Is a Good Detox All We Need to Cure Endometriosis?

Is a Good Detox All We Need to Cure Endometriosis?

One of the key things that came out of my visit with my Naturopath last week was the need to detox my body. Her explanation was that my lymphatic glands were either underactive or overactive and that this illustrated they needed help to flush stuff out. She described it as excess fat in the lymphatic system.

By the way, if you want to get a really good test to see where ALL your organs are at with their healing, have a Naturopath do a Thera Test on you! It is much more scientific and yes, it reminded me of that Star Wars machine that can read out all your problems in one go.

I have also been reading a book by Elaine Hollingworth and she states that to cure any disease, we only need a good detox — her words! Well, together with these two thoughts rolling around in my head, I have come to an interesting theory. Perhaps all it takes is a really good detox? Now, I know what you’re thinking… I have done a good liver detox in the past and it did help but it certainly didn’t cure me of anything. Detoxing is not just about one of those quick, 3-day/2-week things. Imagine how much crap we have accumulated over our lives, all the xenoestrogens we have exposed ourselves to that may still be sitting in our bodies right now. There are going to be heaps and yes, a 3-day detox might help but it is still a massive mound that the liver is working through and unfortunately I don’t think those even scratch the surface!

The thing that really became apparent with my appointment with my Naturopath is how we are pretty much predisposed to our genetic make-up of our parents. So, for me that was a massive eye opener. My whole family has a predisposition to poor liver function. Now, once that is there, it doesn’t take much to create an imbalance within the liver function. In other words, I am much more likely to develop liver-related conditions than the next person. Chances are, you are the same as me, since we have already established the close relationship between Endo and our liver function.

What does this mean though? Well, it means our liver is going to struggle and it needs help. Strong emotions, poor eating habits or heaps of toxins will make our poor livers struggle and though we can protect ourselves from these elements, some of them might have crept up on us! I know I gave my liver a good dose of all of these for many years.

So, what is the best way to detox the body?

Here is a list of things that can detox the body, from every angle:

Food and Drinks

  • Green Smoothy. You can use this as a regular detox drink if you want to give yourself that instant “clean feeling”. Get equal amounts of green beans, celery and zucchini. Boil the lot in some water. Cook until soft. Let it cool down before you blend the lot and drink. Don’t add any spices or honey as this defeats the purpose. It tastes really “green” but it does wonders for your healing.
  • Avoid fats completely — I mean the bad ones. No meat, dairy or junk food. The liver hates these. Eat heaps of green stuff as the liver loves those. Parsley is fantastic!

Your Skin

  • The dry brush is a fantastic way to release toxins from the body. Get yourself a loofa sponge or one of those exfoliating gloves and scrub the skin surface before showering. It allows the skin to breathe again and to release toxins from the body. The skin is an organ and part of its job is to release toxins too!
  • Avoid putting new toxins on the skin. It absorbs everything. That means nasty chemicals, unnatural skin products, cleaners — you know the ones I mean.


  • The reason we sweat is to flush out toxins. It is important to let that happen naturally. Don’t use any deodorants that contain aluminium or use the words “anti-perspirant”. We need to perspire, that is normal. The best deodorants are crystal sticks. They are all natural and stop you being all smelly.
  • Get sweating more. Ideally do some exercise, also go for a sauna or have a hot bath. Your body will heat up and sweat, flushing those toxins out more!

Release those toxic thoughts and emotions:

  • Sit down and focus on the pain you feel. That emotional pain in your gut. Focus on it and let it out. Cry. It is okay. Focus on it and cry. You will feel better once it’s out!
  • Work at your anger. If you feel angry and get worked up often, this is hammering your liver. Get into kick-boxing or boxing to get it out or go the other way and calm it down with yoga or meditation. I find much of my anger actually comes from a feeling of “not coping”. Doing “The Warrior Pose” in Yoga makes me feel so strong and like I can do anything, that somehow it calms down that anger instantly!

Help the liver with some herbs!

  • The liver loves dandelion — yes, I know I have touched on this one a few times. It was great because my Naturopath suggested this one too! Take some dandelion supplements three times a day and it will help the liver detox so much easier. It works on activating the bile production of the liver, which flushes out excess fats in the body.


