I have mentioned Aloe Vera heaps on my blog already through posts and within specific lists for various symptoms, but I thought it was high time I created a blog post just for Aloe Vera and how it can help your Endometriosis.

You may not realise just how amazing this plant really is and how much it can help your endometriosis and your whole body. All you need is one simple shot of 30ml of this liquid twice a day!


Aloe Vera works in three specific ways. In combination it means amazing healing for many of your symptoms with Endometriosis!


1. The Membranes and body surfaces

The body surfaces or membranes I am talking about are basically any mucousy lining we have in our body – think of the mouth, nose, sinuses and throat. It also includes our skin, gullet, stomach, intestines our genital tract and the lungs. Pretty much anywhere there is likely to be joints coming together and organs rubbing together, there will be a layer of mucous to protect us. This would also include all those organs which get affected by our Endometriosis cells.

What Aloe does is heal these linings, all over the body. How? Aloe Vera has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect and a broad anti-microbial property. The Aloe stimulates the fibroblasts which produce collagen and elastin, which means they grow faster and heal the damaged areas and membranes. Research has shown that Aloe Vera can increase the rate of healing by about 30%!

The great news is, it works on everything in your body. Recognise these Symptoms you experience with Endo? Well, Aloe can get rid of them ALL!

Here is a full list:

  • Aching joints and sore muscles
  • Reduces sinus issues and hayfever
  • Heals skin sensitivies and as a side bonus helps with keeping us younger looking! This includes acne, skin allergies, eczema etc.
  • Stomach burning, heartburn, reflux


2. The Immune System

Aloe Vera contains a sugar called acemannan which is found in the mucilage layer of the leaf. The immune system within us Endo Girls appears to be overreacting. We become inflammed easily within various organs. This is a immune response to attempt to heal the body. Unfortunately, it is the very inflammation which also causes us more pain and that familiar bloaty feeling. What this Acemannan does is regulate the immune response in the body through specialised cells in the lining of the small bowel. It essentially is self regulating which means it will stimulate the correct immune response the body needs.


3. The Digestive System

Our digestive system generally suffers. It is essentially not working at its optimum which means it creates consequences within every aspect of our bodies function. Think about it. We need this to work to absorb everything we need from our food. Because our digestive system is always so up and down, it is likely we are simply not absorbing all that good food we are feeding our body. This means the food that is not digested, lands up back in the bloodstream for the liver to flush out.

We need our digestive system to work properly. It needs to be able to absorb what we need from the foods we eat PLUS it needs to flush our all those toxins sitting in our body making us sick!

Aloe Vera heals that lining in the digestive system to help this happen. It is a mucous lining which lines the gut. This lining can become damaged really easily. Causes are: drinking alcohol, pain medication, gluten (common cause), coffee plus stress and anxiety all add up to a weak mucosa gut lining.

The good news is that Aloe Vera can fix this one! Once you’re on Aloe Vera your body will be able to absorb heaps more of the good stuff you give it and all those supplements will really start to work! It also contains Vitamin B12 which is hard for us to obtain in our diets and greatly helps our liver healing :)

Side note: If your digestion is really bad, it is worth combining the Aloe with Slippery Elm Powder and Glucosamine. The other one they recommend is Cabbage Juice but I tried that the other day and it was nasty – even mixed with Pineapple and Apple juice!


So, you can see why I am always recommending Aloe Vera Juice. Aloe has even more benefits – it has over 22 vitamins and minerals, trace elements….

The hardest thing is finding a good source of Aloe as the plant has become quite well known and many want to profit from simply having the words “Aloe Vera” on the packaging. Make sure you buy a product which has no preservatives or sugars in them, it is organic and contains real Aloe Vera Juice. I will do a follow up blog about the various brands on the market and which ones I would recommend – once I look into them further :) If you currently take Aloe Vera and love the one you drink, please let me know so I can share it with everyone :)

Now, to drink Aloe is really easy. Just have about a shot glass full – yes kinda funny – twice a day! It tastes okay but if you find it yucky, you can add it to your juice and that is fine! Try and drink on an empty stomach and wait 15minutes before eating anything.





I struggled to find a good quality Aloe Juice that didn’t contain heaps of preservatives and funny ingredients. I found an awesome company called Lily of the Dessert. Click here to order it through Amazon: Lily of the desert Aloe Vera Juice. (supports me in the process :)


The major effect I noticed when I used other products, is that the other products can cause one to get a more “active” digestive system than we might want! The Lily of the Desert products avoid this as they reduce the amount of Aloin in the product, which creates this effect in the body.

This one is great and it’s ingredients have all been approved and regulated. Check this ingredients break-down…


So, get onto the Aloe! It does wonders for our digestion and our health!

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