicate myself to, as my full-time job. It is something I feel destined to do. How selfish would I be, if I didn’t share my findings with every woman out there with endometriosis?

Whether you are new to endometriosis, have had it for years, wish to get pregnant or simply want to experience one pain free period, it’s all about supporting our bodies fully, providing for it and helping it, so it can rebalance and heal. Each element of the REACH Technique© will guide you on how to do this. Find out more… click here.

Do you have questions and need my help?

It can feel overwhelming to know what to do and how to approach endometriosis to truly get results. To give yourself the best chance, I recommend searching through my blog articles – there are over 500 articles to choose. Alternatively, you can submit a question to me. I pick questions to answer each week and then publish them live on Facebook Live or on my YouTube channel. Make sure you sign up as a member to be notified and see the responses.

A little about my personal life:

I currently  live in Auckland, New Zealand with my husband and little puppy Wilson. I have lived in more than 5 different countries including growing up in South-Africa, living in London, Spain, Germany and Australia.

Here are some photo’s of my life:

My husband getting married in Majorca
My husband and I getting married in Majorca.
Where I walk Wilson
Beautiful New Zealand
Our house in Auckland
Our house in Auckland
Little Wilson

It is lovely to meet you and I look forward to you beginning your journey in managing endometriosis holistically.

Thank you for reading my story and feel free to share your story below.

Big hugs and healing,




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  1. Hello Melissa,
    I signed up for I thought was newsletters and I did the kick starter program. I have not received anything though. Is there a way to tell if I am signed up?
    Thank you.

  2. I have a daughter with stage 4 endometriosis. Horrible how she had to go through so much pain. Please help.

  3. Hi Melissa! Thanks for your encouraging website. I’m eager to join your kickstart program, but when I enter my name and email I get the following message: “Did not process request from due to Spam Sources.” I live in India, so perhaps that’s part of the problem? Please let me know if there’s another way I can join.

  4. Hi dear

    I just have a question, am taking vissane and a birth control tablet.. For my endo, can I take milk thistle seed capsule

  5. Hi Mel. I was searching for information about Maca root and endo, when I found your page. I am 34 years, and have tried to live with the pain since my early teen years. I dont know at which stage my endo is, since there has been so little understanding and help to get in the system. It wasn’t until this year, that a department for endo opened at the hospital here in Iceland where I live now.
    Other than having to live with the discomfort, which in my case was a staggering pain that would bring me to the ground, on a daily basis, I have had fertility problems, that has cost the most pain. It has been very difficult to get pregnant and I have had 3 miscarriages on different stages, and one operation, where they had to take my left side. After that we were lucky enough to get pregnant, and going the whole way, and we now have this precious boy, that immediately took away the pain and heartache that we had lived in for so many years.
    However we want another baby, and after having tried for many years to get pregnant again, only to go through one early miscarriage after another, I have lately been thinking about giving up and going back on the pill in fear of the damage that might be back again and the pain returning in full force. So finding your site gave me new positivity. I was so happy and filled with a little hope.

  6. am in Ghana how do i get ur recipe endo book? moreover our food stuffs are differ from urs so how can u help me on that to achieve the same purpose..?

  7. Mal. am in Ghana how can i get ur Endo Recipe book to buy? moreover our food stuffs is quite different from urs so how can u help me with that pls?

  8. I was diagnosed with stage 4 in 2012 age 31. I was devestated mainly as I believd this meant I couldn’t have children. I now have a beautiful daughter. Of you would like me to share my journey please let me know- I searched for hours on end for women who had managed to have children and am happy to give hope and let people know what worked for me.

  9. Hi Melissa
    Could you please give me your email address so I can send you my reports because its like 6 years now and I still dont know that i got endo or not… different doctors are having different stories. Please help me out. (Well this is what happened to me in Kiwiland 🙁 No confirmation yet!!)

  10. Hi Melissa ,

    I would like to know what is your take on other milk options like goat milk or nut milks like almond?
    And what about organic red meat is it still bad for endo?