  • Magnesium is a natural detoxifier. You can get magnesium oil and soak your feet in it (add some Aloe Vera to the water to prevent any stinging) or you can just get some epsom salts for the bath. These methods are the best ways to absorb magnesium. Unfortunately, we only absorb about 20% of supplement forms of magnesium.

It’s funny because one of the things that I recognised with people who go on a Raw Food Diet is that they go through a process of detoxing. Within that process many people go through emotional release as well as detoxing the body of toxins. I found this quite interesting as perhaps the emotional healing is all part of detoxing.

So, I am doing most of these and really trying to get into running — a little challenging when it is raining and cold.

What have you tried and how did they go? Have you done a full-on 3-day or week cleanse before? I am a little scared to try those but maybe I should. Please share your thoughts.

I am going to keep searching for more detox methods we can use! Flush it out baby!


Big hugs,

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  1. I am trying a supplement for L-K (livery and kidney) support. It makes me spot or bleed, though. I wonder if this could be my body trying to clear out the endo? I also used a supplement called KDNY-DRN and it improved my blood test number for kidney function right away (after four or more years of steady decline).

    I want to mention that acupuncture was amazing for me. I had reduced kidney function from all the painkillers over the years, so I had to stop taking painkillers. I tried hormonal birth control but it was a disaster. Trying to “suffer through” with no pain killers was agony! I run 5k every day and do taekwondo, but the pain was so bad I could barely bend over to take off my running shoes. Acupuncture solved the pain in two weeks. It was incredible. I strongly suggest people try it. (My doctor is a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor and calls this “hormone balancing treatment’. It is the same treatment for people with fertility issues.)

  2. Hi Melissa,
    I have been diagnosed with Endo. It’s so horrible I can’t put into word’s the pain, tiredness, sick feeling. I also have a cyst over the size of an grapefruit. My mother had endo, I found out it’s genetics why I got it. I go to Yale Monday August 22, 2016 to meet my surgeon. To remove the large masses of endo and the grapefruit sized cyst. They say my right ovaries are completely done. There is endo on my left as well, but maybe able to save the left. They say I will never be able to have another child ever again due to the endo. Looking for some hope! I’m young. Just looking for some answer’s. Thank you!


  3. Hi im cici I am 22 years old and diagnosed with endo when I was 19, lots of pain and the craziest irregular periods. I am looking for help because doctors have no way of helping except for placing me on birth control which I refuse.. I stumbled upon this sight and I am so happy hear all of you ladys responses, I recently became a vegan so I hope that will help me. As well as the detox and cleanse. Thank you for sharing this. Do any of you have irregular periods and have regulated them with this. My biggest fear is that I will never be able to conceive. c

    • Hi Chanel,
      You can certainly conceive with Endo. Please don’t worry about it 🙂 Your diet plays a big part in regulating hormones. Also look at your liver as a detoxing organ 🙂

  4. Beetroot. The liver loves beetroot. And apple cider vinegar. I have detoxed my liver this way and no longer suffer from endometriosis. I also am no longer allergic to as many foods as I was!

  5. Thank you so much Melissa! I have been reading all your stuff regularly…just wish I discovered you years ago! I have traveled the endo journey for over a decade and hindsight is such a wonderful thing but I still feel blessed to be able to use your wisdom in my life now.

  6. Hi Melissa,

    I have bookmarked your website and have been looking through many of your entries. I’m 23 and was diagnosed with Endometriosis August of last year after having a laparascopy done. I have a ton of horrible symptoms all month long and the surgery only helped my symptoms for three weeks!! I’m currently on the Ortho-Evra Patch to try and help reduce symptoms which sadly I believe is just giving me more symptoms.

    I have a lot of digestion issues and had my gallbladder removed 7 years ago and have elevated liver enzymes for years now. I’ve tried various herbs to help detoxify my liver as I know that’s one of my issues. However, I’m extremely sensitive to a lot of herbs and was just wondering if you’d have a suggestion as to the most simple and gentle liver cleansing out there?

