If I told you I found a miracle cure for Endometriosis, would you believe me?

If I told you I found a miracle cure for Endometriosis, would you believe me?

I have been reading this book by Deepak Chopra called Perfect Health. In it he describes this interesting story of a young boy who suffers from multi-personality disorder. What is interesting about the story is that one of the child’s personalities suffers from an allergy against orange juice. The minute this personality drinks orange juice, he flares up with hives and rashes. The funny thing is though, when a different personality takes over the child, the rash instantly disapeared. Instantly!

What does this illustrate? To me it illustrates just how powerful our minds are and how much of what we think of ourselves, influences how we react or shall I say….our bodies react to outside conditions.

What Deepak also expresses, is how many people have cured themselves of all sorts of conditions, like cancer and tumours etc by following a very strict diet or method. It didn’t seem to make a difference what the method was, it was more about the patient believing that the treatment would work.

So, the question is, if I created a pill or a cure that you believed in. Something that was strong enough in convincing you that it would work, do you think this would cure you? Do you think you could believe me enough for it to work? Interesting question isn’t it?

I don’t like to go religious with this blog as I know there are many different belief systems in the world but it does pose the question on our mind and it’s power. If you believe in anything strongly enough, does it make it true?

Sometimes I wonder if I feel better because I almost “deserve” to feel better. Like all this sacrificing and deligency with my diet and lifestyle is like a penance, a golden ticket which makes me believe I should feel better…. and because I believe it, it becomes true. It is like the more the sacrifice, the more it must work!

I know when you read some medical books on natural healing and supplements, they often say that these methods are merely working on a placebo effect within the body. What does this mean? This means the body reacts positively because we believe the tablet should work. We have been convinced enough in the tablet, that we create the result within the body. To western medicine this is not really working at all. To me, this is fantastic! Surely, if we can believe in something enough and create such a power of mind that it makes us feel better, than that is a fabulous result! This illustrates just how powerful our minds are and how much they control our healing and our body. Most importantly it proves that we can heal, simply by believing in something enough!

Have you ever wondered why it is that some women with Endometriosis seem to carry on with their lives like nothing has changed, while others seem to suffer with endless pain and cramps? Why is this? Surely if it is a disease, then it should behave in the same manner in every organism that it occupies? Surely, if is this nasty inhabitant and it wants to simply infest us, then surely it should spread in the same manner?

One of the other things I find interesting is how our bodies decided that they weren’t going to absorb certain vitamins or nutrients which we need. What hormone or enzyme decided that we didn’t need them? Why is it that two people can eat the same diet and yet one absorbs the nutrients within the blood stream while the other doesn’t?

I know these question are so vague and there are so many answers to many of them but what if, just humour me on this one…. what if we could decide to heal. What if the power of our healing and being better was really that simple? What if, we could just decide to be better? Just like the boy who suffered from an orange juice allergy. We could simply switch off the switch within our body that makes us develop endo and pain….

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the mind is that powerful? Do you believe in God’s healing? Bodies healing? Do you think you would believe in a miracle tablet for Endometriosis?

Ultimately, we make every decision in our lives. How we feel and how we react to how we feel is all within our own decision and power. You can decide to believe that you are getting better or you can wallow in being in pain “again”. It is really how you decide to view things.

Hey, they call it positive thinking but it could be so much more than that! 🙂

Big hugs,

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  1. I just want to say that I wholeheartedly believe in the healing powers of God. I am a Christian and while I do know that others may have different beliefs, that is mine. I am so convinced that He will heal me of this but I also believe in being proactive. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading this blog. I absolutely love the diet! I have found so many wonderful new foods and I enjoy going to the grocery store and the local farmer’s market. I just need to get myself up and doing some yoga every morning. I’m a college student and they offer nightly yoga classes here two nights a week which I want to make time for. I was wondering what your thoughts on pilates was, Mel? They offer that here two days a week at 7AM.

    • Hi Rachel,
      It is wonderful that you believe that God will heal you. Believing it is possible is such a massive part of it all 🙂
      I think Pilates is really good. It can be quite hard on the body though, so perhaps work yourself up to that one. I personally find just light stretches with Yoga are brilliant for endo. It is all about realising what you can do and not pushing yourself too much as this just makes us sore. Glad you enjoy the blog. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. i feel that is a topic that is often neglected by people based on lack of scientific proof that it exist yet we beleive in god and he is real. i feel beleif is powerful and that why when a patient is given a bad diagnosis at the doctor they believe that its incurable or that they need medications to for example lower their cholestrol when they can try diet changes and beleiveing that it will lower(different positive thinking method. well im happy to say that i refused the medication change my mind set and three months later i went back to the doctor and he told me my cholestrol was normal and i didnt need medication as long as i maintain a healthy diet. this is proof beleif and action does work.

    • I know! Totally! I wish we could believe in something so strongly that we do just cure ourselves from it! Unfortunately, I guess as we get told “there is no cure” more and more we somehow just lose sight that it is possible and the negativity and doubt creep in. Well done on reducing your cholesterol all on your own! Proves it, it for sure!

  3. You really do deserve it! You work so hard to better yourself and share that with others, I think the focus on how to heal is a healer in itself 🙂 Sometimes I look back over my ‘pain journal’ and just marvel at how far I have come so far, it feels like a miracle! But then I stop and think, hey – it isn’t a miracle, it is something I have done for myself through discipline and openness to new ideas and mindsets. Thanks for giving me a little boost of empowerment! We are definitely deciding to get better 😀

    • Thanks Hannah! That is so true! We do make that commitment and take responsibility and we work hard – so yes we deserve it 🙂
      It is my pleasure and thanks for yours 🙂

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