    Thanks anod great work!

    • I don’t personally have a huge amount of milk in my diet but would probably go with Coconut milk as my no.1 option. Goat milk is fantastic and far less inflammatory than dairy. I would be careful with Almond milk and not using too much. For a splash in a drink it is fine but not as a staple – far too much Omega 6 oils which can be inflammatory.
      Organic meat is your best option. Just listen to your body. I personally don’t eat a huge amount of meat as the liver struggles with it.

  11. Hi! I’ve had endo for a few years now. When it first happened I thought it was my appendix. I was in severe pain, couldn’t walk, and kept vomitting even though I hadn’t eaten anything. So I went to the hospital and the catscan showed some sort of fluid in my uterus, and then I went to a gyno to get an ultrasound and she found growths on my ovaries and uterus. The disabilitating pain became a monthly thing and I had no idea what to do, the doctors had no solution to offer except the pill. But I started doing Hatha yoga 4-5 times a week, just to get in shape, and my symptoms 100% went away. I didn’t think anything of it until I had to slow down on yoga for school, and all the symptoms came back. I don’t have enough time to do that much yoga, so I’m in a lot of pain again. Mild tummy aches and digestive issues when not on period, and then terrible pains of all sorts on my period. I started taking the pill but I dont really like it. I’m really hoping to find some alternative and long term solutions for this!

  12. Hi, i’m 16 going on 17 and have had, even before i got my period at 12, the symptoms of endo. So, when i began high school, my mother and i decided that the amount of pain i was experiencing around my period was unnatural, so we saw our doctor who have put me on so many painkillers, blood thickeners etc. so now, i’ve been on the pill for two years with 95% pain free, but still having irregular bowel movements and terrible PMS. I want to go off the pill because its dangerous to stay on the pill for too long but i am too afraid that the debilitating pain, shaking, sweats, nausea, etc. will come back. since reading your blog i’ve decided i’m going to long into better dieting and will go to a natropath asap. Thank you for instilling confidence in me that i can get through this pain free with your experience and positivity.

    • Hi Rebekah,

      Thank you for reaching out and sharing your story on my blog. The pill is kinda like a band-aid for endo and doesn’t really get to the heart of it. If you would like some support within the nutritional side of endo, you might be interested in my new course: http://www.endowellnessretreat.com. It will show you how you can use food to reduce inflammation, pain and all those nasty PMS symptoms too 🙂

    • Hi Melissa,

      Your story is very inspirational. Similar to many others on this forum, I have had painful periods since being a teenager, and was diagnosed as infertility at age 30, with stage 4 endo, chocolate cysts galore. After several rounds of traditional fertility treatments with endless hormones and ultrasounds, I stopped short of surgery and took a break from the whole process. At age 32 the endometrioma on one ovary suddenly burst one day and I almost died from blood loss. An emergency operation resulted in losing one ovary and fallopian tube; the other side is still intact. The doctor put me on the dreaded monthly shot Lupron for 6 months to simulate menopause, which I agreed to because I desperately wanted to buy time to one day become pregnant. Now, at 36, I have turned away from western medicine and am pursuing TCM and alternative advice. Going gluten- and dairy- free seemed to help the pain for a bit, and dandelion tea periodically does wonders. However, I am at a point where I, again, desperately want to have a chance at pregnancy and am not sure where to start. Reading your blog is inspiring and I would like to get on a focused track. Any thoughts on how to marry alternative approaches with the inevitable western doctor that will be required if a pregnancy is indeed achieved?