    • Hi Jessica. Sorry to hear of your struggles and I hope you really consider going off the Patch as clearly it is not helping things for you 🙂
      The main function of the gallbladder is to process the fats in our bodies. Without it, your liver will be left to try and flush these out on it’s own. The best thing you can do for the liver initially is to reduce the load you put on it. The liver doesn’t like fats or sugar. Fats include everything from over refined oils to dairy to meats. Replace your oils with organic coconut oil and cut out as many fats in your diet as you can. The reason you are sensitive is because your body is struggling to process the herbs you are giving it. It may even see them as “invaders” and create an auto-immune response to them, getting rid of them rather than using them. So, first and foremost get your diet on track. Eat as much raw food as you can. Especially in the mornings. From morning until midday eat as much fruit and veg as you want. No cheese, salt or sugar of any kind – not even honey. I would strongly recommend a diet by Sandra Carbot – The liver Cleansing Diet, which has a liver specific diet for you for 8 weeks. I think you may need to go stricter than this in the morning and only do fruit and veg. The book does have some fantastic recipes but most importantly explains how the liver works and why fats and sugars are so bad.
      As far as liver supplements go, I would be inclined to stick with a liver focused diet initially to see how you process things before trying any more supplements. I would look for a liver supplement that contains Dandelion, Milk Thistle, Artichoke Root and Taurine. The other option is to eat a handful of parsley (as raw as you can) each and every day. This is a natural liver cleanser and also a natural diuretic – it will help flush out toxins in your body. I try and find plants and things that grow to heal, rather than supplements all the time as they also contain all the other bits the body needs to process and get the best stuff out of them 🙂 The more green you can eat, the more happy your liver will become. Get into juicing too – massive benefit!
      Please let me know how it goes and if you need any help along the way 🙂

      Also, watch this video:

    • Thank you for all the information! You’re right and I’ve heard from various naturopathic doctors that my liver tends to think of the good stuff as “invaders” and therefore I have reactions to things. The only problem I see with all this is I’m actually allergic to raw fruits and vegetables. Whenever I eat them my throat starts to itch and closes up! I either have to cook or bake the fruit and steam my veggies. Also, I’m only 96 pounds and 5’3″ so going on a restrictive diet worries me a bit. I have such a tough time gaining any weight as I suffer from occasional diarrhea. I can try and cut out as much sugar and fats as possible but I don’t want to end up losing too much weight. Parsley sounds like a great idea as I will incorporate that into my diet. Also, do you think I’d be ready to start with like a tincture of milk thistle? Could I put it in my tea? I’ve tried many different lymph and liver drainage’s but they contain so many ingredients I end up sick from them.

      • Hi Jessica. You could try just drinking blended stuff or juices (made yourself of course) 🙂 Also, oil pulling, foot ionizers and sauna’s are a great way to flush out toxins. Steaming veggies is good too 🙂
        Just stick with Dandelion for now and lets see how we go. Just get a Dandelion Root Tea – add some Stevia cos it is quite bitter – and we shall see how that goes.
        Also,you may want to look into the emotional healing within the body as this gave me incredible healing ability. Check out this video I did:
        Type in Emotional Freedom Technique into the search box and you will find heaps more articles about this. It really does work and I believe your bodies “reactions”are possibly solved by releasing some of the emotional holds inside 🙂

  7. I am so so happy to have found this website.. I am learning so much already about my condition. I had been diagnosed with endo 2 yrs ago. I was having sooooo much pain. I had one surgery already and had to lose my left ovary because it was so bad. I’ve been looking for a cure or some treatment for a while now. I would hate to have to lose my one remaining ovary. I am only 27, planning on getting married soon and will love to have a baby.

    Thanks again Melissa. this site is great!!

  8. Hi Melissa, I am about to embark on a liver/gallbladder cleanse through, its the first time I’ve found someone selling products that aren’t estrogenic. This woman is a scientist and suffered endomtriosis herself. There is a regime for other disorders too. It just makes so much sense to me. I was diagnosed with endo last October and have been trying to conceive for about the same amount of time. I had surgery in march where they removed mild endo but am still in a lot of pain, struggle with candida and constipation. I am also having acupuncture weekly and eating organic fruit and veg most of the time. I really hope this helps as with Valeria I’m sick of this pain and trying to work around it. Doctors really can’t help and I’m going totally alternative, they just can’t help.
    Thanks for the site, its brilliant.

