I feel AMAZING! You have to try the Emotional Freedom Technique!

I feel AMAZING! You have to try the Emotional Freedom Technique!

I think I have always known what my inner issues were. I think I have thought about them when I get stressed and what might be triggering the feeling of stress so much that, over many years I have perhaps always had an insight into what was really going on inside. The thing was though,that I had not found a way to GET RID of these emotions and feelings. It was annoying. I could express them, talk about them until the cows came home (which they never did as we don’t own any cows!)….. but I could never really get rid of them….. UNTIL NOW!

Yes, it can be confronting to deal with your issues. It can be confronting to focus on the negatives within ourselves and the pain that we hold inside, which we might have¬†tucked¬†away deep, deep inside but ultimately we cannot heal if we still have all these negative emotions inside our body. I know for me, I felt angry alot. I felt small, unappreciated, unrecognised and unimportant. It is amazing how we carry these things with us from a thought we had when we were young and then, just like that….. in one session we can get rid of the thought so easily! I can honestly say, when I think of the things that used to hurt me, make me cry, make me feel sad or worthless or anything like that, they are simply not there anymore. I keep thinking it must be rubbish. It couldn’t possibly be so easy! I have delved into the depth of my mind to try and figure this thing out but honestly, it is just not there. I can’t find those pains and thoughts anymore! It is unbelievable……

Anyway, so I have done a video about how I feel today because I think it expresses it better than the words on this page. I really advise you to try it cos you too could feel this amazing! I want you to share in my amazingness!

I would highly recommend Anna as she was really patient and helped me find the real pain inside and LET IT OUT! You can contact her via her website on: http://www.annawilde.com.

She also has heaps of information about Emotional Freedom Technique and how it works and what happens and everything, so you can read up about all that on there too!

Please try it! You will be so happy you did!

When you’re ready, the answer will come to you.

Please feel free to share your thoughts about my video or EFT or anything below:

Big hugs,

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  1. The link doesn’t take you to Anna….it takes you to a website full of a bunch of other stuff that doesn’t pertain to eft at all…

  2. Wow I could feel the happy, positive energy just watching you!! You looked amazing too! Your eyes couldn't stop smiling either!! Sooo happy for you! Maybe something for me to try in the near future… We'll see.

    • Thanks Annabelle! Yeah it is difinately worth trying! It is not hard or anything! You will be amazed at how effective it is! You have nothing to loose by trying it!

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