      • Hi Alice,
        You could opt for a natural birth with a Doolah and a Midwife 🙂 I have heard of many women who have used this method. Super excited that you are keen on using TCM and changed your diet. It is super powerful 🙂

  13. Hi Melissa,
    I happened upon your page when I was looking for which foods to avoid with endometriosis, and I am very glad that I did. I am 31 years old with stage 4 endometriosis and have tried countless medications to help the endometriosis. The latest medication that I was on is Zoladex and the 10th of January will mark the end of the year long treatment. My endometriosis bothers me the most in my intestines or bowels and my Dr. says that there is nothing else that he can do except put me on a medication for the rest of my life that doesn’t allow my body to produce estrogen…..I don’t want to be in menopause yet!!!!! I am supposed to start the medication next month and I am desperate to find an alternative! Do you know of anything that will help

    • Hi Ashley,
      I am super excited that you found my site! You will find so many answers within these pages, that can genuinely help heal your body.
      The key with natural healing is that we need to lay a groundwork for that to occur and it starts with the foods that we eat.
      The biggest tip I can give you at this point is to cut out gluten 🙂 It will make a huge difference to how you feel. You may also be interested in my new program: http://www.endowellnessretreat.com

  14. Hi Melissa,

    I am 39 years old and have been struggling with endometriosis for as long as I can remember. It was always speculation from my OBGYN based upon my symptoms, but nothing was ever done about. It wasn’t until 2 years ago that I explored the issue more deeply because my husband and I were having trouble getting pregnant. Finally I had surgery and the doctor told me that there was so much scar tissue and all of my female anatomy was attached together along with my intestines and colon and there was no likelihood that I could get pregnant naturally, so IVF was the only option. Well we tried IVF and were unsuccesfull and it appears that the endometriosis has reaked havok on the quality of my eggs as well.

    I was wondering if you have articles and other stories on your blog about women’s struggles with infertility due to their endometriosis and if there is hope for me.


    • Hi Jennifer,
      I am here to tell you that there is hope sweetheart and not to give up. The reason for your body creating endometriosis needs to be addressed. It is likely that you are lacking in certain minerals and have an overburdened liver. I would look at replenishing your diet and really providing for it, plus detoxing your liver and supporting it.
      I have a new course which might be of interest. It does require a commitment to change your diet which you may be willing to do. It is not for everyone but the results have been fantastic for many of the members. You can find out more about it, at http://www.endowellnessretreat.com

  15. Hi Melissa

    I was so inspired to read your story,am a 29 year old who has been living with so much pain for years now, I’ve experienced terrible side effects all these years without knowing that I had endo,I feel warmth on my lower back,skin,lower abdomen and all about 5 months ago the pain just got worse and I couldn’t sleep,fatigue,insomnia I went to see my gyno he told me everything was fine,my PMS got worse my breasts hurt so bad they swell like a 9 months pregnant woman painful legs and knees my periods got havier and havier than before the pain was so unbearable,I rushed back to the gyno did more scans and tests,and the doctor told me that I just a miscarriage and I have Endometriosis .He told me that I should undergo surgery and further treatments but am a bit scared and emotionally uneasy,I have read that these no cure and am ready to accept my condition,but there any other treatment that I can do than hormonal?am only 28 and I already have facial hail. ;(

  16. Does anyone know of any good doctors in the northern california region? Im 25 and have had a full hysterectomy, and thyroidectomy. My life is one big hormonal inbalance and I am physically, mentally and spiritually tired. I recently read a book called, Thyroid Power” written by Dr. Shames. Has anyone heard of him?

  17. I’m 17, and I just had a pelvic exam, well sort of, just 2 days ago. It was so painful the dr had to stop. So, he ordered an ultrasound, and I’m waiting for results to see if there’s any cysts. If all comes back clear, I will be having my first surgery(lap) pretty soon to check for endometriosis.

    • Hi Sam. You have come to the right place sweets 🙂 Just try and read as much as you can on here and you will hopefully make better decisions than I did 🙂

  18. Hi Melissa,

    How do I get in contact with you? Can you email me?

    I have received more than a 100 referrals from your website to mine and wanted to share some important points about this, could you make contact with me?


  19. Hi Melissa
    I have just been diagnosed with endo after having a laproscopy. I booked an appointment with a naturopath who specializes in fertility and she advised me that I can’t run as it will danage my uterus running is for men and I should walk instead. I love jogging and find that it relieves my period pain went the exercise is intensive. Does running/jogging effect your uterus?