    • It’s a pleasure Kimberley and please let me know how you go with the cleanse. I am sure it will help you heaps! It will certainly help with the constipation and candida too. I know since I changed my eating patterns, I no longer suffer from these symptoms 🙂 Good luck and keep us posted!

  9. Hello there, loved the article. I really want to believe that one day and soon we will find the cure for this awful disease. I am tired of having to do things around my pain schedule and tired os spending so much money with pointless doctor appointments and medications that doesn’t help.

  10. Hi Melissa,

    Great stuff! Loved this article. I recently finished the Clean Program by Alejandro Junger, M.D. (you can check out the book on Amazon). I followed the program pretty closely (I skipped the colonic recommendation) and haven’t had one Endo symptom since. I’ve tried many other cleanses and so far this one has worked the best for me. Not only have I not been symptomatic, I lost 9 pounds in the 21 days and look so much healthier. I’ve had several friends and family members comment on how good I look and how much younger I look.

    I recommend you and your readers to check it out and once again I thank you for bringing this community together.

    In good health,

  11. This is really interesting. Thanks for sharing. I have been wondering for a while now if I should do some sort of cleanse thing. I have a poor appetite and I was doing SO good for a while and then lost track again. I was noticing I was feeling less bloated when I was eating better. This gives me motivation to “Get clean” and take better care of myself. Thanks!

    • Hi melissa I was wondering how was your lunch meals. All of those was with fish/turkey meat? how much meat do you take on a week?

  12. Hi there, so, so happy that I just stumbled across your site…endo stinks! After two miscarriages and then finally having surgery to discover I did in fact have endo, I was able to get pregnant and go on to have a healthy full term baby. That was two years ago and I’m thinking the endo my have returned…searching for some holistic alternatives, as the pain and exhaustion seem to be making their way back! Please continue to share any info you come across. Thank you!!

    • Hey Shannon. Glad you found me too 🙂 I would look into Oestrogen Dominance as your first point of reference. I believe this is the major factor with getting more severe Endometriosis. Let me know if you need any further guidance after reading some blog entries 🙂

  13. I’m so happy to have discovered your site! I haven’t been diagnosed with endometriosis, but I’m quite sure I have it. I’m hesitant to get an actual diagnosis, though, because my experiences with doctors up to this point have been frustrating. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia but am wondering now if it’s really just endometriosis. Anyway, I’m going to be scouring your posts and spending a lot of time reading them. Thank you so much for all of this wonderful info!

    • It is my pleasure and great blog by the way! Hope you find some answers. Try the featured articles section first as you will find listings of symptoms there. It actually makes little difference which female condition we have. Many of us have more than one 🙁 ….they all require a very similar approach. My first recommendation is to get a syliva hormone test to see where your hormone levels are at. It is likely you have Oestrogen dominance which is actually quite easy to fix with natural methods. Keep in touch and let me know how you get on and if you need some help anywhere along the way 🙂

      • Thanks Melissa! I have your site bookmarked and will definitely be keeping in touch. I did look at the featured articles and out of the 20 symptoms, I have almost every one. 🙁 Everything I’ve read so far has been so helpful!

        • Hi Vegan Flower 🙂 I did too so don’t feel too bad. It all has to start somewhere and all you need to do is focus on each symptom, one at a time and get rid of them. You can do it too 🙂

  14. Hi Melissa –

    I have done the rice cleansing, as well as one-day juice cleansing every now and then.

    You do the rice cleansing in spring time, and it lasts a couple of weeks.

    I have lost some weight and felt great, and it’s not too difficault, once you get over the first few days, in which you can only eat whole rice with Mesch beans, cooked only in water with no herbs or spices. Horrible!

    • Thanks for sharing Limor. That sounds truly disgusting! Wow! You must be good to follow through with that one! Might have to set-up a group challenge to do a cleanse together 🙂

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