Is Endometriosis a Career Women’s Disease?

Is Endometriosis a Career Women’s Disease?

As Endometriosis is more prevalent in women in their late 20’s it is often associated as a “career women’s disease”. Women who have Endometriosis seem to possess personality traits which fall into strong, driven and perfectionism traits, which has created the link between the “career women’s disease” and Endometriosis.  Though these traits appear on the surface to reflect a determined and confident personality, the driving force behind these traits needs to be carefully reassessed.

Many women with Endometriosis actually suffer from a constant need to be better than who they currently are. They are driven to constantly improve who they are and be more than what they can be. Though this trait can be positive within certain individuals, too much of this drive can create unnecessary stress and depression. The motives for being more and driving oneself further often relate to a poor self-image or a need to be perfect. Endometriosis has been closely linked to a thought pattern referred to as “Timeous Perfectionism”. Essentially the drive is to do a job perfectly and quickly at the same time. It is this constant pressure to perform and do more, in a shorter space of time at the highest standard that ultimately creates an incredible stress inside of the body. Endometriosis sufferers have been recognised to possess this thinking pattern and the connection between time and perfectionism is even more prevalent in certain job roles. Hospitality roles are probably the worst for this trait! 🙂

It is also this perfectionism which is unfulfilling and never ending. Achievements are not valued within themselves and they are constantly seeking more. They are often self critical and unrewarding towards their own achievements and seek approval from others.

It is important to acknowledge and accept these traits within oneself early so we can recognise them when we think and act on them and learn to slow down and recognise the emotion attached to the stress event. The more we can recognise our repeated traits, the easier our healing process will be.

Happiness begins when one can accept oneself and love oneself regardless of achievements. Acknowledgement for what one has achieved is also a very important step and would also provide additional self-esteem. We seldom give ourselves true reward for the things we have achieved in life.

It is only through acknowledgement and self love that true healing and happiness and really occur.

Self healing and self love are the true obstacles we face in our journey through life. Endometriosis has certainly taught me so much about myself, my body and how life can really be a test of courage and self love. What has Endometriosis taught you? What have you learnt from the experience? Do you feel stronger spiritually for having learnt something?

Would love to hear your thoughts!

Big hugs,

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  1. Very interesting article, especially to read something about myself, I am happy to b like this,we girls are better than so many ladies around us.
    Problems yes we will get a solution to it.

    Good luck ladies!!!

  2. Hi Melissa,
    Reading your article, I felt like I was looking into a mirror. A lot of these traits describe who I am. Having endo it has been very hard for me to personally accept that for right now I am not able to do some of things that I used to do which has been frustrating. I need to find a way to come to terms with that within myself. I know that is an important part of the healing process. Just reading your newsletters and your encouragement has given me hope that one day I will get my life back again. 🙂 It is just going to take some time. Thank you for that!

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