  20. Hi Melissa

    Thanks for your website and for sharing your tips!

    I’m 36 years old and was first diagnosed with endo 5 years ago. However, I have been feeling sick in one way or another since my first period when I had just turned 13, and I often wish that I could just be and feel normal like everyone else!

    Some of my symptoms are: VERY heavy periods lasting from 6-9 days, excrutiating pain during day 1-3 of my period, brain fog, fatigue, anxiety, bloating, insomnia, candida overgrowth, haemorroids, constipation, stomach aches, brittle tooth enamel and more.

    My husband and I can’t conceive, and even though we would love to have a child, we have refused treatment. We tried treatment once, but I developed a 4 cm choccolate cyst on one of my ovaries after only 5 days’ hormonal treatment, which I am sure stimulated the endo growth. This was 5 years ago, and I feel that my health has really declined since the treatment.

    I feel that I have been very proactive in trying to get better and have tried relexology, acupuncture, ear acupuncture, EFT, homoeopathy, Bach’s flower remedies, herbal supplements (Vitex, dong quai, oregano oil, detox kits etc.), vitamins/minerals, essential fatty acids; not to mention diet! For years, I have been more or less off wheat, dairy and alcohol, and I eat only a little meat, and I get pleanty of veggies and 1-2 fruits daily, but I just can’t seem to feel better. I find that if I go off grains, it helps with my bloating, but my endo worsens with regards to heavy bleeding and pain – I seem to miss the whole grains (mainly rye/oats) which absorbe the oestrogen so that it doesn’t get re-absorbed. I find that if I eat anti-inflammatory foods such as fish, berries and flax oils, it helps with the pain, but my periods get heavier and I often start spotting. A vegan diet helps with the pain, but worsens my bleeding and bloating + I get teeth issues. A low-fat diet makes me hungry, and a higher-fat diet gives me bleeding issues again.

    I just don’t know what to do! I feel that my symptoms are very diet related, but I just can’t seem to get the right BALANCE in what I eat. One diet change improves one symptom, but another symptom gets worse… It can’t be right that I feel like a ninety-year-old woman when I’m only 36!

    I would like to try your approach, and would therefore like to ask if your Food Healing Recipe book is in European measurements? (Gram, liter etc)

    Thanks and sorry for the long input – I guess I needed to load off!

    • It certainly sounds like you have tried heaps of things. I noticed that the key element here, is simply a lack of real nutrients. Maybe getting some superfoods in your diet would really help. 🙂
      The recipe book is mostly done in cup sizes and doesn’t really use a heap of measurements. Many fruit and veg based meals 🙂
      Pleasure and hope you feel better soon 🙂

  21. Hi Melissa,

    Got to your blog when I searched for cramps and period pain and then started reading on endo.

    I just wanted to leave a message about the success one of my friends had by inculding Diet/Yoga in her quest to conceive.

    The girl I know suffered from endo for years and also had an underactive thyroid and ovarian cysts.When she couldn’t conceive she started IVF but her initial 2 attempts failed.She then went to a gyno in Kerala (I am from India) who put her on the endo diet you mention- no chocolates,sugar,dairy,processed foods, meat or white flour.She could eat fruit,veg and complex fibre.They also planned to operate after a year if the diet didn’t help her get better.She also sstarted doing Pranayama and Yoga exercises aimed at abdomen/lower back/thighs fat twice a day.

    She did this for 10 months and when she had a scan found that the cysts had shrunk away so she didn’t need an operation to take them out.Her third IVF attempt was a success and she had a baby boy.She was 36 yrs old when she had her baby.

    Please check out Pranayama as an addition to your yoga sessions.Stay healthy and gr8 blog!! 🙂

    Warm regards,

  22. Melissa, you are an answer to prayer. I read your story and I am truly happy for you. I want to thank you so much for creating this blog and telling us your life story. You are awesome. I will find out soon from the doctor wither or not I have endo. Even if I don’t I will still come to your blog and see what good health times you have. God bless you.

