An Incredible Interview Sharing Some Incredible Knowledge about Endometriosis

An Incredible Interview Sharing Some Incredible Knowledge about Endometriosis

I have been fortunate enough to come in contact with some incredibly experienced and knowledgeable people through my website. The teachings and avenues to explore when this happens is so exciting!

In this interview, I am interviewing Larry and Belinda Wurn from Clear Passage. The interview delves into a whole bunch of awesome information:

  • How Belinda was left with severe adhesion pain after surgery and what she did to become pain free.
  • Why we develop adhesions in the body at all, regardless of Endometriosis.
  • How Endometriosis adhesions are formed
  • What can be done to loosen those adhesions
  • Why adhesions hurt
  • Why exercise hurts
  • A surprising side effect of the Wurn Technique

What I really love about the Wurn therapy is that it can be used independently by us and we don’t need a therapist to continue treatment. This means, we can once again be empowered about what we can do for our bodies and our Endometriosis.

I love that the whole thing can be done in a weekend too.

Have you tried any kind of massage therapies? Perhaps abdominal massage? Mayan massage? Feel free to share your experiences with me below. I love hearing about these completely natural and non-invasive ways we can encourage the body to heal. So empowering!

Big hugs and healing,

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  1. WOW! This therapy sounds totally manageable and accessible (at least to me, as I’m in the US). I am very impressed at the success rates they gave and that her husband is so into this. haha! Maybe I’ll seek them out and see what they can do for me in the future 🙂 It makes complete sense.

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