    • Hi Synthia,
      That is lovely to hear 🙂 Whatever your diagnosis is, the answers within these pages will help. Though my journey has started with endometriosis, I have discovered that anything that heals holistically, heals the whole body.

  23. Hi Melissa!
    I really enjoyed reading your story. I identify myself in some way.im 28 years old, single and I was diagnosed with endo a little over a year.I had surgery November 2012 to remove a cyst i had in my left ovary and from there on I was put on a treatment where I had to go thru a menopause stage nearly 10 months it was crazy the first couple of months I was going they all these emotions I didn’t understand.towards the 5th month I started to understand what I was going thru and had to find ways to calm myself.well to make long story short last week I found out it came back again and I might be up for operation ..
    I really do believe in alternative ways to help this and with your experience and knowledge I’m sure you’ll be very helpful!
    Hope to hear from you soon

  24. hello all, you all have great informtions. i have been reading ll Dr brownstein book about b12 deficiencies and iodine supplement and thyroid and so much more. It s really worth it. It all makes sense. I had endo and didn t come back. you should have a look and have your thyroid checked and take iodoral supplement.This has been my healing journey.
    good luck!

  25. Yes great blog indeed!!! I have been on the journey for a couple of weeks trying to heal. At the moment I am not into have the operation as I believe this will create more scar tissue and the doctors have only been doing this a short time. Super quick to cut women open. Nothing wrong with that but there must be other ways. We must give our bodies time to heal to start with. Listen to out bodies. Vitiam B each morning. I also have a sulfur with orange juice ( they work together) in the mornings and nite. Helps with the inflamation and the sulfur also helps for the cells to heal. Oranges are ment to be amazing for endo suffers and help to heal and boost immunity. This helps with the pain and healing. I also think yes milk thistle and daneloine tea to heal with the liver. Alot of fresh fruit and vegies. Quinoa is great as it is said to be a seed so super to use as a base. As we are not meant to have dairy I think a bit of tahini is super as it is high in calcium. Heaps of garlic, tumeric and ginger. Great to just finely grated in the Quinoa with a bit of fish and corrinder. Prim Rose and Fish. Great to have at the end of the day. NO coffee , sugar, alcohol as they are too rich for the body. Also yes I believe endo is linked to candida and I believe Dandelion leaves are nutritious are super if you can eat them fresh as the Nasturtiums are great for killing off candida. Dont give it anything it wants. It is a parsiste that feeds on all the rich things. I also think emotional healing is paramount. Why have you as a woman deneyed your womanhood??? Ask the question and the ovaries they are about our creativity!! We must embrace our womanhood and celebrate our creativity. Bless oxoxo

    • Thank you for your fantastic comment Meaghan 🙂 Love your points and suggestions too!
      Yes, we should celebrate our womanhood and really treasure all that we are 🙂

    • Hey Melissa ,
      Just wondering when people make all these changes it can be a shock to the body? I have been so tired. Cant stop sleeping and I am just ovulating and I can feel the pain more than ever and nausea
      (never had it like this before. I am sticking to the diet and hoping it gets better. I have done alot of energy work and I think it is my body saying it just needs time to catch up on all the changes. A bit of a shock really. Full on. It must get easier in time. With the changes do the chocolate cysts just shed and reduce in size?? From your experience. Thankyoux Meaghan By the way Vitalzyn??? is that safe ?? Do you get it at the natropath? Are there side effects? By the way I have discovered hemp powder and chia seeds in a shack for extra protein, minerals as the diet change is a challenge. Bless youx

    • Please research a product called Estrosense….I have an allergy to my own hormones and suffered forever with excema hives inflammtion etc I started taking estrosense and it completely balanced my hormones and healed my excema please research it!

  26. Hi Mel,
    I’ve spent the last few months on the Internet researching endometriosis after being diagnosed via lap in March 2012. My story is very unusual as I didn’t suffer any real symptoms apart from a one off appendicitis pain that caused me to go and have an ultrasound that showed two endometriomas on each of my ovaries. When I had my lap done my surgeon (one of the best in Melbourne and an endometriosis specialist) couldn’t believe how bad my endo was and that I had conceived naturally (our son is now 7). We did try for a second baby but not actively and I now know it was probably the endo that stopped us from becoming pregnant again as i was not on any contraceptives. For a few months I recovered well and then bam five months later I found myself suffering from severe cramps, mid month spotting which later turned into one month of everyday spotting….I couldn’t believe that after my surgery I was now experiencing more problems than ever before. At my six month check up my surgeon then suggested a hysterectomy including my last remaining ovary -the endo was back with a vengence and I also had a 7cm endometrioma on my last remaining ovary as well as elevated levels from a ca125 test – much higher than before my first lap. after this I decided to take control and take some active steps nutritionally. I was always on a pretty extensive course of vitamins which I strongly feel kept many symptoms that a lot of women have at bay however my actual diet was pretty bad – I have a sweet tooth and over indulged this regularly. I decided to follow strictly the endo diet…no sugar, wheat, dairy and limiting red meat. Also during this time I developed many IBS symptoms that caused me a lot of intestinal pain almost daily….again I couldn’t believe that all this was happening after my lap when I should be fully healed. To be honest the IBS symptoms were the most terrible of all that I had encountered…..I suddenly found myself having real empathy for my fellow sufferers having previously never understanding endo pain. I had a natural birth without pain relief and I can honestly say my endo pain was worse than that! It took a few months but the dietary changes were making a huge difference. I saw a naturopath who put me on vitex…this helped and eventually stopped my mid cycle bleeding. My cramping was still bad though and through your blog I decided to try tumeric – it only took a couple of weeks and my cramps were gone I couldn’t believe it. Also during the last 3 months I not only lost a lot of weight approx 3 dress sizes but for the first time I found I never really felt hungry or craved sweets. I was getting lots of compliments despite actually feeling the worse I ever felt in my life ironically. Now 4 months later I’m well on my way to healing my endometriomas is now 2cm smaller than what it was and I’m virtually endo symptom free my last period was only 3 days long, heavy but manageable and I only used paracetamol once. I meet with my surgeon again next week. I’m feeling confident that I can put off a hysterectomy – I’m 41 and still way off menopause. My endo is severe stage 4 with organs stuck and a frozen pelvis and adenomyosis which can’t be cured by diet so a hysterectomy may be on the cards in the future but the closer I can put it off the better. A huge thank you to you and your blog – your advice has been amazing and inspirational and I am proof that diet and supplements can make a huge difference to pain management and also shrinking endometriomas. Z xxx

    • That is a fantastic story and I am so glad you decided to follow the Endo Diet and make concrete changes in your diet. Well done! Glad the Turmeric helped and that you are on your path to healing! 🙂 Hugs

  27. Hi Melissa!
    Thank you for your wonderful website. I am 36, have been diagnosed 10 yrs ago when I had ovarian cysts surgically removed. Have been on/off pills ever since. Two years ago the doctor put me back on the pill and told me to never go off the pill again or I will have to undergo another surgery (because new ovarian cysts grew when I was off). I am confused. I cleared most of the endo symptoms through yoga and avoiding wheat and sugar, however I am afraid of the another surgery. But I would really want to be pill-free. Please give me advice.

    • Hi Melita,
      The pill is merely covering up the symptoms of Endometriosis. It doesn’t actually get to the root cause of why we developed Endometriosis in the first place. I was on the pill for 7years for the same reasons as you. It unfortunately is not a natural substance and merely mimicks our hormones. These unnatural substances interfere with all sorts of mineral absorption and our natural hormones. When we come off the pill, it means our Oestrogen levels shoot right up and can cause more growth to take place – cyst growth. The best way is to reduce this effect with a good detox and getting all those oestrogens out as easily as possible, through helping hte liver.
      It is not easy to make that initial leap, but once you do, you will feel heaps better all round 🙂

  28. Hi Melissa, I like your blog and foudn many useful information on Endometriosis. I just had my laparoscopy 3 weeks ago and on the triptorelin jabs for 6 months. I am recovering well.

    It is a new perspective for me on natural healing.

    I am creating a lens in Squidoo.com and would like to put your web link to my lens.

    Well Done!

  29. Hi Mel,
    How amazing to have found you here. I would like to introduce you to a book called Hinton Health. Please look it up online. It is written by nature cure practitioners in australia. I have grown up practicing this way of life..
    Unfortunately, teen years and most of my twenties were consumed by too much of the fun stuff. As i have never spent much time at the doctors I have not been diagnosed with endo. But i have lived with symptoms for years. The crazy pms, painful periods and twinges when ovulating, tc etc. I realized last year after a miscarriage that my body was in a bad way. By nov I needed bed rest and had worse pain here in my life.
    This year I am working on my health. I have moved from melbourne up to my parents property just north of the daintree and i am taking on everything hinton health incorporates. Fresh air, pure water, spinal integrity, rest, hydrotherapy, local, organic food. I, like you, have sought out yoga.
    The pain has dramatically decreased, and periods are much easier now. Throughout the month I still get small twinges as a reminder. But with this lifestyle being sustained i feel confident I will rid myself of dis-ease. Thanks for listening and i hope to hear more from you.

    • Hi Katy,
      It is wonderful to meet you and thank you for sharing your story. It is amazing when we do discover these amazing resources that do exist that can help us on our healing path! Well done in making the decision to make your health a priority – that sounds lovely! I used to live in the Daintree and just loved it! So lovely and warm 🙂 Do you have the author of the book aswell? look forward to reading it!

  30. Hi Mel, thank you so much for this website! I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo 2 months ago after a lap. We have been trying to get pregnant after suffering a miscarriage 2 years ago. The endo has messed up my tubes so our only option now is IVF. I want to get fit and healthy and do things naturally (can’t take any hormone related drugs anyway) I’ve read so many horror stories about the medical treatments that I want to steer clear. I’ve also just been told I have an underactive thyroid which apparently is quite common with endo sufferers. I have also suffered from chronic tailbone pain for 2 years that has now only been connected with the endo – which in one way is a relief to know what the heck caused this daily pain! I’ve been on so may websites, read so many books that I’m overwhelmed by information and its usually all been very negative – but not here!! I’m feeling so much more positive about healing my body. I’ve subscribed to your feeds and I’m looking forward to following your advice. We haven’t decided on the whole IVF issue yet – I want to feel well before we make a decision. Thanks again for all this information, Hx

    • Hi Hayley and welcome 🙂
      I am glad you found me too. It has been my mission to provide exactly the space you describe – positive and healing 🙂
      IVF is always an option but maybe try allowing your body to heal first 🙂 Pleasure.

  31. Hello to France,

    I also get pain in the rectum/bum and lower back. it used to be extremely bad especially when sitting down when i had a period, it would feel like a knife had stabbed me because it was a very sudden and ‘sharp’ pain. Sorry to hear of your struggles and just wanted to let you know I suffer with that as well, i used to think it was crazy to explain that kind of pain to anyone. I guess that can mean that the endometrial cells could be behind or around the rectum or intestines and if they attach to the surrounding organs this causes us pain with movement(the body), bowel movements and sex. A Naturopath described it as a ‘frozen pelvis’. I have been noticing this frozen feeling lately in my pelvic area and the back too but i try and avoid thinking about the details because i dont want to attract more of the pain.
    Melissa, do you have any theories as to why I could be getting really bad lower back cramping with the first day of period? I had a kidney infection once and the pain is similar-not sharp (like in the lower abdomen) but around the back and mostly really bad dragging cramping…Is it possible for Endometriosis to affect the kidneys perhaps? i alrady think i have interstitial cystitis but this is a new ‘pain’.


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